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I am really unhappy with the way a section of the society conducted itself, including verified accounts during #keralafloods. This is a time of introspection or bonding, not blind hate. I beg everyone not to consider any of these persons seriously over any topic down the line.
Let me post a few of these. No country can survive with such a level of hate. It's up to you to decide whether you want to build the country or widen the fault lines. And remember, with power comes responsibility.
Comparing cross-govt interactions with a calamity. @DeShobhaa, what are you implying by this?
When everyone is breaking their heads how to sort out the mess, @mkvenu1 is preaching secession
@mehartweets - What exactly do you want? What is your priority - ground relief or audit books?
Whoever did this, remember, you can't touch a person's moral chord through hate.
@TakedaShingen08 doesn't even know recognise the territorial integrity of India. He is a clear use case of why a stint in Indian Army is mandatory for India.
@vasudevan_k is another gem of a person. 3 tweets in a gap of 2 hours is a real issue for him. Is it out of concern for people or for hate of the person in the frame?
Seems @rupasubranya's speciality is in sniding. I want to see if there is any constructive tweet from her in the last few days.
@picchapakodi seems true to his name - Gaalodu or timepass party. If you don't have words to encourage, just shut up.
And @IJaising wants to comment because everyone wants to comment. While she is in her rights to question @sgurumuthy, may be, she should do some homework as to whether what she is quoting will boomerang back on her?
There is a nice proverb in an Indian language translating to collecting money thrown on corpses. This charlatan is a classic example of that. Good that he is caught early in the game.
Come on guys!! This is not a race to hate each other. There is a natural calamity of gargantuan proportions and we need all hands to provide succor. Blindly hating someone for their agenda, what will you achieve by that?
And people like @trisha_mt won't stop our politics and games of hate.
Sorry @vijucherian. It's you who are a national disaster, not the centre. By the way, you are not standing with Kerala. You are spreading your agenda for your own ends, that's all.
We at @ndtv don't recognise hardwork. Do you know how much more @RSSOrg is going to be motivated if everyone supports them wholeheartedly?
And another bag of trash. For @sagar_pspk, hating Ambanis and Adanis is more important than what 100 crores can do for relief.
@TptBoxoffice - Seva is not calculated through the money spent. People should understand the gravity of the issue. Pulling the moral chords just to make some people uncomfortable is not at all civil.
@CarDroidusMax is a basket example of what happens when you give unlimited free speech. These people talk about their rights, but will they ever realise rights and duties are part and parcel of the same game?
@2Suhana is another example. Hating BJP is more important than helping Kerala. Does she even know what state contributed how much and what did it offer as services?
It looks like, for this Shehzada @Rajyasree, intent is not important. A person donated 10000, even, that's a problem for her? By the way, it looks like she didn't do her homework properly - @vijayshekhar transferred the legally permissible maximum amount.
@OpenDoorsCanada prefers it's agenda over the message. People are dying there and what do you talk about? Persecution of christians.
And open lies. @pratheesh - to achieve what?
I seriously want to understand what's the problem with these types. Are you happy for the packet of rice handed over or are you angry that it's not spicy enough?
Agenda and hate. No wonder these are called presstitutes by the eminent minister.
@thebooksatchel - someone worked hard and is telling people he worked hard. What is your problem?
I don't know whether it is correct for @DrLathaC to tweet such, but if this is really true, what sort of message is it going to send for secularism?
At the first look, @amitvarma's tweet seems to be fine. But, is this what you tweet regarding flood relief?
Someone like @Ram_Guha who claims to be a serious historian should do his homework properly. The difference between a troll and a scholar is, a scholar weighs every word he writes.
And @ShekharGupta is another example why we need a Press Regulation Department. What sort of message is he trying to pass to the common people?
I can guarantee you, 80% of the tweets from this thread justify a knock by the police. I really want people to be responsible in what they are saying, whoever they are. This is not the time to flare up tensions or spread your biased agendas, let's all strive for a better world.

