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A well-armed 2000-strong mob of fanatic Muslims roasted to death 59 Hindus including 25 women & 15 children in #Godhra on 27 Feb 2002 at 8 am #Godhra was well-known for riots since 1927. Muslim magazine Milli Gazette also reported these incidents… (1)
27 Feb 2002 train burning was not d last fanatic act by Muslims in #Godhra On 13 Mar 2002 a mob again attacked Hindus in Godhra… In Sept 2003 Ganesh idol immersion saw stone pelting & conflicts between Hindus & Muslims in #Godhra… (2)
What a 16 year old girl Gayatri Panchal who survived the barbaric #Godhra attack said on the ferocity of the horrific massacre:… #Godhra She saw her parents and 2 sisters being burnt alive infront of her eyes, & remained in shock for many days. (3)
27 Feb 2002 train burning was neither the first, nor the last time that Godhra saw fanaticism. Read to know full truth… Riots had taken place in Godhra in 1925, 1928, 1946, 1948, 1950, 1953, 1965, 1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 (4)
Even THIS deadly massacre was not enough to melt the heart of anti-Hindu media which continued VHP bashing & insulted dead karsewaks. Insult of dead karsewaks, defense of inhuman barbaric killers of Godhra by media-politicians troubled the conscience of one of them #Godhra (5)
He was @virsanghvi . He wrote how media-politicians were de-humanizing poor killed karsewaks on 28 Feb 2002… #Godhra He said: "We shy away from the truth-that some Muslims committed an act that is indefensible- and resort to blaming the victims" (6)
WARNING: Gruesome pictures. Even these horrific killings weren't enough to melt hearts of media-politicians & Leftist 'secularists'… who rubbed salt in wounds of the people after #Godhra Even today, they won't accept Godhra was a planned massacre (7)
In 1928 in #Godhra there was murder of P.M. Shah, a leading local representative of Hindus by Muslims which Gandhiji mentioned too(CW Vol 43, pp 81-82) In 1946 Sadva Hazi & Chudighar,Muslim leaders were responsible for attack on a Parsi Solapuri Fozdar during riots in #Godhra (8)
In 1948 Sadva Hazi conspired an attack on District Collector Pimputkar in #Godhra but his bodyguard saved him at cost of his own life. On 24 March 1948, one Hindu was stabbed to death near a mosque in #Godhra Around 2000 houses of Hindus were burnt, besides Hindu temples (9)
District Collector Pimputkar could save the remaining areas belonging to Hindus by imposing curfew, which lasted for six months #Godhra Nanavati Commission said on 1948 #Godhra : "Initially, Muslims had burnt 869 Hindu houses. Thereafter, Hindus burnt 3071 Muslim houses” (10)
In 1965 shops belonging to Hindus were set ablaze near police chowki No. 7 by throwing incendiary material by Muslims in #Godhra PSI of this police chowki No. 7, which was near the Railway Station, was also attacked by Muslim fanatics in #Godhra in 1965 (11)
In 1980 an attack was made on Hindus on 29 Oct which started from Bus Station of #Godhra by Muslim miscreants involved in anti-social acts. 5 Hindus including 2 children of 5 & 7 years age were BURNT ALIVE. A Gurudwara was set on fire, in Shikari Chal in #Godhra in Oct 1980 (12)
In this violence of 1980, as many as 40 shops of Hindus were also set on fire in station area in #Godhra Due to these riots, Godhra was under curfew for ONE YEAR in 1980-81 which severely affected business and industries. (13)
On 20 Nov 1990, four Hindu teachers, including 2 women were cut into pieces by radicals in Saifia Madarsa in #Godhra in front of children. Similar to how BJYM's K Jayakrishnan was killed by CPM cadres on 1 Dec 1999 in classroom in front of tiny tots he was teaching. (14)
In Nov 1990, one Hindu tailor was also stabbed to death in that area (Vhorvada, where 4 teachers including 2 women were cut into pieces infront of children) in #Godhra All this was done allegedly at instance of local Muslim MLA who belonged to the Congress Party (15)
More than 100 houses belonging to the Hindus were set on fire near the Railway Station in #Godhra in 1992 to snatch away this area from Hindus. This area in 2002 was lying vacant as most of the Hindu families had shifted elsewhere. (16)
On 27 Feb 02 #Godhra attackers planned to set whole train afire but it was 4 hrs late & they couldn't take advantage of darkness of night. Above details of #Godhra (except the 2003 stone pelting) are also mentioned by Muslim magazine Milli Gazette… (17)
Nanavati Commision said:"Communal riots took place in #Godhra in years 1925, 1928, 1946, 1948, 1950, 1953, 1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 & 1992." Even The Indian Express of 14 December 2012 mentioned some of these incidents of #Godhra… (18)
Gandhiji had also written about Muslim communalism in #Godhra in Young India 11 Oct 1928 [CW Vol 43, pp 81-82]… Gandhiji's article shows Muslims were ever aggressive against Hindus in Godhra. They would insult women, grab bags of rice without paying. (19)
