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A Study On Self Worth #ASOSW : #YxngDxnzl @MI_Abaga. I will do a reaction thread. 🤓🤓
Downloaded both on phone and laptop...gonna do this tomorrow morning..
1. Do you know who you are?
This song tells three different problems...
Black inferiority complex and racism, Hate and some bad ideology amongst blacks, high expectations from males,...
"..sometimes you wonder why, then wonder how...it's now hard to figure out your life..", @TayIwar on some real truth,.. "take your time and meditate on you, lessons from mother earth are always true", fact! Experience is the best teacher afterall."
...what is your name? what is your worth? A lot of people know their names but do not actually know their worth.
"My child recite the words of this ancient mythology", notice how @MI_Abaga starts like he's giving a child advice on life,
"the wisdom I disperse in this verse, no apology", he knows his words are wisdom, still on that #SelfWorth reference, "memorise to keep you from evil theology, for you the {} denied your equality, for years we perpetrated psychology, divide and conquer; Willie Lynch policy"..
..bars!!! the evil theology may refer to the teaching that non-whites are inferior in every way of life, Willie Lynch was a Slave owner who in 1712 delivered a speech about the best way to control slaves, (finalcall.com/artman/publish…), @MI_Abaga says here that that divide...
..and conquer strategy still haunts us till today (agrees with the fact that Willie Lynch proposed his working theory to work for 300 years), The 'divide and conquer' tactics really worked and are still working till now, it's kinda long so check out that link...
"you cannot build each other up, how would we build economy", deep! real change starts from the smallest cell of the system, individuals!, "how you think is how you are", true!, "do you realise that negros are hunted commodity?.."
...TRUE ASF! Even in my Software engr field, this is true!, even from the slave trade era, the white realised that their manpower was not close to enough so they needed better hands on the job, but for free, they decided on negros, yes! @MI_Abaga, we have been hot cakes since.
"look around you, absorb your ecology, they gon' tell you it's in your biology, they gon' tell you niggas ain't good with technology", this is the divide and conquer principle in play, making us feel so inferior about ourselves, "..rewrite our anthropology"
we have to rewrite our own history and how we are perceived as blacks,🙏,
"tell me the value of a newborn nubian, all these habitation ghetto keep pursuing", talking about the poverty mostly faced from birth, may also mean the true worth from birth, might need some clarity
"shipped across the seas or br conquered, the options; labour and the mind in shackles, for auction; whatever path you take your existence, just function..."
Slave trade... "black man meditate on your pain, hesitate in the rain, let it wash your curse, and immerse in the hurt..."
"..let your words be rebirth, have a force for the truth, find protection for youth, niggas open your wings, let your women be kings, let your children be green, find them the means, give then reasons to smile [the grin and smile wordplay too], maybe laugh for a while,.."
@MI_Abaga pointed out our in-house problems as Africans and he proposed/advised on how to solve them, "...as I decree for you a better future for you my child..", still on the father-child method. Tell the child the problem, the solution, then pray for him. Typical African😇
"two major issues: Identity crisis and psychological homelessness?...", literally talking about how our problem is really deeply mentally rooted.
"...the world hates you", the black is hated,
"...you have to be the superhero...you are just human, some are strong..."
There's an immense pressure cause by high expectations on the African male, females also face this pressure too, but more is expected from a man.. expectations from parents, families, women (for example, a lady of your age still collecting allowance expects you to own a car, etc)
@MI_Abaga effortlessly put a lot of wisdom on this song, @TayIwar vocals 🔥🔥🔥. Idkw, I have been loving first tracks on album recently.
Second track, Last night I had a dream about a Hummingbird...
"The one thing that I wanted to talk about was the concept of believing in yourself, especially in the age of the internet. You’re constantly comparing yourself to other people, your constantly comparing yourself to other…like people in your field of study..."
"...that may be better than you are at what you’re doing. They may be better artist, better musicians, when you are constantly trying to meet the expectations of someone else? you’re letting yourself down. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone..."
"...I don’t need to compare myself to anyone except myself, I don’t owe anybody anything..."
I can 100% relate, the best way to be depressed is comparing yourself to others, @omole_ayobami you mentioned something around this some weeks back...
