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How greed and fear affect you?

People show some ponzi scheme and say monthly 10% income - Greed kicks in and people put lot of money to become rich overnight!

Society say your kid will lag behind if he is not in top school - Fear Kicks in and you pay lacks on nursery kid.

Example : Many people just reject to pay some small amount to learn about markets but get in to such schemes and lose out heavy :(…

Example -FEAR :
a Private School ask you to pay 100,000 donation just to admit your 3 year kid to school and people feel and act as if its there responsibility to pay that large chunk.. imagine what kind of investment its going to be till child get a job after some 18-20 yrs

Now how much time, capital and energy that your parents and family invested on you till you arrived at a Job?
Did your job gave back all that with your first month salary?
No right -- thats how one must look at their money spent on investing education.

Coming back to workshops and carnivals :
Are we short of books? internet? Google?
All these can clearly give a so called great "knowledge" more or less in way that we end up getting in carnivals and workshops & these are like you buying Groceries when you need cooked food.

A well tested ready product that helps you to take action with in a day make a lot of sense as "TIME IS MONEY" in market. A product that help you to check, back test and allow you to see straight trade wise reports can add lot of value to your wealth building Experience.

Advisory services limit your exposures to certain names!
You never know what you doing and why you are doing it using all your money:(
Learn yourself to get a holistic experience about how the game of investing is played. Go for Direct investing with support of Edu & tools

SIP & Mutual Funds are good when you are okay with moderate returns
No one watch your money as close as you do
Fund house make money irrespective of you make or not

You all work so hard & day in day out to make money & hand it over to others just like that in the name of MF

Simple observation is that everyone want to reach their destination where there is lot of Wealth & they want it fast en wish to travel by flight.

Majority of them feel awkward when they release that they need to buy a ticket to use flight

Sacrifice wealth for a ticket?

We spend lakhs on a sofa and get horrified when a bed seller ask 20k for a quality bed.

How much time you spend on sofa and how many hours you rest on a bed?

Which is more important? To which u need to pay more?

Now how you relate this to market education?


A person bough gold for his 5lks savings, a friend suggested him to buy a locker to secure it en he felt 50k on a locker is waste of money hence he ignored friend's suggestion, by this he put all his gold at RISK

Proven system is a locker & the gold is YOUR money in market

List out all that things you missed in your life.
I bet the common reason for missing them would be "you never believed in them"

Belief is the fundamental need towards any achievements.
You become what you believe.

We believed, We Achieved💐

Until we develop a strong desire or strong need towards any accomplishments .. our brain will never allow us, even to try it!!

Think about it .. whatever you are today in your life is a result of a strong desire or a strong need!!

#perception #psychology
A student sent us this lovely story on whatsapp now :)
I can relate this with people in market who need less trades, small losses, big profits, free time, big wealth with small money, good guidance, proven mechanism etc
Do we know what all it takes?

Santa: I am going to great carnival of investing!
Banta: Can you teach me whatever your learn there
Santa: You cant barrow a conviction
Banta: You too get a borrowed conviction in carnivals right?

Macro ideas of big guys is of NO use to retailers,

@Deishma #Fact

It cant be more simple as this :)
Its the best advice from the Master Mark Douglas himself!

This is what wise has agreed on. TIPS always run polls which carry very meaningful info that matter to a common man like you & me!

Look for good & tangible solutions that directly add value to your steps in stock market, rather than opting only hyped things around💐

17/n Trading psychology
Basic mistake that young en novice make is to mix up things!
If u need entertainment go to a movie don't come to market.
If u need true education study well at college, don't burn money on workshops.
Casual attitude will not make money for you.

We still remember his name, Mr.Arun who visited our office in 2014 & said his capital is 8.3lks en took info, went back & never returned.

Nearly in this 40 months we met him twice during some meets.

In 2016 his capital 4.8 lks

Recently in March 2018 he was with 1.4lks

The wrong stories that u herd en told to ur self is biggest hurdle...

Re think about your old beliefs to transform your life.

Try now ..

Two things can save u from most of the difficult situations

1. Money
2. Common sense

Try to make money by using Common sense.

Shortest story of a great idea:

World class Buy it On-Spot when
Middle class can only wait.

#smartthinking #perception
#psychological #Knowledgeispower #CommonSense

Great Future is all about what you do with present.

One must take enough chances out of available opportunities throughout his life.

That's how one become lucky.

Think about how many opportunities you have today and how soon you try them☺️

Good Luck💐

Stock market + Social media + Commonsense =

1. Ask people the list of all their recommended stocks when they TomTom their winner stocks only

2. Ask people the whole year p&l ledger with correct initial capital details when they show only big MTM profits

3. Ask people about detailed backtest for 10 to15 years when they show only out put of some system.

4 . Ask a guy about real portfolio that he built practically and made profits when he advice a top performing Mutual funds

Be wise it's your hard earned money, Avoid Greed!


• • •

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