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Suppose I should add a comment on wreath thing. Usual disclaimer, not a Labour Party member, not Jewish, treat my opinions with the insignificance they deserve (thread alert):
1/ If you're a senior politician & you've been actively involved in the politics of Israel/Palestine on any side, then you've stood shoulder to shoulder with war criminals, with terrorists, with human rights abusers, with people whose politics are several miles short of ideal. >
Even the most respected liberal NGOs (Amnesty, HRW, Red Cross etc etc) have found themselves embarrassed by this stuff on multiple occasions. This is complicated further for supporters of Palestinian rights & justice as (even when being sympathetic) >
our prevailing hegemonic political ideology continues to position Palestinians as the other, the criminals, the terrorists, while the the Israeli state is the constitutional democracy trying to defend its existence, irrespective of details of any specific incident or issue >
or the broader history. As far as I can work out, the issue in Tunisia was that Corbyn attended a conference on behalf of the Morning Star & while there joined a large group who went to visit a cemetery to pay respects to fallen Palestinian martyrs or something similar. >
He may have been misled about who the memorials were for, or more probably he was just joining in with what everyone was doing & didn't have to give a second thought to which specific 'martyrs' were being honoured, >
coz it's not like he was ever going to be leader of the Labour party or anything similar so who is going to care, right? Now, if the objection to this is that Corbyn attended a memorial for fallen Palestinian martyrs in Tunis, then #IStandWithCorbyn. >
There's no such thing as innocent heroes in the I/P conflict, everyone has blood on their hands. It is also important to understand that those being honoured in Tunis were those who were (at the time) actively involved in efforts at reconciliation & peacebuilding. >
As others have said, Arafat was more personally responsible for more deadly Palestinian terrorist attacks than any other individual, and yet he was welcomed to the UN, to 10 Downing Street, to the White House. >
It is perfectly reasonable to visit what is effectively a war memorial for the PLO as part of the process of peacebuilding, just as it is perfectly reasonable for pro-Israeli visiting dignitaries to visit a Jewish war memorial in Tel Aviv or whatever, >
even though I would guarantee they would be standing by the graves of war criminals. If the claim is that Corbyn knew which graves he was honouring & actively wanted to pay tributes to Black September murderers or whoever because he thinks they're great guys, then >
in all honesty you are so blinded by your politics that you understand nothing about Corbyn. If the charge is that Corbyn should have been a bit more cautious about where he stood holding wreaths, I think you probably have a point but firstly >
I very much doubt if he even knew which graves he was standing near at any time & I very much doubt that he had made a league table of good graves & bad graves with accompanying map & notes. >
Secondly, it's not like he was ever going to be leader of the Labour party or anything, so who is going to care? But actually I suspect most of the fuss about this isn't about the specifics. >
People who are attempting to bring him down over this don't care about the specifics of the graves. They care that he was standing there in a large group with a large number of senior Palestinian / Fatah / PLO officials & veterans & physically standing shoulder to shoulder >
with Palestinian fighters. And on that, again, #IStandWithCorbyn. We have waited far too long for a British politician who will actually stand on the side of justice and rights for Palestinian people as part of a long overdue effort for peace & justice in the middle east. /thread

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Jun 12, 2018
Another Brexit related thread prompted by @ProfDaveAndress's Cultural Dementia... in understanding Brexit, I don't think we (and especially the FBPE side) have given nearly enough thought to what the word "control" means in relation to 'taking back control.' >
In psychology, stress can be defined as the sensation we experience when we lose the perception of control of our environment & circumstances. In political terms, one impact of the organisation of the working class was to provide people with at least the illusion of control. >
For the best part of a century (we) could control our circumstances at work through trades unions, control our living environments through council housing & the welfare state, control our own physical bodies through the NHS. More control = less stress. >
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Jun 12, 2018
Not picking an argument with DL here because we're pals, but a good opportunity to point out why this tweet profoundly misrepresents MY position on Brexit and (I would imagine) Corbyn and most other Corbyn supporters too. [thread] >
Brexit will be disastrous for the British economy, and the harder the Brexit the more damaging it will be. At the same time, any attempt to halt or reverse Brexit would plunge this country into a political & constitutional crisis that would paralyse the country for decades >
with instability, uncertainty, massive internal strife and consequently a whole different set of economic calamities. There is simply no going back to the pre-2016 consensus, it is impossible, it's not there any more. >
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May 26, 2018
Didn't tweet about this last night because I didn't want to spoil my evening, but I am so fucking done with #HIGNFY being such a reactionary pile of trash. Honestly, just wrap that show in a sack, smack it over the head with a shovel & dump it in the canal. The last straw? >
#HIGNFY had a question about that David Lewis bellend in Basingstoke, giving his idiotic stunt a good few minutes airing so all could have a good chuckle about the idea of someone being a woman "on Wednesdays" with a full "woman-ness of his beard" etc etc. >
Five people in the studio & not one of them thought to point out that what the guy is actually protesting about is that transgender women are (rightly) accepted as women by the rules of the Labour party, not one of them even used the word "trans" far less "transphobic" >
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May 8, 2018
Have tried 3 times to watch #bbctbq special on 'masculinity in crisis' & gave up every time it was so painful. Got off to the worst start with an exchange on toxic masculinity which inevitably involved people shouting across each other while using entirely different definitions>
It's a phrase I try incredibly hard not to use because it is ALWAYS misunderstood and always generates heat & no light. So here's a thread on what it should mean which may in turn explain why I don't use it. >
Your wiki may vary, but I first encountered 'toxic masculinity' as a phrase in prisons-based research circa 2005. It explained why there were so many men in US prisons who continued to display profoundly self-destructive behaviours even when it was ruining their own lives. >
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Apr 18, 2018
Don't think it's been mentioned nearly enough that when the Tory/LibDem Coalition brought in the 2014 Immigration Act which caused the Windrush Scandal, only 18 MPs had the courage to vote against. They included David Lammy, Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn.
The Parliamentary Labour Party, led by Ed Miliband and with Yvette Cooper as Shadow Home Secretary, ordered Labour MPs to vote the bill through. Didn't want to be seen as soft on immigrants, see.
For those asking...…
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Feb 4, 2018
By some distance, the most catastrophically anti-democratic thing that British political media has done over *decades* is to frame political activism of tens of thousands of people as insignificant & non-newsworthy, while obsessing over the remarks of individual politicians.
James Ball there is just regurgitating received wisdom of the political establishment, they've convinced each other that marches, demos & rallies are insignificant & not newsworthy. It's one of the major reasons why they misread the Corbyn's 17 election campaign so profoundly
The Guardian's readers editor admitted a few years ago that it is the paper's policy not to cover demonstrations unless they turn violent. And that's the Guardian.
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