Social media especially @instagram ain't helping matters too, constant fake life and comparison...
"...You’ve got potential essential to venture adventures and conquer the world if you care, whatchu still doing over here?"
"Hummingbird, the door to your cages has been broken for ages and open just take it you’re moping and hoping on hope that you make it just float..."
"...to that opening and go
Hummingbird, ignore all these Mockingbirds talking and gossiping about you all day, haven’t done anything with their own lives anyway..."
#YxngDxnzl This verse is self explanatory, @MI_Abaga is talking about how most of us do not realise our potentials,
most people feel they are capable but do not try because of "mockingbirds', negative people, I really like the hummingbird/mockingbird contrast too...
"Once you become a hero, somebody will always want to shoot you down,
It goes with the territory"
Real life! #YxngDxnzl
"The more you put on the pedestal, you will be shut down
There’ll come a point where you’re gonna to need to become a fallen hero
It’s an inevitability, And there’s that whole sorta thing about
Do I step off the pedestal myself or do I wait to be shot down?..."
This is @MI_Abaga reflecting on himself, you get the point right?
"And at when do I step down?
You know, words like stepping down are very profound
That is stepping down, making way for the next and relinquish control and you know…
Do I stop while I’m up?
Do I know when to go?"
this outro feels like a preamble to the next track, you rappers should fix up your life, @MI_Abaga is basically contemplating if he has done enough and should retire but he also feels it's the peak of his career and should enjoy it for a while, no doubt that he's paving way tho
@MI_Abaga is a pedestal, no doubt!!!
Gotta do the day's work, I'll be back soon...this album is @MI_Abaga's meditation and therapy.
"I should be close to retirement, couple more years, should be retiring but none of you rappers inspiring, none of you pass the requirements, how can I retire then? who's gonna face the environment?..." @MI_Abaga ,I partly agree and disagree with this,
...there are a lot of good rappers here in Nigeria, the replies to this track proved that, the factors that caused the under appreciation of rap are from the populace, times changed, Nigerians started not to appreciate lyrical content, but just dance,...
even popular rap artistes like @IamReminisce @olamide_YBNL @Dremodrizzy @falzthebahdguy @Iceprincezamani @Jessejagz @iam_YCEE were all subject to this unwanted change. Most Nigerians don't appreciate lyrical ability till now, ask Mode9...
But I also agree with @MI_Abaga, rappers became inconsistent too😐,
"..still on my JOB none of this rappers can fire me, I can’t retire yet then.."
"...You rappers should fix up your life (fix up your life), Ya’ll getting killed by the south (the south).."
South African rap artistes are actually being more appreciated in Nigeria rappers, I actually agree, there was a time like 4-5 years back I stopped listening to Nigerian music(no content) and started jamming two South African music channels...
A fault on Nigerians is that we like foreign things better than our local products, same goes for music too, Y'all know @NICKIMINAJ, @iamcardib, RemyMa, young MA, but do you know @atmerari @SAEONMORUDA @BellaAlubo and others??
"None of you rappers is real enough
Once you blow up now you switching up
That’s why these fans are not feeling y’all
SA rappers out here killing y’all
Bruh, when I was out here performing
I held the country down I held the city down real
You rappers are under performing"...
...@MI_Abaga talking about the glory days of hiphop in Nigeria, before the music industry was entirely commercialised,
"Rappers are singing now just to get popular (yuck)
I’ve just been watching like I’m at the opera.."
watching like at the opera means he just sitting in silence
sidenote, I'm an opera fan,...
"I should’ve brought my binoculars
Cos I don’t see nobody dope
I don’t see nobody great
I don’t see nobody serious bout taking my place.."
In @MI_Abaga 's perspective, he sees no rapper with a promising long successful career as his.
"Y’all should be slapped in your face",
could mean as a punishment, and also to wake these rappers up, as the next lines "This is your big hommie telling you n____ to wake wake
Wake up, fix up your life" suggest.
"Ten years later and I’m still the one
Training you rappers like Paddington",
pun on the padding train station in London
"Y’all out here panicking, all I created is vanishing"
Rappers are actually panicking cos of sales et all, hence, they switch to singing..
