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The ***’* Weapon is Money, His Idol is Gold
"The methods and means of the *** are superstition, starvation, assassination, terror, and the rule of usury, his goal is world domination, and beyond world domination, as Adolf Hitler said, the destruction of the world.
"We Germans learned enough about starvation as a result of the blockade during the last war. Assassination caused the First World War, and #terror is the method that is supposed to force Germany to the ground in this world war.
"History, above all English colonial history, provides hundreds and thousands of examples of this ***ish-Puritan mentality.
"It is enough simply to mention these methods to recall the whole reprehensible ***ish mentality. But I do wish to say more about the world domination of gold.
The whole liberal economic order is based on gold, and the *** has masterfully understood how to give gold an almost mystic power.
"Gold has had absolute power over humanity and its peoples ever since the days of the “Golden Calf” and the golden treasures of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.
"The absolute dominance of gold was so strong that people no longer dared to resist it. People accepted as a God-given truth that gold was the measure of all values and of everything.
"But, one asks, where does this view of gold really come from? Gold has only a modest significance for human life. One could almost say that human life would continue with no difficulty even in the absence of gold.
"As a metal, gold is much too soft to have any practical use. It is not hard like other metals. One cannot use it to build bridges, buildings, or machines, nor to build weapons.
"The fact that it does not oxidize says little in terms of value, for it is surpassed in this regard by platinum. The actual ability of gold to meet human needs is zero. Despite that fact, gold has been able to dominate the world over the centuries and millennia!
"The value of gold is completely artificial, a pseudo-value, that can only be understood as an enormous swindle and deceit on the part of the ***. The dominance of gold is founded on the lies of the ***. Gold is the ***'* weapon.
"The truth of this claim by us National Socialists is shown by the fact that several **** in the Rothschild Bank set the price of gold each day.
"They are the proprietors of the following banking houses:

N.M. Rothschild and Sons,
Marcus Samuel & Co.,
Samuel Montagu and Co.,
Saemy Japhet and Co.,
Mocatta & Goldsmid (official agents of the Bank of England for gold and silver bars)
"The insanity of this ***ish dealing is shown by the statement of a German economic leader to an American business friend.
"This American could not understand how National Socialist Germany had maintained not only a stable currency, but also built a flourishing economy out of economic chaos, all without any gold reserves.
"And now, it dared wage war on England and France, the guardians of gold, without any vast war chest of gold.
"The German industrialist, a well-known economic leader, answered the American in this way:
"I have been told that the American left with a very thoughtful expression on his face.
"Jewry has persuaded the peoples of the earth to accept this bluff, this swindle, and has built a whole system of lies and fraud.
"Their goal is to establish and defend the rule of the **** over human beings and peoples. As long as the peoples of the earth believe in this swindle, the five ***ish bankers named above are the real lords of the earth.
"All the other so-called leaders of the peoples, all the kings and emperors, all the parliaments and democracies, all the economies and classes, are only pieces on the chessboard of these gold and money lords.
"Since the churches and sciences have also bowed down to this rule of gold over the years, they also are not free of Jewry and its devilish system. They all dance around the Jewish golden calf. Gold is their idol, and the meaning of their earthly life.
"We recently read the news that the House of Rothschild has organized a consortium of banks to finance the war supplies flowing from the United to States to England and France.
"This was a brief announcement, easy to overlook. However, it revealed the deepest and truest meaning of this struggle:
"This fact shows clearly how seriously Jewry takes the situation and the prospects of this war.

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Oct 6, 2018
CHAPTER I: The Programme of Christ and the Plans of Satan:
(i) Church and State;
(ii) The Indirect Power of the Church;
(iii) Marriage;
(iv) Education;
(v) Private Property;
(vi) Monetary System;
(vii) Submission to the Blessed Trinity with Christ in Holy Mass.
Our Lord’s Programme for Order versus Satan’s Plans for Disorder may be outlined as follows:

SIXTHLY (Monetary System)
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Oct 5, 2018
As a Catechumen I'm going to have to lay off the frontal attack of our (((enemies))), & BTW, (((they))) are not the only enemies of the Catholic Church. We are wise to anti-Christians, and it is a battle between good & evil, but FIRST I must learn to be a good, faithful Catholic.
Obv, this will be a challenge for me. Humility & passivity are not my strengths. But today, in talking w/my Catechist, a Priest, I learned that Europe was headed for its fall, long before (((Bolshevism))). Protestantism was the beginning -- and it hasn't helped USA, either.
Protestants are a proud people. My own fam, Scottish Presbyterians, go all the way back to the 1500s - & they came to America at that time. But I see that Protestantism was an ill-fated, wrong turn. And Europeans' degeneracy isn't all the Jews' fault. We have our own faults.
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Oct 5, 2018
"Yahweh told Cain He would put a mark on him so the people would recognize him and not kill him. Just what was that mark? A tattoo? Long before any mysterious mark could possibly be identified, Cain would have been killed. And it wouldn't pass down to his children.
"Yahweh had to put this mark where it was the first thing others would see, He put it in the exact geometrical center of Cain's face. The mark of Cain is the hook-shaped nose they have borne ever since, as the sculptured monuments of the ancient empires show."
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Sep 29, 2018
Book of Mulling: Saint John Evangelist
late 7th Century, Fol. 193
**Book of Kells
**Temptation of Christ 202v
*Book of Kells
*Arrest of Christ 114v
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Sep 29, 2018
"We often hear that the Catholic Church has forbidden the reading of the Bible! This is another one of those big myths which has worked its way into the popular dialog but one that has not been proved from Church teaching and documents."
LATIN OR VERNACULAR BIBLES, WHICH WERE THE BEST ? defendingthebride.com/bb/vernacular.…

1. Catholics Are Accused of not allowing her members to read the Bible.
2. Albigensians
3. Geneva Bible
4. Tyndale's Bible
5. Martin Luther's Bible
6. Catholic Douay Rheims English Bible

"The Geneva Bible (1560 AD) is also known by its popular nickname, "THE BREECHES BIBLE," because of the translation of Genesis 3:7 '...and they sewed figge tree leaves together, and made themselves breeches.'
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Sep 29, 2018
You have to understand -- we're conditioned. brainwashed over generations -- most of the history, science, culture and religion we're raised to DEFEND has only a kernel of truth and the rest is lies & propaganda that suits our ENEMIES -- Zionists, Jews, Communists.
I was taught terrible things about the Catholic Church and its history. And I accepted everything I was told without question. Same with WWII. I believed ALL of it. Why weren't we taught that the majority of our founders weren't Christian at all, but Freemasons, "Deists".
Why do Protestants need 33,000 denominations? Really? 33K? That's necessary under one religion called Christianity? Really? Why are Jews running our country? What about Zionism and inserting itself into Protestantism. Protestants were rolled. By the Jews. Face up.
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