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Welcome to my hundreds of new followers here on Twitter!

I'm going to give you some links here to DARK TRIAD MAN®.

First, make sure you read about my work:

Next, you'll probably have some questions.

"Who the hell is this @IvanThrone guy?"

The official FAQ of DARK TRIAD MAN® is right here:

Now, my work and writing is not for everyone.

I offer brutal honesty and ruthless mentoring for the dark world.

I am Machiavellian in my work.

I am the most brilliant narcissist ever.

I am a psychopath and I don't do pity.

Look well, o wolves!

Yes, I have an email list.

I don't email every day, or even every week.

But when I do, I ensure it includes two things:

- I crack open the dark world and show you a lever.

- I tell you how to grasp that lever and use it hard.

Get on my list:

There is also The Store at DARK TRIAD MAN®.

Everything I offer is in there.

Books, gear, training opportunities, and tickets to VERY special and exclusive events.

Take a look. Many of the #ebooks are FREE.

Because they are for you:

"Ivan, what kind of training opportunities?"

The most powerful is the Immersion Forge.

It is an extremely high end event, held in a world class facility.

The next is at Trump International Hotel in New York City.

We are open for registrations:

"Ivan, what about physical training?"

@PraetorianSwift and I provide Ground Dominance training to select attendees.

This is not for casual attendees, but for those on the front lines of political violence.

More detail is right here:…

"Ivan, where are you speaking next?"

I will be at the #21Con in Orlando, Florida in October.

There is NOTHING like it.

Men like @EdLatimore, @HunterDrewTFA, @AJA_Cortes, @jackmurphylive, @GoldmundUnleash, @_Rian_Stone and others will speak as well:

"Ivan, what's this Feast of War you hold?"

The Feast of War is a superb dining and connection experience for men.

Magnificent food, stellar company, and ruthless talk of war!

We have events planned for a half score cities.


There is also a private member forum on DARK TRIAD MAN®.

THE FORTRESS is exclusive.

You must pass the Gate:

"Ivan, do you do individual coaching?"

Yes, I do.

It's impossible to provide free coaching to people through emails and direct messages. I'd have time for absolutely nothing else.

I offer chat or live Skype call.


I don't do pity.

"Ivan, what books and ebooks are available?"

There are four paid books available for preorder and purchase:





"Ivan, you have FREE #ebooks available, right?"


They are there for you.


"Ivan, do you have any other cool gear from DARK TRIAD MAN®?"

Yes, of course.

The Most Beautiful #Infographic In The World.

Plus some extraordinarily triggering shirts.

Don't wear them unless you want to shock and trigger:

"Ivan, what about corporate training and services?"


Reach out to me for inquiry.

"Ivan, I hear you have your own DARK TRIAD MAN® #cigar?"


It is an absolutely incredible smoke.

It will be available for public purchase VERY soon:


Also follow @TheEmpalador here on Twitter.

Now, if you enjoy my work on DARK TRIAD MAN®...

If you appreciate my delivery of teaching on Twitter...

If you want to support the raising of my banner in the dark world:

I don't have a Patreon.

You can contribute your support there.

Follow my other social media accounts:





(You can watch me burn my face off with pepper spray while doing SQUATS on YouTube.)

"Ivan, weren't you on Infowars?"

Yes, with @allidoisowen in #Austin last year.…

Austin is going to heat up with more #Antifa violence.

It's coming.

"Ivan, can we see a full length speech from you at the 2017 #21Con?"

Yes, right here.

Courtesy of @beachmuscles:

"Ivan, didn't you get into a scrap with #Antifa a couple years ago in #Denver?"


It was a minor disarm.

If you haven't seen this interview by @mikemcnallygolf at the 2017 #21Con, you can watch that right here and get a sense of how I speak and teach:…

I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to my friend and brother, @PraetorianSwift, and his immensely dreadful skillset:

Follow him.

Don't have him mark you as a stranger in the dark.

Trust me on this.

"Ivan, are you actually deaf?"


It's quite amusing sometimes, as well as dangerous:…

As you can see, I also have a sense of humor.

