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Real life Iron Man, aka @elonmusk has big plans for humanity.

He appears to be invested in a bunch of random ventures; rockets, $TSLA cars, tunnels..

But I think it's all connected. He's doing all of this with a very simple goal: the long-term survival of humanity.

A thread:
1/ #climatechange or #GlobalWarming is a huge threat. 14% of ghg emissions are from transportation, and 25% from electricity and heat generation. This is where @Tesla comes in. By electrifying our vehicle fleet, we can already eliminate a big chunk of emissions.
2/ The Semi will probably save more CO2 than all other #Tesla vehicles combined. Trucks drive an insane amount of miles compared to cars, & they pull a lot of cargo.

Second part of this is the energy generation & storage with Tesla Energy. Greenify the grid 👉 less CO2 emissions
3/ Now, there are other things threatening civilisation besides climate change. We could blow ourselves up, asteroids, super deadly diseases, AI gets strong & evil, someone divides by zero, a super-volcano erupts (Yellowstone?), solar flare, etc ...
4/ So, what's the best way to preserve humanity? Becoming an interplanetary species by colonising Mars. The odds of something happening to both Earth and Mars in the same timespan (centuries) are very slim. Think of it like a backup of our species.
5/ Getting to Mars, of course, is hard and expensive. @SpaceX aims to change that. By drastically reducing the cost of space travel, lots of people could move to Mars and start a self-sustaining city there. We'd need about a million people for it to be self-sustainable. #Spacex
6/ Mars has a thinner atmosphere, so more cosmic rays hit the surface. These are pretty bad for us. So, we will have to live (at least part of the time, while sleeping for example) underground, to protect ourselves.

How do you dig on a planet millions of miles away?
7/ Well, the @boringcompany can help with that. Electric tunnel boring machines can get it done.

Notice how I said electric? There's no oil on Mars, so everything will have to be powered by electricity. Ring a bell? Yup, again, #Tesla to the rescue with batteries & solar cells.
8/ All Mars vehicles & #Boring machines will be powered by #Tesla powertrains, batteries and solar cells, shipped to Mars by #SpaceX with BFR. What a coincidence, right? As if Elon had been planning this all along..
9/ But it doesn't end there. We'll need food on Mars, and as far as I know, the land there is not very farmable. We need another way to grow our food.

What is @kimbal, Elon's brother doing? Exactly that. His company, @squarerootsgrow, grows food in indoor farms.
10/ So, it's as if Elon and his brother were developing the technologies needed for Mars here on Earth.

What about after Mars? Probably Titan; lots of nitrogen, methane and water, and it's the third easiest celestial body to get to. (Moon is 1st and Mars is 2nd)
11/ Elon sees a window of opportunity for us to escape from Earth and venture into space, freeing us from our Earthly dependence.

Finally making us an interplanetary species, no longer limited to its first planet.

He's saving us.
12/ So next time you're shitting on @elonmusk with a mean tweet or a crappy article, think about this: he's trying to save your ass, you ungrateful cunt.

And he's doing it, despite all the people that are trying to stop or demotivate him.
13/ Here's a list of people trying to stop him: Big Oil, old aerospace companies, "Big Car", the Russians (they ferry ppl to/from ISS), short sellers, Koch Brothers, some Republicans, maybe Jeff Bezos?, the 'pedo' guy who needs to call his lawyer before denying that he's a pedo
14/ And these d*cks here on Twitter: @WallStCynic (Jim Chanos), @markbspiegel, @CGrantWSJ, @TeslaCharts, @skabooshka, @Commuternyc, @NetflixAndLamp, @passthebeano, @lopezlinette (friend of Chanos), @trippedover, @StuartMeissner, @TezzlaCFO, Larry Fossi (Montana), @ValueDissenter
15/ And @danahull appears to be biased against Tesla 🤔

@lopezlinette is a garbage reporter 🗑️ making up false stories

@QTRResearch "Research".. yeah right.. $TSLAQ propaganda 👎
16/ Maureen Callahan writes total crap for the @nypost

See…, she's calling him a 'total fraud', I mean, how obviously biased against Tesla can you be as a reporter? She's not even trying anymore.

Oh and @SeekingAlpha is an absolute trash website.
18/ And also a shoutout to @tsrandall. I think he's skeptical of a lot of stuff Musk says, but overall does good reporting.👍

Nice #Model3 tracker btw! 😊…

Let's hope we can have a bright, clean and interplanetary future without fossil fuels, pollution & climate change.

Ok I'm done. Here's a meme

well It's more a comic than a meme, really
In a sense it's very simple:

Save ecosystem on Earth
Make backup on Mars

• • •

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