"Nobody moving mhen y’all are like mannequins, Omoh let’s bring a mechanic in", a rapper(MC) is supposed to move the crowd, but they ain't moving shit, let's bring in the mechanic to fix them to move and also fix up their lives, double entendre...
"Menopausing your tracks ‘cos no more flow again", damn!! see bar!
"Omo streets dey yan say rapper no dey blow again", reference to 'streets ti take over, punchline o jawo mo', remember @itspryse also replied this in "The Box" in IM3..
"Anytime I think am done they like go again, and so I do it make dough again"
@MI_Abaga sometimes want to stop, but he has no choice to release tracks and still make money from them, he's saying you rappers should not use no money can be made as an excuse for not delivering
"I’m doing this for the culture", calling out other rappers is not new to hiphop, remember @kendricklamar 's Control.
@MI_Abaga is doing this kind of song for the culture, but he also means he's making this call on rappers for the culture not to die in Nigeria.
"Clark Kent Clark Kent we need superman, So I had to get in the booth",
pun on clark can't/clark kent. when superman is needed, he changes to his custom, but in @MI_Abaga's case, he enters the booth, notice that he said booth, not studio, he's always in the studio!!
"We out here getting massacred
This is your general calling to check with the troops
I made this s___ easy for y’all I laid it off the board",
@MI_Abaga uses a military context, after he drew the plans on the board, y'all still messing up, fix up your lives!
the epilogue features a Yoruba man expressing his political views about how the current president is too old for the job and the country needs young people like him. Then the therapy session where she talks about being a celebrity and the solitude that comes with it.
4. Another thing! Do not be a groupie.
Groupie has a few definitions, but relating to music, see the picture:
@MI_Abaga's use of the word in this song might differ though...
"All these artists acting like groupies where the money is
For niggas to get ahead, they’re giving corny links"
@MI_Abaga is shaking table ooooooo.
"Money make these niggas do some funny things
This music business isn’t funny business (swear to God)"...
...they do funny things in a serious business,
"But why am I expecting more?
When half of APC were PDP before?"
He's literally saying people are politicking in the game now, I don't really know who this is targeted at, anyone help? Please
"Uh, and Kanye said it, that’s the way it is, Groupie fathers meet groupie mamas and have groupie kids", I'm not sure, might be referencing @kanyewest's line in New Day ft JayZ: 'And get caught up with the groupies in the whirlwind'
"But me I’m chocolate city till the death of me
I’d rather die keeping it real than live in infamy",
@choccitymusic for life!!, @MI_Abaga means he'll stay true to his good self even if he doesn't bring much popularity as being infamy(using negative acts to gain fame),
"(yo google that word)"...LOL😂😂😂, lazy people like me, check the pic.
"We eat together put ego aside", humility! I haven't met @MI_Abaga , but I hear and read he's the humble type, hard to find these days.
"Niggas be lying when they’ve seen you feed your pride" has different meanings, I need some clarifications, sir @MI_Abaga.
"Putting me over them, that’s how the crew divide (never that)",
He understands the what can cause a fall in @choccitymusic and he won't allow it.
"You can never stand with snakes are in your squad (cause no legs)"
LOL, wordplay🔥🔥🔥.
I'm here getting notifications that @MI_Abaga likes my tweet and added the tweet to a Moment and I'm acting cool, me that I want to shout😂😂😂.
"I rep that Chocolate City, Loopy
Money doesn’t move me
I’ll never be a groupie my nigga"
For y'all who don't know, Loopy Music was a label MI was CEO before they merged with Choc city in April 2015.
I think the idea of the song is people who are obsessed with money and would do anything to get it.
I like instrumental though, smooth.
The songs I have heard, the production is top notch🔥🔥🔥.
What else do I expect sef
Battery low, ko si ina fun ijo meta nibi. #ThisIsNigeria. I will be back soon. 😄😃.
The dissection shall continue.
On a lowkey, uncle @MI_Abaga dropped two albums in a year, sorry, 7 months. #GOAT
I'm back...😃😃😃
"Your time is coming, your time dey come
All you hungry niggas that be begging to sign to someone"
Bro, if you no hear English, hear am 4 pidgin🤣.
