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1) My thoughts on why our #MSM being called a #FreePress is...

Complete bullshit.

2) Our #FreePress never challenges Democrats on their talking points. Only Republicans get this 'privilege'.

@AdamSchiffCA is on TV all day talking about how their is proof of #Collusion, but we've yet to see ANY.

Anchors just sit back and listen to the narrative of the day.
3) Anyone anti-Trump gets to make the rounds everywhere spouting nonsense against @POTUS.

You'd think a #FreePress would of learned after Wolfe's book backfired, but instead...

Here's comes @OMAROSA who gets more insane with each interview.
4) After the FL shooting, our #FreePress used kids like David Hogg as political pawns. They were allowed to spew hatred towards gun owners and were clearly uninformed about the #2A.

The media could hide behind them because they were victims. This was done ON PURPOSE. Propaganda.
5) When our #FreePress did show the other side, it was at a Town Hall that felt more like the "Two Minutes Of Hate" from 1984.

@DLoesch played the role of Emmanuel Goldstein that night.

And the #MSM acted like this was all completely normal.
6) A #FreePress would be covering the assault accusations against DNC Deputy Head Keith Ellison with the same energy that they did with Rob Porter, who most Americans didn't even know of,

But Porter worked 4 Trump so the story was endlessly covered for weeks.

Double standard.
7) A #FreePress would cover both sides of the illegal immigration debate. Yet, zero time is given to the victims of illegal immigrant crime.

Nevermind that the MAJORITY of Americans agree more with Trump on the issue than the Democrats. See Harvard/Harris poll.
8) A #FreePress would not use a picture from 2014 to cover the mostly manufactured Trump's putting "kids in cages" narrative. They would also correctly point out to viewers that this happened under Obama as well.
9) A #FreePress wouldn't make themselves the story. Watch a White House Press Briefing and tell me what you're seeing isn't Leftist activism posing as journalism.

Dont want 2 be called #FakeNews? Don't report #FakeNews.

Respect from the public is earned.
10) A #FreePress would not be justifying the tactics and violence of #Antifa towards Trump supporters, the police, & even journalists. @ChrisCuomo

They would be showing how these tactics are actually those of FASCISTS.

I guess the name of this thuggish group duped them all? 🤔
11) Remember when the #FreePress was crying that they were afraid of violence from Trump supporters because we heckle them?

When they actually get attacked by #Antifa they let it slide. Nothing to see here.

How many Democrats have even been asked about #Antifa by the media?
12) A #FreePress wouldnt look like star struck teenagers covering one of the Presidential candidates in the 2016 election.

Hint: It wasnt Trump.
13) A #FreePress would of dug into the 2016 polls & looked at the data. They would of reported how slanted they all were.

Instead they used them to craft the Left's political narrative. They wanted to depress Trump's base to decrease turnout.

How is this not election meddling?
14) Kasie Hunt, actually let slip the truth abt the 2016 election.
"Hillary's campaign doesnt feel like a winning one"

A Trump rally was like a rock concert. A Hillary rally was like a funeral.

This was the reality of 2016. The #FreePress knew this, but still pushed the "polls"
15) Here's the clip mentioned above.
16) Has the #FreePress shifted their take since the election?

Only for a day.

Then they went into "muh Russia" to help cover for the Establishments epic loss at the hands of "We The People".

One day of self reflection. Pathetic.

It was then onto destroying Trump AT ALL COST.
17) As and we lead up to the midterms, the #FreePress is back to pushing the same bullshit polls hoping to get a different effect than the previous time.

The #BlueWave is a DNC narrative pushed by the same media hacks and pundits who got 2016 completely wrong.
18) The #FreePress has kept all the same pundits, reporters, anchors who PROVED that they dont have the pulse of the people.

But the #MSM is not about news. They are about SHAPING PUBLIC PERCEPTION.

And the more they fail at it, the more insane their coverage of Trump gets.
19) Remember the #FreePress's reaction to this tweet from @realDonaldTrump

They all nervously laughed and said he was crazy. What a kook!
20) Then once he was proven right, they turned the narrative into:

"Trump should want the FBI spying on him.."
"This is all completely normal in a Presidential campaign"

Total 180 on a story that reporters should of been chomping at the bit to get to the bottom of.

No interest
21) A #FreePress is supposed to be skeptical of the Intel agencies.

Iraq War anyone?
22) There is such overwhelming evidence of #SpyGate and how Obama's Intel agencies basically initiated a coup against @POTUS with the help of BOTH PARTIES.

Biggest story in our country's history.

Watergate is shit compared to this.

But their job is not to dig, its to cover up.
23) A #FreePress doesn't report that the MLK bust was removed when it wasn't. That Trump's FL rally had no one there when the pic was from hours before it started. That Melania is in hiding and being physically abused, when it reality she was recovering from surgery.
24) A #FreePress would be all over the Podesta's emails. They would of asked WTF is #SpiritCooking and what kind of sick bastard is into that.

NOT ONE REPORTER asked this of Podesta. I'm sure some wanted to.

But the execs won't have it - because we have a #FreePress I guess.
25) Imagine the #FreePress coverage of Trump's campaign if his manager was involved in this satanic #SpiritCooking shit. We'd still be hearing about it.
Did the #FreePress report on and dig into the OBVIOUS code words being used in Podestas emails.

Forget for a second what many believe they mean. The FACT is the people in these emails are using code.

Imagine if Trump's manager asked the question at the bottom of this email 👇
27) W/O getting into a whole side issue, its disturbing how nothing was ever mentioned about all the odd stuff in those emails.

They plucked a couple about Hillary's open borders speeches.

If Podesta worked for Trump, again, the #FreePress would still be going thru them all.
28) Lastly, in light of the sick and evil Catholic Church child rape scandal:

Why don't the #FreePress work their asses off to save kids who are being trafficked and abused?

This goes way beyond the Church.

This involves Hollywood, Politics, the Fortune 500, NGO/Foundations.
29) The amount of pedo busts since Trump got in has been incredible. And yet, our #FreePress barely mentions them, if at all.

And when they do, its only local affiliates that do.

Its all very telling....

The reason?
30) Our #FreePress is there only to protect those the Establishment wants protected.

Powerful people are covered for, and when they get exposed it gets treated as a one off.

Weinstein is the face of Hollywood, stories are written, then all is forgotten.
31) A #FreePress should know that guys like Weinstein are just the tip of the iceberg.

Yet, Hollywood degeneracy is out of the headlines.

32) To sum up, our #FreePress is not free.

It is pure propaganda for the Left & Democrat Party.

It is a cover up mechanism for the powerful scum in high places.

And it is a weapon to be used to destroy any outsider who dares to change this corrupt system for the better.

I dedicate this rare thread to the many on here whose threads are always must reads. Keep up the great work @almostjingo @tracybeanz @hfinch61 @_ImperatorRex_ @drawandstrike @ThomasWictor @HNIJohnMiller @JohnWHuber @LarrySchweikart @The_War_Economy @unseen1_unseen @TheLastRefuge2

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