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As the walls close in around Trump and his culture of corruption is exposed, more people will try to distract you with lies.

They’ll shout desperately “look over there!” and argue that you should accept criminality because he’s “shaking things up.”

It’s utter nonsense. 1/
The truth is that Trump isn’t “sticking it to the elites,” he’s shoveling money into their pockets.

Big banks, pharmaceutical giants, CEOs, Wall Street firms, and the wealthiest 1% are making out like bandits under Trump. They couldn’t be happier. 2/
This is *intentional*

When Trump touts “tax cuts” and “deregulation,” he’s bragging about weakening protections for public health and economic safety to make rich people richer.

It comes with a price: high deficits. They want to pay for it with Medicaid and Medicare cuts. 3/
Trump says it’s to help creating jobs. That isn’t true.

US government statistics say Obama created more jobs in his final 16 months than Trump did in his first 16.

The attacks on clean air and water, the tax cuts for corporations — they didn’t lead to higher job growth. 4/
Trump didn’t “blow up the system,” he did what DC insiders and special interests wanted: cut taxes for the rich and remove regulations on industry.

It didn’t help workers at all.

US government statistics say wages are actually down for many compared to 12 months ago. 5/
Meanwhile American workers’ wages just aren’t going as far. The costs of health care, prescription drugs, childcare, and education are rising sharply.

Trump’s cabinet of corruption is taking actions that make these increases worse even as he cuts taxes on the wealthy. 6/
It gets worse.

Trump is making threatening jobs and small businesses with his tariffs. Trade wars are not “easy to win,” but they will drive up prices for food and basic goods that Americans need. 7/
Trump IS upsetting lots of people- everyone who wants their president to protect American values and avoid surrounding himself with criminals.

All of it is enabled by the GOP-led rubber stamp Congress. You don't have to settle for this. #ABetterDeal #ForThePeople 8/8

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Sep 28, 2018
Trump Administration has again taken American leadership a step backward since it announced an historically low refugee cap for FY19. It is mandated that they consult Congress before they announced this. They did not.

My colleagues and I are pushing back.
Last week, the Trump Administration made an announcement that the refugee cap for FY19 would be set at 30,000, a dramatic cut from the previous historic low of 45,000 of FY18.…
This cannot go unnoticed...

Trump's resettlement rate is currently the lowest in program history. He's also claiming that the Admin cannot address the asylum backlog while maintaining a strong refugee admissions level.

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Sep 10, 2018
Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

One of the most important things we can do to fight the growing epidemic of suicide in America is talk about it. We have a really bad problem that is getting worse quickly, but we can't help people if we ignore their problems. 1/
First a few notes on the problem, and what we've learned in recent months.

A new CDC shows that the incidence of suicide in the US has risen sharply, by about 30% over the past two decades. 2/…
In addition to veterans, more new groups are also starting to show heightened suicide risk:
- Young women…
- Black children…
- Farmers…
Most of us probably know someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts. 3/
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Sep 6, 2018
For weeks Senate Republicans refused to release thousands of documents written by Brett Kavanaugh to the public.

In one secret document, Kavanaugh said he thinks Roe v. Wade could be overturned, despite having said it was "settled law" yesterday.

This is what they're hiding. 1/
They made up new rules to assign a "committee confidential" label, without precedent, to documents that reveal Kavanaugh's beliefs on matters he would rule on during his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

They are deliberately hiding important and revealing writings. 2/
Senate Republicans are rushing this nomination while hiding key facts from the public.

They cite the Presidential Records Act as justification for their unprecedented secrecy, though they have ignored numerous violations of that Act by the President. 3/…
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Aug 29, 2018
The @USGSA Inspector General just put out a report on what may be one of Trump's most blatantly corrupt actions in office.

That investigation, into why the Administration scuttled plans for a new FBI headquarters, also revealed what looks like a cover-up by the White House. 1/
Background: for over a decade officials have warned that the FBI headquarters was structurally deficient.

The effort to move the FBI to a new building has taken years, thousands of staff hours, and millions of taxpayer dollars. It was nearly there. 2/…
Then, last year, the Trump Administration suddenly and inexplicably threw all of that work out the window, and cancelled the plans.

At the time, they offered no alternate proposal, but said one would follow. 3/…
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Aug 21, 2018
President Trump and Acting EPA head Andrew Wheeler just teamed up with their friends in the fossil fuel industry to release a Dirty Power Plan that would open the floodgates to more carbon pollution across the country.

It is dangerous for all of us. Here's why: 1/
For a decade the EPA has regulated greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act following its "endangerment finding" that carbon pollution and other emissions represent a threat to Americans.

Trump never withdrew this finding, which still stands, binding the EPA to act. 2/
The Dirty Power Plan just issued by Trump and Wheeler will enormously weaken the US government response to something the US government still says is an active threat to our health and the planet. On purpose. 3/…
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Aug 9, 2018
There's been so much corruption, waste, and incompetence in the Trump Administration lately that it's hard to keep track of it all.

Rather than do anything about it, the Republicans who control Congress cover it up or even indulge in corruption themselves.

Consider... <thread>
A Secretary of Commerce accuse of "grifting" millions of dollars from business partners.
A Secretary of Education who is avoiding taxes by registering her families $40 million yacht in the Cayman Islands, all while making it harder for American students to pay for a college education.
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