"All you hungry niggas that be begging to sign to someone
And then you quickly move and join whoever just started shining"
...that's a groupie.
"Please show me the difference from ashana with price for fucking"
@MI_Abaga is comparing people like that with prostitutes .
"Just smiling bluffing I mean I represent
The biggest label, Africa ever created"
No doubt, @choccitymusic is the biggest label
"Hate it, debate it, rate it, we just keeping climbing towards Zion’s summit",
opinions may differ but choc city doesn't care, they keep making waves and money.
"I know the media’s been tryna find a comment… here it is", lol, @MI_Abaga knows the media also wants to have a say..
2008 M
2009 Jagz
2010 Ice
2011 Brymo
2012 Nosa
2014 Vicky
2015 Koker
2016 Dice
My niggas game over"
Damn! This stat is correct, we've not been paying close attention... 2013?
"@ckay_yo coming soon everybody gon see the evidence", CKay yo!!
M.I has good plans for him.
"(DJ) Lambo just became the first female label president, Loose and Ruby joining her soon, hating is irrelevant" upper management? maybe.
"I stay with my family because it made me, Follow anybody go where? Nigga you crazy" did anyone suggest @MI_Abaga leaving choc??
"You wanna reach the top then pay the price,
I’m never with that fake shit
I’d rather do that day shift, the late shift, the grave shift till we make it"
the rhyme scheme is nice.
"I’ll never be a makeshift nigga switching sides"!!!!!
So this track is speaking against betraying people that helped you just because of money.
Epilogue, talking about loyalty, I think loyalty is rare now because of environmental pressure and the society, loyalty is rewarding but it takes patience and people don't wanna be patient because the society pressures you to have money and fame at any cost.
5. Stop! Never Second Guess Yourself ft. @CinaSoul
"All the girls call you average, all the girls called you average, they said you can never be bad bitch.."
"...all the girls called you average, they said you can never be no bad bitch...."
I was expecting this kinda song...
"...all the boys looking at you, you the target, all the girls talking 'bout you, you the topic...",
"Now look at you hair down
Body rocking, you looking fly Mary Poppins"
fuuuuck!!! I watched Mary Poppins on Video cassette..
Mary Poppins flew down when those kids needed a nanny
...plus she looks good too(fly), nice metaphor!, brings back childhood memories😭😭. @MI_Abaga Thank you!
"Don’t stop, never second guess yourself
Turn around and bless yourself
Girl you looking good than a model
Did you dress yourself?"
...a wordplay on modelling, models turn during their runway walk, models are dressed their designers, but here, girl, did you dress yourself?

"Girl you fucking awesome, have you met yourself?
Take yourself to dinner then caress yourself"
@MI_Abaga always has at least one song in his album has he drops mad lines for girls, bro, lemme be taking notes, who's with me????
"Be your own precipitation you can wet yourself
Sexy mother, well have you met yourself?"
I like the pun here, precipitation and wet..
"No one can ever make you reject yourself"
"Sometimes you over dissect yourself, stop!", ladies worry too much about their appearances
"Who the baddest bitch who been about it?
Hmm, take another guess"
You Girl!
"And now all them other girls look tragic
All them other girls look tragic
Remember when they called you average
Said you’d never be no bad bitch
Ain’t it funny? Look at you honey
Making money; you made it mami
All them other girls look tragic"
"Checking the mirror like yo is this really me?" nice.
"Looking this good should be a felony"
If you didn't tell a girl something like this, bro you never drop pickup line, lol
Alright, I'm sending HER this song😇😇😇.
"Love yourself baby that’s the remedy
Self over haters that’s the recipe"
True that! words of wisdom, @MI_Abaga.
Guuuy!! Cina Soul's voice😍😍
"You don’t need them to validate yourself".
The mistake most people make is using other people's opinions to value themselves.
Epilogue : trust issues based on previous abandonment experiences.
Halfway through the album, and it's interesting, no element of boredom so far.
Masterpice le le yi
6. You Are Like Melody, My Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Lorraine Chia)
Hmmm, the title sef na wordplay, melody, skips a beat, get it?
Shoutout to @natirovibe , natirovibe.com been helping with lyrics I couldn't hear clearly. Thanks!