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Sep 21, 2018
All this was triggered from this article. May be, it’s good that a European subscribed to Indian tradition. But, that’s not what I am interested in. I am more interested in why Thomas Munro is in Mantralayam –
to check whether the Matham really deserves the land holdings. speakingtree.in/blog/sir-thoma…
So, what happened?
As the British started to consolidate everywhere, they tried to find out new sources of income. Their eyes fell on temples. They have noticed three main things –
1.Movable wealth in the form of donations and jewellery
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Aug 8, 2018
@Vrikodhara @GabbarSanghi @AgentSaffron @SirJambavan @AyyangarvaaL @yaajushi @TrueIndology @Kunthavi5 @mekansara @KarikadaiBoy @ShefVaidya @_toxfire @mchellap Let me present a slightly different argument. @Shrikanth_krish
What is the genesis of this trouble? Forget Vijaynagara, forget everyone. We know for sure, till the time Madurai Nayaks were in full strength, nothing happened. What changed after their collapse?
@Vrikodhara @GabbarSanghi @AgentSaffron @SirJambavan @AyyangarvaaL @yaajushi @TrueIndology @Kunthavi5 @mekansara @KarikadaiBoy @ShefVaidya @_toxfire @mchellap @shrikanth_krish While North ran the show with centralized entities like Thanjavur and Arcot, south was absolute chaos with the Palayakkars not bending to anyone. Petty village level chieftainships - it was a recipe for disaster. There was no Telugu-Tamil enemity even then -
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Jul 23, 2018
Recently, I had been to Kanyakumari. A few takeaways.
1. The Church domination is telling. For example, sunrise view is directly from my room. The only problem? There's a church with a blaring horn between my room and the sea.
The noise started at 5 AM, disturbing sleep and continued unabated till 9. Below is a snapshot of the decibel meter. For reference, it should be less than. 55 decibels. And note, the speakers are some 250 metres from where I was.
2. The driver I booked for a trip to Trivandrum has got a proper Hindu name and owns an agency with a Hindu name. Why would one doubt that he is not a Hindu? I got to know of this when he refused the Prasadam I offered to him after visiting Anantapadmanabha Swamy Temple.
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Jul 11, 2018
Never expected this from Gandhi. Or is it the reality? 70,000 Hindus and Sikhs are trapped in Bahawalpur and here we are, with Gandhi saying I don't care.
From a speech on 23 Dec 1947
And why this extreme concern for Muslims in Lahore? Why not a single word, even in passing, about the conditions in the camp at Delhi? Godse, in his trial, said that, when refugees tried to take shelter in Birla House from extreme cold, Gandhi got them booted.
And the love for acting as a scavenger creeps up...yet again. And with that, the sweet talk that poverty is a divine virtue.
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Jul 5, 2018
Very few local Muslim commanders are as famous as Kala Pahad in India. He is not actually famous, but is notorious, his notoriety being the sack of Puri and the destruction of the idol of Lord Jagannatha. Legend says he died of madness for doing that.
Below are some accounts of it. Madala Panji says the temple authorities his the idol but a traitor gave away the info for a bribe. He took the idol to Ganga and burnt it. It didn't burn completely and the main part was retrieved by a Muslim which was stolen and brought back
Niamat-ullah in Makhzan-i-Afghani gloats of the destruction. One should notice his glee and the tone of sarcasm.
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Jul 4, 2018
There was no plan whatsoever. Suddenly, I asked my wife if we can go to Arunachalam, the Teulgu name for Tiruvannamalai. Bored sitting at home, she was happy. After the usual and monotonous bus journey, we reached Tiruvannamalai after a gruelling five hour journey.
The greatness of Indian temples is, how hard the journey is, one glance at the main idol is going to wipe out all your burden. Arunachaleshwara will surely do that for you. The Sivalinga is white in colour, always covered and decorated, the covers are removed only for Abhishekham
It's a tall Linga, may be some 4 feet tall and you will feel the heat when you are near the Antaralaya. The darshan in that temple, one cannot easily forget. The temple is a massive fortress. The 11 tiered Rajagopuram stands at a lavish 217 feet.
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