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So liberals & the deep State are calling for the impeachment of the President after they illegally spied on him & framed him on a fake Russia investigation. After no evidence they go after people around him for decade old crimes. Is this still America? This is a travesty.
It is important that we not only vote this November, but we must get involved by volunteering to knock on doors, tell friends & family to #VoteRed. The future of America hinges on this one election. I can not stress it’s importance enough. Please Vote, Get involved & PRAY
If Dems win the house like rabid dogs, they will impeach our President. They will block his every move to restore peace & prosperity to this nation & make sure his 2020 election is dead on arrival. Big Tech will shut down all conservatives speech & the country will be lost #Vote

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Oct 6, 2018
1. Fellow Americans, the Trump election has forced the left to reveal to all who they really are; far left communist. They do not believe in elections, free speech, free markets, rule of law... they believe in violence, intimidation and any means necessary to gain power.
2. If these far left communists who are now the mainstream of the Dem Party, ever have full power, we have no future as free people. If you think I’m exaggerating, you haven’t been paying attention. We have witnessed how far they will go for the raw power they desperately want.
If they ever gain full power, they will open the borders for millions of dependent illegal immigrants who they use for votes. If this happens no other Republican or Conservative will be able to win any elections. America will be reduced to a one party socialist/communist county
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Sep 30, 2018
The left thinks getting rid of Trump will end the National rebellion against their tyranny. They don’t understand that Trump just came in riding the tsunami wave that was already there. They can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. The Awakening is here...
The more they censor & try to shut down conservative voices, the more people wake up & realize how dark the future looks if these totalitarians take over. They hate free speech, they hate freedom. They want full control of every aspect of your life even your very words &thoughts.
They have operated under the radar for 50 years taking control of every institution of influence; academia, media, art, entertainment, politics.. without really showing their true intentions. Trump has forced them to reveal their True colors as authoritarian socialists/communists
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Sep 27, 2018
Bob Hartley, a prophet who prophecied the election of Trump back in 2015 is now prophesying that Brett K. Will be refused & President Trump will pick devout Christian Amy Coney Barrett. He says Amy Coney Barrett will be the next Supreme Court Justice.
Bob Hartley prophecied Brett K. Would he refused on July 9th.. long before all the controversy. He also said President Trump would pick Amy Barret who will be confirmed. For this prophecy to come true, the GOP has to have held the house & the senate.
If this prophecy turns out to be True the left will have gone from a centrist conservatives to ultra conservative Amy Barret. That will be fun to watch
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Sep 8, 2018
This is the fate that awaits us If Dems win in Nov.
1. they will stop all investigations into Deep State Corruption.
2. They will use the fake Witch Hunt to remove the President
3. They will flood the country with voting illegal aliens & GOP will never with another election.
4. Big Tech will intensify their censorship & conservative speech will be shut down.
5. With all dissenting voices silenced & millions of illegals voting there will be no opposing them.
6. ICE & law inforcement will be removed.
7. Guns will be illegal, only criminals will have
If u think this is all far fetched u are not paying Attention.
Dem Party of JFK is gone taken over by far left radicals who hate free speech, are revising history, tearing down historic monuments, telling your kids there are 53 genders, destroy property, attacking conservatives
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Aug 26, 2018
I’m old enough to remember when in 2009 Liberals smeared John McCain as a Nazi & a racist like they do all Republicans Who run against them. Now all of sudden he is their hero??
Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.
2. Calling Trump a racist & a Nazi is nothing new. It has been the Democratic Party’s strategy call all Republicans “racist” in order to manipulate black people to vote for them as their saviors. This Strategy has worked well for 50+ years with 90+ % of Blacks voting for Dems
3. Dems need at least 93% of the black Vote to win elections. W/ more blks waking up to their Scam, the Democrats are scrambling for a new voting block of poor, govt. dependent voters they can manipulate, that’s why they want to flood the country w/ 3rd world illegal immigration
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Aug 23, 2018
1. Twitter has essentially silenced me. They locked me out of my original account now they have deployed an algorithm that keeps most of my 114K followers from seeing what I have to say. “liberals” in Silicon Valley have now decided my conservatives views are not allowed.
2. Twitter, Facebook & Google are now 21st Century Public squares. These monopolies now control over 90% of internet communication so they are not just “private companies” they positioned themselves as public forums (not publishers) open to all to received immunity from liability
For every 100 followers I gain, twitter unfollows 400+ of my followers for me. I have had many of my followers tell me they have had to follow me again & again. In the last month I have lost close to 3000 followers. The screen shot on the left was a month ago.. right pic is today
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