Lorraine Chia: "In the middle of the night, You’re the star that lights my life"😁😁..
@MI_Abaga : "Poor petitions and calculations, that’s what I’m going through just trying to muster up these salutations."
He's telling her it's not easy to make up these romantic bars
"this is not an infatuation, any accusations?"...People often mistake infatuation for true love, @MI_Abaga is sure it's not the former.
The build up lyric to the ex's regret is straight fire🔥🔥🔥.
"Letting you into places only homies allowed", tells how close she'd get,
"I’ve been lonely alone after lonely in crowds", deeep!! Even with the crowds, the fans et all, the heart is still lonely,
"And real love is proven it’s hardly announced", you don't say you love someone, show it!
"So let’s not only talk let’s do our vows, yeah", no time girl!
"Both of us been hurt so we should know better", a mutual struggle often aids stronger bonding..
"I sat here thinking about us grad my whole session
I’m learning everyday but hoping this is no lesson"
School wordplay, just couldn't wait for both of them to graduate....
....learning in school too, but he hopes they don't break up, since that makes another lesson for him...
Lorraine : "You’re the only one I notice
Taking all my focus
You’re like melody
My heart skips a beat"
@MI_Abaga : "and my intention isn't a flatter, but I guess it doesn't matter"
These words will sure flatter her but he's just being honest to her, but it makes no difference,
"Cause I ain’t seen nobody badder, and that ass is getting bigger", ukwu!!!🔥🔥
"Man I wonder what’s inside your gene pool
Everything you do it seems cool
Little things like putting on your jeans boo"
gene pool, seems cool,, jeans boo, chinedu!!! call 911! @MI_Abaga's rhyme scheme is smart🔥🔥🔥
"So many girls are plenty gorgeous
and they know I put my country on like Kenny Rodgers, yea!"
Smart, Kenny Rodgers is an American country genre musician, you dig??
gorgeous means very beautiful, may be a reference to Kenny Rodgers song: "you are so beautiful"...
He also talks about declining other girls because he has met her, dope love song. Someone will now be telling me @MI_Abaga is single, double ni, he's very lowkey ni.😏😏.
MI has a good eye for vocals, Lorraine Chia has a unique sound.
7. +- (feat. Odunsi The Engine, Lady Donli)
@odunsitheengine was featured in #Rendezvous, in Lekki with @falzthebahdguy @ajebutter22.
@LadyDonli .
@MI_Abaga is making us know the future of the industry is in safe hands with these features of talented musicians.
"If I gotta dream then it's gonna happen, ain't nobody blocking, ain't nobody stopping, I remember back when MI started rapping, These niggas brought they popcorn out so they can watch it flop"...back then people expected him to fail , joke's on them now
"and anytime I try to picture a better picture for me and my niggas these haters they be steady cropping", pun!
"Y’all niggas gifted with that photoshopping", lol
"I don’t know nothing bout that I be really shopping..", he does the real shopping!! not photoshopping
"If I’m in Cali then I’m killing Cali", literally balling in California, also may be pun on a lot of killings that have taken place in California this year.
"Till typically even Cali critics will be feeling M.I critically", rhyme on cali, nice!"
"Get it honey, show yourself like you’re a playboy bunny", A Playboy Bunny is a waitress at a Playboy Club.
"They look up to me, I know they look up to me, woah!" @odunsitheengine with the mad flow, cool!
"Why you dey hate like anti-christ o
Wicked person dey kiss the bible too"
"I know so many niggas repetitive with that competitive shit, my nigga let me live", @MI_Abaga apparently says he's not a fan of competition.
"When you spill your feelings is your pocket filling? Does it give you millions? If it does, keep on spilling nigga"
Does your gossiping earn you money, if yes, kontinew!!
"Uh, keep that shit away from me though" you don hear??
"Tryna give you the keys you peephole", don't stress yourself peeping through the door, have to the keys.
"Don’t like the flow skip to the next song", straight up..
I like this chorus😍😍.
Lady Donli : "Don’t feel your energy
Don’t feel your spirit
Vibes ain’t got synergy"
"Minus your negative
Only positive vibes"
“you’re not as good as you were before, what happened?”
Therapist says it's a protégé's way of feeling good about themselves.
Don't let it get to you.