It's a necessary attribute in the dark world.

And yes, I have a service dog.

He is a #GermanShepherd and he is Medical Equipment.

And he does not dick around with either churls or Her Majesty's language.

(His occasional observations pop up here from time to time.)

And if you're at #21Con in Orlando, you'll meet him.

And that's it for this introduction thread.

Get to know me.

DMs are open.

Read my work.

Listen to my words.

Adhere with attention when I speak of what comes.

I am @IvanThrone.

I am the Dark Triad Man.

And I don't do pity.

Look well, o wolves!


"How the hell did the dark world spew forth someone like @IvanThrone?"

Read this, and contemplate well.


• • •

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Aug 30, 2018

On Knowing Reality And Your Place In It

from @IvanThrone,

The Dark Triad Man.

I was out for dinner with some people the other evening.

The discussion was centered on psychopathy and capacity.

Right up my alley.

There is Theory,

And there is Practice...

Everyone wants to be a Psychopath.

Everyone wants to think about how "cold" they "really" are.

Now, on one level, we're all animals.

We all have a lizard brain.

Survival is the First Law, and never underestimate a animal backed into a desperate corner fighting for life.

What I see missing from most people,

Especially those that like to tell themselves that they have a psychopathic streak,

Is real world experience.

It matters.

It matters more than any streak.

Do you understand this?

Most don't.

Many such cases.

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Aug 29, 2018
My wife was telling someone the other day that I was able to lipread people on their phone in the car behind me, through my rearview mirror.

Yes, that's true.

Lipreading is a super power.
"I have to take this phone call," said the executive.

"I'll wait outside your office with the glass windows," I replied.

"Come on back in," said the executive.

His desk is so busy.

I read upside down faster than most people read.

"Let's talk about XYZ," I suggested.

"You might be interested."
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Aug 20, 2018

On Political Violence in America



The Dark Triad Man

"Ivan, how will we know when the hammer is really dropping on #CivilWar?

The first thing to understand is how all of this works.

Everyone thinks they do.

Most are idiot pawns.

Everyone focuses on #Antifa and #MAGA folks clashing in the street.

This is silly street theater, a simple steam valve on entertainment and and circuses.

If you're outraged by political street violence, you're enthralled by theater.

It's not really the thing to watch.

You must learn to see the hands that move the levers.

And the minds that move those hands.

And the vision that entangles those minds.

Who is the spirit behind the web?

It's pretty mundane and most people refuse to understand how it all works.

It's not a grand conspiracy.

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Aug 13, 2018

#JamesBond depicted as anything other than a white Englishman is willful destruction of an iconic character by groveling to abominably idiotic narratives of social justice.

I'm not wrong.

#JamesBond is not a black man, a female, or anything other than a white Englishman.

It is that simple.

And that absolute.

#JamesBond draws the hatred and fear of idiots because he is an archetype of male skill, power, and competence.

And because he is a white Englishman.

Don't like it?

Cry more.

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Aug 1, 2018

A Fierce Rant About


from @IvanThrone

The Dark Triad Man

I'm going to talk about handlers and assholes, and how to tell the difference when someone claims their four-legged creature is a #ServiceDog.

Ready for fire, people?

The very first thing we're going to do is define #ServiceDog.

There's only ONE definition that matters in America:

"Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities."…


Repeat after me, children:



This is not Complicated:

If it is a Pig, a Duck, a Peacock, a Snake, a Bird, a Fish, or bloody God damn Hamster, it is...


Get the hell off my plane!

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Jul 23, 2018


From THE NINE LAWS by @IvanThrone

We are going to examine this concept.

It is far deeper than mere stride or posture.

Movement is critical to Power.

And these are things you can easily train.

There are two parts to this.

The first is Discipline.

The second is Movement.

We will examine them consecutively, then tumble and turn.

What do I mean by "discipline" in this context?

Discipline has a specific definition!

You must examine this well.

The Oxford Dictionary outlines this for you:…

"The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience."

What punishes misstep more certainly than any other?

The dark world itself.

You're in it.

Read 21 tweets

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