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It is profoundly hypocritical to claim that faithful Christians reject social pressures and ONLY preach the gospel, while at the same time defending your theological heroes who were “gospel preaching” racist white supremacists by saying, “they were just products of their time.”
If this was really abt gospel over societal influence, than why celebrate white supremacist Christians who folded to social pressure? If Christian faithfulness was marked by social resistance, Christian Abolitionists would be celebrated over racist preacher theologians.#Hypocrisy
Here’s the thing tho. Fundamentalism/Evangelicalism is quite literally one of the only theological traditions within the global church that sees Christianity as only about preaching & believing the gospel. To everyone else, the Gospel is the door into a robust life & faith...
For global church throughout time & space, the gospel has been means of regeneration (Romans 1:16). It has been the power of God to transform sinner to saint. After entering thru the door of rebirth; one enters into a new life. Gospel theology is the fuel for Christian theopraxi.
The fundamentalist/evangelical idea of “just preach the gospel” is truncated & profoundly unhealthy. It becomes hypocritical when same folks declare they believe in Paul’s proclamation of sufficiency of scripture. Paul says ALL OF SCRIPTURE is profitable, not just the gospel.
You’re not a faithful Bible preacher if all you preach is the gospel, & not the comprehensive Word of God. If your Kingdom ethics contradict the Law of Christ, they aren’t Kingdom ethics. A faithful Bible preacher is one who preaches whole counsel of God’s word in light of Christ
Fundamentalism is dying. It’s claims of standing only on “the fundamentals” was well-meaning but myopic. Fundamentalists who try to survive by wedding evangelicalism produce a deformed/hypocritical offspring. One that champions “pro-life” but ignores comprehensive Kingdom ethics.

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Oct 5, 2018
My position isn’t that Kavanaugh absolutely did it. My position is that some of you talk like there is no possibility he could have. I’ve not said there is no way Dr. Ford could be mistaken, I’ve said many folks defend Kavanaugh in a way that SHOWS they’ll ALWAYS side w/ the man.
My primary issue (among many) is that the GOP has made it clear they do not care at all about sexual assualt allegations. Their leader, Trump, mocks it & is guilty himself. My primary issue is those who profess Christ who also abound in Apathy towards victims of sexual violence.
Yes, after listening to testimonies, I believe Kavanaugh is significantly downplaying his high school drunkenness & it’s possible he assualted & doesn’t recall. I also think he displayed demeanor consistent w/ abusers.

Regardless. How Evangelicals talk abt issue is concerning.
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Sep 28, 2018
Final Thoughts on Confirmation Hearing.

1. The moment Kavanaugh chose to publicly call out Democrat’s for a conspiracy, he disqualified himself from SCOTUS. Even if true, the partiality he spoke with disqualifies him from the court. I’m sure other Justices face palmed at that.
2. There is no way he can be voted in without a further investigation. I do believe the democrats intentionally withheld info for their own purposes, and it worked. Regardless of motive we are where we are. The credibility of the court & Senate require further investigation.
3. There are significant gaps in Dr. Ford’s story. How she get to party? How she get home? When was it?

Some of these can be answered w/ investigation, others can’t. Lack of answers doesn’t mean she is not telling the truth. Trauma causes selective memory. Story still credible.
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Sep 19, 2018
Adultery is the bitter fruit of pride. It happens when a demonic lie is believed. A lie that tells you, “you deserve better [than her/him]”. If lie is believed when one doesn’t adhere to scripture’s admonishments to remember God’s Grace & instead they forget the very gospel.
The gospel tells us a few things.

1. We are human, and with that comes inherent dignity. We deserve much better than abuse as image bearers.

2. In our sin, we deserve hell and eternal separation from the source of all truth, beauty, & goodness. We don’t deserve romantic love.
3. God is sovereign over all things, including the relationships we are in. Who we covenant to, in marriage, does not surprise God. Pursuing someone else when a marriage Covenant is intact is unbelief- practical atheism of the highest order despite what we claim to believe.
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Sep 17, 2018
Obscure Local Church ministry > Any public Christian platform

The church will have bought into a worldly conception of power & influence when it begins weighing a leader’s credibility according to public persona & connections rather than local service & hospitality.
The couple who invites a struggling saint over for dinner out of the abundance of love despite their struggle to manage 4 children and overdue bills has done something no less glorious than the man who preaches before a crowd of thousands.
The single saint who joyfully gives up a Friday night to babysit for a family who hasn’t had a date in weeks/months is doing work no less glorious than the Christian radio host who is broadcasting internationally.
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Sep 15, 2018
As we hear prominent evangelical figures dismissing biblically informed social justice as being “not the mission of the church”, remember that’s what slave holders said to abolitionists & segregationists to advocates for racial equality. King died most hated man in America.
Despite the white-washing of history that has sought to both sanitize Dr. King and elevate his support among white Americans; King was despised. He was despised by southern Christians, and hated by many Christian pastors. They considered him divisive to the body of Christ.
Black AND White racial equality advocates have always been despised by the conservative “evangelical” church in America. Yes, some within the ranks of evangelicalism have joined the cause but once they did; they all became fringe and despised by many. Read your history, beloved.
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Sep 15, 2018
Can we admit that when we use “bibilical” as an adjective it is usually about control?

Biblical Manhood
Biblical Womanhood
Biblical Counseling
Biblical Marriage

It’s often abt trying to make our own interpretive perspectives into absolutes, & they’re often guided by culture.
I believe in absolute truth. I believe Christians must submit to the word of God & the truths found in Bible are not relative, but absolute. I also think some faith traditions go beyond what is written & still classify their way as what is the only “biblically” faithful option.
I’m not against using the Bible as an adjective. There truly is such a thing as biblical justice. Justice according to God’s Word and not worldly philosophies. The world has its conception of manhood & there is a biblical conception of manhood as well. I fully recognize this.
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