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On Political Violence in America



The Dark Triad Man

"Ivan, how will we know when the hammer is really dropping on #CivilWar?

The first thing to understand is how all of this works.

Everyone thinks they do.

Most are idiot pawns.

Everyone focuses on #Antifa and #MAGA folks clashing in the street.

This is silly street theater, a simple steam valve on entertainment and and circuses.

If you're outraged by political street violence, you're enthralled by theater.

It's not really the thing to watch.

You must learn to see the hands that move the levers.

And the minds that move those hands.

And the vision that entangles those minds.

Who is the spirit behind the web?

It's pretty mundane and most people refuse to understand how it all works.

It's not a grand conspiracy.

Men want Power.

Men want Sons.

Men want to hand Power over to their Sons.

This is one simple truth of human nature and it's not complicated.

Men want Dynasties.

It's just how it works.

Now tumble and turn that over generation after generation.

Alliances rise and fall.

"Ivan, it's a few uber-wealthy families that control everything!"

Yes, they do.

"Ivan, that's not fair!"

Too bad.

It's a dark world.

If you had the genes and intergenerational discipline you'd do it yourself if you could. And you know it.

Don't lie to yourself about it.

"Ivan, the world doesn't work that way anymore. Feudal suzerainty is a thing of the past and we have democracy now."

I'll just leave this here in response.

None of the amateur players on the ground now have any real power.

#Antifa does not have power.

#MAGA does not have power.

And all the various permutations and variations and substrata of these bickering twins are also powerless.

"How do you mean, Ivan?"

I will explain.

I define "power" in this circumstance as the ability to directly challenge the State for consequential results on the ground.

#Antifa does not have the kinetic power to overcome #LawEnforcement.

#MAGA does not have the referential power to compel #LawEnforcement.


Both wish they had that power.

Both seek to develop that power.

Everyone talks about #CivilWar and nods sagely about how it will begin.

Almost all of those discussions are stupid.

Do you want to know when it really goes kinetic?

It won't be at Berkeley.

Or #PDX.

Learn to look and see the dark things.

Observe the quiet developments.

Note the things that are not there.

I am not being cryptic.

When a person disappears, they are not there anymore.

"Oh my God they banned Joe off Twitter."

Who cares.


When people begin to disappear,

Then you have the exercise of real power.

When there is will and action to put people in unmarked graves,

Then you have true momentum of real power.

This is just how it has always operated.

Ask Edward IV whether he "told his sons this".

Do you want to understand how #CivilWar will commence?

If you ask that question you do not understand how power works.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Lord Acton wasn't wrong.

People act as if this is a bad and naughty thing.

It's no more foul than the weather.

Does absolute power exist?

Ask Kim Jong Un.

Ask El Mencho.

Why do they have it and you do not?

1. Family

2. Will

Tumble and turn the dice with each generation.

It's how it has always been.

Now, back to America.

And #CivilWar...

Let's examine the Left.

#Antifa are the poster boys for #CivilWar there.

They are mocked and derided and often with good reason.

They are also learning by doing and they mean what they say.

Underestimate your adversary and die.

If you face them, don't be a fool.

#Antifa lacks something so far.

They lack a charismatic leader who is willing to make people disappear and bury them in shallow, unmarked graves.

Lots of the black masked troops think they will do it.

Lots of them believe they have the will.

They don't.


No leader!

"Ivan, if #Antifa gets a leader with the charisma and will to really do it, will they then become a kinetic force?"


Don't forget this podcast that @PraetorianSwift and I did over a year ago:…

"Ivan, how do you stop that from happening?"

The answer to "how you stop #Antifa from producing a charismatic leader willing to put people in unmarked graves" is to tumble and turn.

It's not complicated.

But no one wants to hear it.

I'm not advocating, simply noting essential process from time immemorial.

So what's the answer?

As I said, it is simple.

Dig your own holes in the desert.

That is real conflict.

That is real power in action.

That is a lever in the dark world.

Again, I'm simply observing.

Do you think powerful men consider themselves above digging holes in the desert?

Do you think powerful families do not fill those holes?

Do you think this requires conspiracy, cabals, Illuminati, or complex process?

It never has.

Life is cheap.

The Rules are different at the Top.

And at the Apex of the Top.

At the throne of Caesar,

There is only one Law,

and that is the Ninth Law:


"The furthest back room of the king is where the real decisions are made."

#Antifa is at a disadvantage when it comes to charismatic leaders willing to bury men in the desert.

Their population is somewhat transient,

Their ranks must work in secret,

Their faces must be concealed,

Hence it is easier!

Easier to make them disappear.

Into a hole.

#MAGA is also at a disadvantage.

They have strength of veterans in their ranks.

They have long pent-up fury at the Left.

They have the affection of the God Emperor.

They have the support of #LawEnforcement.

But they cannot move without permission.

Not yet.

"So when is it going to break out, Ivan?"

"Ivan, what will be the catalyst?"

"How do we see it coming, Ivan?"

It is always coming.

It has been coming since First Man looked at First Woman and dragged her off by her hair.

It has never stopped coming.

Grasp this.

"How do you know this, Ivan?"…

Since the days of Edward III we have been there.

Thirty Sovereigns have come and gone.

Royal houses have risen and collapsed.

Yet we continue on.




"That's not fair, Ivan."

Fuck you, earn it.

"Ivan, what about people who don't have those genes?"

I don't care.

"Ivan, what about people who don't have the will?"

No one cares.

That's just how it is.

You must always deal with the hand you are dealt.

There is a Door, however.

It doesn't take superb genetics to survive over generations and seize power.

It doesn't take the iron will of Caesar to survive over generations and seize power.

Here is the door, people:

It Only Takes Enough.

Understand this.

The Weak will never Deliver Enough.


Now apply these truths to what you see today.

Who has will?

Who has charisma?

Who would be the next dread lord?

I guarantee you this:

There is no shortage of men who would be Caesar.


Do you understand?

If there is no grave dug for you in the desert,

You do not matter enough today.

If your bones are not sized for a shallow hole,

Your will and charisma are lacking.

Remember the truth of Men:

"Fuck you, earn it."

"Fuck you, pay me."

And the dark world moves on.


• • •

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Welcome to my hundreds of new followers here on Twitter!

I'm going to give you some links here to DARK TRIAD MAN®.

First, make sure you read about my work:

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"Who the hell is this @IvanThrone guy?"

The official FAQ of DARK TRIAD MAN® is right here:

Now, my work and writing is not for everyone.

I offer brutal honesty and ruthless mentoring for the dark world.

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Look well, o wolves!

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I'm not wrong.

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A Fierce Rant About


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The Dark Triad Man

I'm going to talk about handlers and assholes, and how to tell the difference when someone claims their four-legged creature is a #ServiceDog.

Ready for fire, people?

The very first thing we're going to do is define #ServiceDog.

There's only ONE definition that matters in America:

"Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities."…


Repeat after me, children:



This is not Complicated:

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From THE NINE LAWS by @IvanThrone

We are going to examine this concept.

It is far deeper than mere stride or posture.

Movement is critical to Power.

And these are things you can easily train.

There are two parts to this.

The first is Discipline.

The second is Movement.

We will examine them consecutively, then tumble and turn.

What do I mean by "discipline" in this context?

Discipline has a specific definition!

You must examine this well.

The Oxford Dictionary outlines this for you:…

"The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience."

What punishes misstep more certainly than any other?

The dark world itself.

You're in it.

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