It's probably useful for you to understand what will happen in the event of a #NoDealBrexit so that you can plan the use of your property accordingly. If you have any actual questions, feel free to ask.
In the event of a #NoDealBrexit, the UK would become a 'third country' - that is a country that is not a member state and one without any agreement in place with the EU as regards access. This is accepted by both sides.
There are currently rules in place for third country nationals, their access to the EU and, in particular, in relation to the Schengen states. In this thread, I am particularly looking at the Schengen states.
The simple reason for focusing on those is that most holiday homes owned by Brits are located in Schengen countries (particularly France, Spain and Italy). They also have common rules of access.
In the event of a #NoDealBrexit, based on current rules, as a third country national, you will be able to spend a maximum of 90 days in the Schengen area in any 180 day period. The 180 day countdown begins on the day you arrive in another Schengen country.
So, if you drive from Calais down to Alicante, for example, the clock starts ticking when you arrive in Calais. And, yes, your passport will be stamped and logged for those purposes.
Having spent your 90 days in your holiday home, you will them have to leave the Schengen area. Travel time back (if you are driving back through France, for example) is included in your 90 days. You must be OUT of the Schengen area within 90 days.
You are then not allowed to re-enter the Schengen area for 90 days - so no holidays or visits or anything during that 90 day period. Obviously, you can break up these days but I'm keeping them in blocks for simplicity's sake - it's 90 days maximum in any 180 day period.
This is probably a good moment to point out that if you overstay your 90 days, you're going to have a hell of a time trying to get back in the next time.
So, if you spend (roughly) January, February and March in your holiday home, you will then have to leave and not be allowed to re-enter any country in the Schengen zone until July at the earliest. There's no way to make that into 6 straight months.
Now, there will be some who say 'well, they won't stop us at the border and tell us to go back!' To them I say this:

1 - Entitlement isn't a great look. The UK is just a country. It gets treated like all the others now.

2 - Yes they will - that's what borders are about.
For years, people in the UK have built lives on their being free access and movement. Well, it looks like that's going and that has consequences - one of which is for people who have a property (or share of a property) in the EU.
On the upside, you'll be showing a blue passport when you get refused entry. Sovereignty has never smelled so weird.

#StopBrexit #PeoplesVote

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
Google+, you burst on to the #socialmedia scene like a comet. A rubbish comet in a fermement of amazing comets but a comet nonetheless. As others said you were wonderful & important, selling their services on the back of you, I said you were rubbish. I take my share of the blame.
As you became a wasteground, we continued to see the charlatans say you were a vital part of the #socialmedia spend. You weren't. #Search was always more important - along with the other social networks. #Google does so many things so amazingly well but this was never one of them
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Oct 7, 2018
Right. I'm going to say it. Ready?

@theresa_may is right.

The #PeoplesVote is the Politicians' Referendum. And here's why ...
Different countries use referendums in different ways. At one end of the spectrum, we have the lovely Switzerland who have decided they want a system of referendums for just about everything... the other end of the spectrum, you've for Britain which, as a rule, doesn't do referendums.
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Oct 3, 2018

@theresa_may's awful government will not go the distance - it will fall and there will be an election - possibly even a #PeoplesVote. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW! Let's have our revenge!…
If you have been living abroad for less than 15 years, you can vote. All you need is your last UK address and your national insurance number. It's simple. No forms, no finding people to sign stuff or make declarations.

It literally takes two minutes.…
By the way, every time I mention voting, some gammon pops up and moans about British citizens overseas being able to vote. Well, here's the world's smallest violin just for you.

You didn't support us. You threw us under the bus. Now we get our turn. 👍

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Sep 28, 2018
Let's learn from history.

Back in 1989/90, the Community Charge was introduced by Margaret Thatcher in Scotland and then England and Wales. You probably remember it as the Poll Tax. Despite it being hugely unpopular, Maggie pressed ahead with the policy.
Maggie's argument was that the people had voted for the policy - after all, it had been in the Tory manifesto that had given her another landslide - so she had to deliver it and they could not change their minds.
There were protests and some of them were pretty violent. Maggie said that there was no way that she would back down from the policy. Meanwhile, Tory MPs were hearing the upset from ordinary voters in their constituencies.
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Sep 19, 2018
And now @theresa_may will assert her considerable authority...
...any second now...
...any moment...
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Sep 19, 2018
I rarely directly share stuff from the British expat groups on Facebook as they are closed groups but I wanted you to see this. This is what we are up against.

In France, we have no effective consular support. @UKinFrance is awful.
The Ambassador himself does nothing to protect the interests of British citizens living here. The staff have been holding utterly pointless meetings where they parrot the UK government line without listening.
The UK embassy in Paris is the cushiest job in the diplomatic service. Great offices, well paid, plenty of receptions, dinners and events. The lot. Once you are in it, you are on Easy Street, riding the gravy train on biscuit wheels. No need to DO anything.
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