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→ How to Stay Healthy While Traveling the World...

In 11 Quick Tips for Nomads/Expats.



Always. Be. Walking.

The more you walk the better you feel.

Well, at least that’s true for me.

Not only does walking around a city ensure you get to know it better, but it’s ideal for recharging the batteries and getting rid of a hangover.

Just Join a Gym.

If you’re going to be in the city for more than a couple weeks, just join a damned gym already.

Sure, it’ll cost some money in certain places, but not lifting for weeks or a month is simply unacceptable when trying to stay healthy on the road.
P.S: Every city in the world has a gym. Don’t worry!

Exercising Made Easy.

Even if you can’t afford a gym or it’s too far away from your hostel or Airbnb, there’s no excuse not to get some exercise in.

Traveling is not an excuse to live like a slob.
On top of walking, you can do:

-> Bodyweight workouts
-> Running
-> Swimming
-> Surfing
-> Hiking

Make Sleep a Priority.

It can be hard to get a good nights’ sleep on the road.

From the late night parties, the booze, the snooze button, and more…

There’s a lot of variables to take into account.
If you’re staying in a hostel, you can 10X the likelihood of not getting a great nights’ sleep.
But there are a few ways to ensure you get some good shuteye…

-> Get a full apartment on Airbnb
-> Pack earplugs
-> Use a white noise app on your phone
-> Bring a sleep aid to take before bed
P.S: I took CBD Oil for the first time last night and got the best night sleep I have in months...

Highly recommended:


Fasting is Essential.

Personally, I hate wasting time in the kitchen or sitting down for breakfast while on the road.

I, either, want to finish up my work for the day or I’m already excited to explore the city I’m at.

Spending 45 minutes on breakfast never seems worth it.

I often fast until noon.

Then I eat my ⅔ meals for the day over the next 8-10 hours.

This saves money and time.
Oh, and many claims it’s incredibly healthy.

Many health professionals have found numerous benefits to intermittent fasting.

Just don’t try this one with a hangover.

Ask me how I know…

Cooking Isn’t a Dirty Word.

Many people eat all their meals out while traveling, especially when only on holiday for one or two weeks a year.

If you’re a digital expat or nomad, there’s nothing wrong with cooking a meal or two a day.
While it costs some of your precious time, it’s usually easier to get healthy food and ingredients than trying to find a new healthy spot for each meal.

This is especially true when in a new city and unsure which restaurants use quality ingredients and which don't.

Slow Your Roll.

This might be the biggest travel and health mistake I see…

Dudes have 7-15 days in a country or region.

Instead of picking a city or two for their trip, they try to fit 5+ cities in a short time.
They drink every night, wake up early to do tourism, and then lament how they got sick while traveling.

Oh, and how foreign countries are so dirty and unclean.
No, dipshit!

You just acted like an idiot and did way too much in a short time.

Drinking every night and trying to “do” all day, every single day.

Your body got rundown...

Had nothing to do with the country.
Instead, slow down a little bit.

Actually get to know the city and the people a little bit.


Enjoy yourself.

But maybe lay off the booze every now and then…

No Back-to-Backs.

...Which brings me to the next point.

Don’t go hard night after night and expect to feel fine.
If you get hammered Wednesday through Saturday night, you won’t stay healthy while on the road.

Nor will you get to know a country all that well, as you’ll be nursing hangovers during the day.
Sure, go out a couple times a week.

No issues.

But try to avoid going out back-to-back.

P.S: Wednesday and/or Thursday after typically better than Friday anyway.

Hiking Is King

One of the best ways to stay healthy while traveling is to hike.

And you get to kill two birds with one stone…
Hiking is a great lower body and cardiovascular workout when done properly.

Plus, it allows you to explore the countryside of any country you’re in.

A true win-win.
Often, you’ll get to know locals while hiking, too.

As almost everyone loves to hike - no matter the culture.

Be Wary of Street Food.

Many a travel loves to talk about the wonderful street food they had in certain countries.

While I’ve had some damn good street food in my time, I’ve also seen many a friend and fellow traveler fall ill to the stuff.
My general rule of thumb is…

-> Watch them prepare someone else’s food first
-> Only buy from them if they have a decent amount of clientele

Local Produce FTW.

While I’m not a huge street food guy, I will almost always try to buy produce from street stalls and vendors.

Not only is the produce cheaper when bought locally, but it’s also fresher and with fewer preservatives than at the supermarket.

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