Did I ever tell ye about the time #Gemma4Aras18 contacted me by DM to instruct me not to use the #MaryBoyle hashtag? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #SueMeGemma
#MaryBoyle's cousins @joecraig79 & @JosieCraig1 also have stories about #Gemma4Aras18's behaviour at that time & can confirm I tried to calm things down. Causes are more important than personalities & at that time GO'D was Mary Boyle's best chance for justice. #SueMeGemma
That being the case, I advised both @JosieCraig1 & (especially) @joecraig79 to let it go, despite the injustice of being excluded from GO'D's campaign for their cousin #MaryBoyle. I think that was the right advice at that time, but things have changed! #SueMeGemma
Naomi Brady, the woman who organised the amazing #MaryBoyle March in Ballyshannon was another person pushed out by #Gemma4Aras18 at that time. Naomi was sitting in hospital with a sick child & not in a position to fight back. #SueMeGemma
Gemma O'Doherty's film about Mary's disappearance did an awful lot to raise the profile of #MaryBoyle. Nobody who wanted #Justice4Mary would speak out at that time, but #gemma4Aras18's bid for the presidency is a whole different situation! #SueMeGemma
Gemma O'Doherty hugely raised the profile of #MaryBoyle, but her behaviour in the meantime did more to discredit the case than help it. She was going through a terrible time personally & people understood that, but running for president? That changes things! #SueMeGemma
Gemma raised #MaryBoyle's profile alright, fair dues! Everybody was talking about the case. Twitter became a sea of Mary Boyle avatars (remember that?) But the only way anybody could take part in campaigning for #Justice4Mary was to do exactly what Gemma said #SueMeGemma
I've been campaigning for various things my whole life. I know a couple of things about campaigning. You can (somewhat) control a old-style campaign with a formal membership structure, but a social media led campaign? You can't control that but boy did Gemma try! πŸ˜‚ #SueMeGemma
Think of recent successful social media campaigns - #MarRef, #Repealthe8th, #Stand4Truth, #JobstownNotGuilty, #JusticeForMagdalenes - they don't speak with one voice, they speak with many. All kinds of people use the # they don't all agree, but the profile is raised...#SueMeGemma
ANYBODY who tweets on a subject can use a hashtag. There's no way to control it. That's one of the democratic things about social media. The hashtags that mostly got used were #MaryBoyle & #Justice4Mary
I'm sure you're all familiar with Gemma's style of posting. Nobody is named, but it's all very conspiratorial. There started to be dark references to an unofficial or unauthorised FB page. These jibes seemed to be aimed at #MaryBoyle's cousin @joecraig79 #SueMeGemma
I'll let @joecraig79 tell his own story, as he has done many times on his account. Joe was new to social media & I'm sure he won't mind me saying, not very good at it. He'd been delighted Gemma was working on #MaryBoyle & he had tried to help out.
Gemma had given him some errands to do, as she does. I guess she wasn't happy with the results & Joe wasn't happy either. He felt he had been used. It had put him out on a limb with some of his extended family & the local authorities... #SueMeGemma @joecraig79
He didn't have the luxury of being a high profile journalist from out of town. He had to live there. He didn't even have a car & at one point he even got stranded on the remote farm where his cousin #MaryBoyle disappeared. #SueMeGemma
He put himself out to help Gemma, for the sake of his poor cousin, #MaryBoyle & now he felt he was being described on social media as some kind of unauthorised interloper in his cousin's justice campaign. It was hard on him. #SueMeGemma @joecraig79
So Gemma was muttering on Facebook about "unauthorised" campaigning, in a tone that implied @joecraig79, a hurt & confused relative of #MaryBoyle, was part of some Establishment conspiracy to bring down "her" campaign... #SueMeGemma
...And @joecraig79 was doing a bit of grumbling on his Twitter account too. The #MaryBoyle hashtag was pretty high profile at that time & lots of people (inc some MSM journos who were pretty hostile to the case) were asking what was going on. #SueMeGemma
In my (totally unwanted) opinion, this situation had the potential to do a lot of damage to the growing campaign, which some people (Labour tweeters especially) were anxious to paint as a "shinnerbot" conspiracy. (Ah, them were the days!) #SueMeGemma
One journo spent an evening publicly trying to encourage @joecraig79 to name on Twitter the politician alleged to have interfered in the case! I spent that evening urging Joe not to do so, as it would make any future prosecution impossible. #SueMeGemma
There was no way of talking to Gemma, because she wouldn't have listened. She was the Queen Bee of #MaryBoyle. She didn't have to listen to anybody. I shot off a couple of vague public tweets about "disagreements between #MaryBoyle campaigners"... #SueMeGemma