Quality Song
8. I Believe In You, You should too, Believe in You
"I am the dopest rapper rapping, you can’t tell me nothing whether they applauding lording or they clapping whether they are caught in cap or dapping
If they front I’ll stump without their backing yea"
I like delivery
"I don’t know Pusha T but if he ever heard about me then he should be honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as an African myth, a legend, living king of the mic now shouldn’t he?"@MI_Abaga I have to disagree here, Pusha T is dope asf too, He's been in the game since 1992,😇
...but f*ck people for the comparison though. His chorus was sampled in Numbers, illegal music 3, so you know him.😏😁😁
"...As king to B.I.G, Pac, Em and Jay-Z", Okay, @MI_Abaga I agree on this one, you are legendary too.
"Fire in my heart, alka-seltzer please.." alka-seltzer (Sodium bicarbonate) is drug used to treat heartburn."
"Cause once my self-esteem was low as low can be, then I caught the glimpse of older me", he had a very low self-esteem once but bounced back when he realised how great he could be in the future.
"They don’t want to see it(ashad), ask DJ Khaled", homophone with DJ Khaled's son's name. Well played.
Epilogue : “you don’t love me anymore.”
And that… that can be a moment of terrible process for children...
"..and you’re busy trying to reclaim the attention and reclaim that I am important, I am lovable and I’m not on the edge and I haven’t been abandoned
It’s… it often sets up a deep emotion hunger inside one (hmm) that you live with for the rest of your life sometimes.
9. The Self Evaluation of Yxng Dxnzl (feat. Niyola)
@iAmNiyola .

Starts with a call from his mother,
@MI_Abaga : "All I want to do is drink, fuck
Smoke, chill, party all day still
I can be the worst nigga sometimes", what his mom warned him against..
"I've got some shit that I've been hiding", what could that be?
"I've been battling a deep depression", we all our demons, @MI_Abaga is no different,
"I've alone with all of my money
And all my possessions" damn...
(It's crazy) I know that I'm plenty blessed
I'm carrying emptiness
I use each moment of happiness
To cover my sentiments (wow)
My nigga saw me the other day inside an empty benz
(M my nigga you good?)
He like you good? I was like
deep lines, bro
"Let's run away from here
Responsibilities is killing me
And I'm so unprepared
Everybody wants my help
They think I've got enough to share" one of the quick ways to avoid responsibility is to run far, @MI_Abaga considers it as an option here too
"I've been struggling for motivation",
"Lately I've been acting strong
But I've been at my weakest", depression is real, and most people; especially celebrities do not talk about it. Thanks @MI_Abaga .
10. Love Never Fails But Where There Are Prophecies Love Will Cease To Remain (feat. Tay Iwar PatrickxxxLee)
Last but not the least,
He features @TayIwar again, nigga's on the first and last track🔥🔥🔥.
"Love never fails but where there are prophecies love will cease to remain,
and wherever there are tongues, let them speak with the voice,
let them heed to the voices of the people down below, underneath, or the dirt
no time to reverse, so savvy..", smooth progression
she wants to kill herself
she doesn't feel the self
her doctors gave her more pills
Guy don break through her shell
He don open a hole
set som light in her soul
she thinks the doctors are dope
pills just made her feel no
She scared to talk to her pple,
tel 'em how much she leaps
"..Her mom ran to her pastor, her pastor gave her long speech,
she nods and agrees, inside she already knows,
they pray in heart that it goes
instead the sadness just grows..."
Sad story of a girl struggling with depression, typical African parent assumes it is spiritual...
The outro talks about refusing to change for anyone and embracing who you really are...
Quality top notch album from @MI_Abaga , I can relate with a lot of the lyrics too, plus I like the fact that metaphors were kept to a minimum so that everybody could understand clearly the message he's passing across.
Now, let's play all over again.
Gonna do Tabatha Sprinting and Jogging with #YxngDxnzl album playing next week. Let's see if I can run for 40 minutes.
Thank you for going through this thread, spent all day doing this. Really fun.😁.
Please, if you were featured on this album, drop the links to your SoundCloud and @Apple Music. Thanks, Y'all sound dope fr.
@threadreaderapp unroll please.

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