The other "disagreement" that was going on at that time was with Naomi Brady, who had organised (it must have been without Gemma's "authorisation") a successful March to Ballyshannon Garda station, regarding #MaryBoyle
I didn't say very much in public about the "disagreements" which were visible to anybody with eyes in their head by that stage. The thrust of it was to encourage unity (at least in public) between all #MaryBoyle campaigners, in the interests of #Justice4Mary
Some time around then, Gemma published something (on FB AFAIR) objecting to people describing themselves as "#MaryBoyle campaigners." There was no campaign but her & Mary's sister Ann (who Gemma doesn't seem to mention very much any more. Curious, innit!) #SueMeGemma
This may have been a dig at me, (as I'd been the using the phrase "#MaryBoyle campaigners" on Twitter in my pleas for an end to the squabbling) Or it may have been aimed at @joecraig79 who had been featured in the local paper #SueMeGemma donegalnews.com/2016/07/justic…
Another possible target is Naomi Brady, who organised the #Justice4Mary march in Ballyshannon. Despite being a People Before Profit member, Naomi originally came from a FF family, so in GemmaWorld, she had to be part of a conspiracy! #SueMeGemma
I just did a search & guess which Gemma acolyte came to smear Naomi when I was pleading for #MaryBoyle unity at that time? None other than noted transphobe @czarkaztik, whose more recent tweets have been relevant to #Gemma4Aras18's media stunts this week! Shocker! 😲 #SueMeGemma
Here's the thread - as you'll see, @czarkaztik (do check out her vile transphobic account) takes exception (just as Gemma did) to anybody apart from Gemma & the singer Margo (another relative of #MaryBoyle) being called a Mary Boyle campaigner #SueMeGemma
Oddly (not) the same @czarkaztik featured in the #Gemma4Aras18 story this week! Poor Gemma was accused of transphobia for linking trans kids to paedophilia, when she was just innocently replying to Czar linking trans kids to sexualisation of children! #SueMeGemma
In this bizarre interview, Gemma accuses a journalist (probably @KittyHollandIT) of "editing" her (Gemma's) tweets - using her evil supernatural MSM powers, I guess, the same way she caused the housing crisis πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† #SueMeGemma
What really happened was that Gemma's long time mouthpiece (& notorious transphobe) @czarkaztik temporarily deactivated her account, thereby deleting her tweets & coincidentally reactivated her account in time for Gemma's "Evil MSM Kitty edited my tweets" stunt 😲 #SueMeGemma
I'm pretty sure #SueMeGemma or some of her more lunatic followers will accuse me of faking this screenshot, but if that happens, I think @olddiesel (a very decent man) will confirm that the conversation took place...
While #Gemma4Aras18 is making a complete & utter spectacle of herself by claiming @KittyHollandIT "edited her tweets" her long time mouthpiece, notorious transphobe @czarkaztik is admitting she deactivated her account. Kitty is the one who should be suing! #SueMeGemma
Anyway, it's late & I need to wrap this up. My point about the #Justice4Mary campaign is that #Gemma4Aras18 did a lot of damage to it with ego-driven shit like denying anybody but her chosen ones could call themselves a #MaryBoyle campaigner #SueMeGemma
I don't care what Gemma says, when 100s of people are using the same Twitter avatar & the same hashtag, *that's a campaign,* a social media campaign, & 100s of people have every right to feel part of it. #SueMeGemma
Gemma came into my DMs & demanded I delete tweets referring to Mary Boyle campaigners, because she felt she had a right to control the #MaryBoyle hashtag. That kind of nuttiness is not what we need in a President! What next? Exclusive control over the alphabet? #SueMeGemma
There was a campaign & whether Gemma likes it or not, I was part of it (I went on #MaryBoyle marches, I donated to Gemma's crowdfunder, I tweeted about it every day, I supported #MaryBoyle's relatives when she attacked them.) #SueMeGemma
I was on the phone to Naomi Brady when she was in the hospital with a sick child & #Gemma4Aras18 was busy attacking her (largely through proxies) on social media. #SueMeGemma
I wish Gemma no harm, but I don't think she's suited for politics. I don't think we need a President who thinks or says that MSM is "editing her tweets" when that is impossible & untrue. #SueMeGemma
I don't think we need a President who is so touchy that her immediate response to somebody challenging her is to issue bogus legal threats by DM. #SueMeGemma
Gemma is still a good journalist, though not as good as she once was. She'd be a better one if our MSM wasn't under monopoly control & she had the benefit of a fearless but wise editor.

She'd still make a lousy President. #SueMeGemma

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