People from all over India went to Ayodhya, participated in the Purnahuti Yagya there & returned home from mid-February to 27 Feb 2002. A trainload of such people called ‘karsevaks’ or ‘Ramsevaks’ were returning to Ahmedabad from Ayodhya on 27 Feb 2002 #Godhra (20)
Train was supposed to reach Ahmedabad early morning. It was 4 hours late, supposed to reach #Godhra at 2:55 am but reached at 7:40 am. Shortly after train left #Godhra railway station at 7:48 am a mob stopped it. This was 500 mt away from the station, at Signal Falia area (21)
The train was not burnt at #Godhra Railway Station but at Signal Falia, densely Muslim area. Attackers cut vestible from side coach S-7. Attackers entered S6, set it afire from inside and then went out again. Mob was armed with petrol bombs, acid bombs and swords #Godhra (22)
Attackers poured petrol inside S6 then set it afire. 2000 people surrounded the train to prevent karsevaks from running away in #Godhra 59 karsevaks died. Bodies were charred horrifically. Victims included 25 women,15 children, including toddlers & old aged 65+ #Godhra (23)
Panchal sisters who lost their parents and 2 sisters in #Godhra were suffering #Godhra shocks even 1 year later… #Godhra was by no means an act of sudden eruption of violence or really terrorism. It was barbarism. In terrorism, pain is momentary (24)
In Feb 2003, a Muslim accused CONFESSED IN COURT that #Godhra killings were a WELL PLANNED CONSPIRACY… The JUDICIAL CONFESSION was conclusive evidence in #Godhra but media suppressed it, didn't inform people about it lest bitter truth be out (25)
'Secularists' couldn't blame Muslims for #Godhra So they insulted dead Ramsewaks & accused them of 'provocation' like not paying for tea. Gujarat Cong chief Chaudhary blamed Ramsewaks for #Godhra on 27 Feb night when he came on TV, accused them of not paying for tea & snacks (27)
'Secularists' spread horrible lies on imaginary provocations on #Godhra such as kidnapping of a Muslim girl by karsevaks at station etc. Despite knowing fully well that #Godhra was well-planned conspiracy, 'secularists' forcibly did seeking of provocations to blame victims (28)
Reason for that was inability to blame Muslims for #Godhra As Sanghvi said, they shied away from truth, wanted to paint Muslims as victims. Some weeks later, they started denying Muslims did #Godhra at all! Spread lies that it was accidental fire, or VHP-BJP killed karsewaks!(29)
As a clear example of this negation-refusal to accept that Muslims did #Godhra see this… HT article of Feb 2017. This article refused to blame Muslims even 15 years after #Godhra even after their conviction. Tried to call Godhra as a 'mystery'! (30)
Even Kuldip Nayar known for his extreme anti-RSS & pro-Muslim views, once wrote on 3 April 2002 that #Godhra attack was 'a well-planned one, otherwise, it is not possible for a mob of 500 carrying petrol & kerosene to assemble in 3 minutes...'… (31)
To understand Godhra fully read… & this v imp article of 2011 written after convictions… When Nanavati Commission said in its report in 2008 that #Godhra was pre-planned, pseudos wouldn't relent & continued to deny the truth (32)
Imaginary 'provocations' for #Godhra were all self-contradictory like "shouting slogans", "not paying for tea", "Kidnapping a girl" etc. As Vir Sanghvi says, it is impossible for 2,000 people to quickly assemble at 7:45 AM having got petrol bombs and acid bombs in #Godhra (33)
But secularists kept blaming dead Ramsewaks after #Godhra To use a metaphor,they kicked the dead dog & kept a safe distance from the mad dog. Political leaders of Congress, RJD, SP, Left etc alleged VHP killed its own kar sevaks in #Godhra to trigger an anti-Muslim wave (34)
Politicians cannot be expected to change, they have large vote-bank considerations but the media should have known better on #Godhra This media defended Lalu when he whitewashed heinous crime of Godhra killers in 2005 through his illegal Banerjee Committee. Cong too same. (35)
#Godhra has not been raised properly by the Sangh Parivar. Hindu masses must be made to realise that tomorrow if 59 of them, or their wives, children & relatives are roasted by Muslims, 'secularists' will use every trick in the book to let killers go free, like in #Godhra (36)
Even after HC convicting 31 for #Godhra no 'secular media' is coming out to tell truth, blame the attackers (Muslims) instead of victims. Nobody apologised for lying & making inhuman allegations first on dead kar sevaks, & then on BJP/ RSS/ VHP & Narendra Modi for #Godhra (37)
Today [27 August 2018] 2 more Muslims have been convicted for #Godhra Even now, Congress, Lalu, Left, SP etc will not blame Muslims for Godhra. Top Congress leaders of Godhra have been among those CONVICTED by court. Corner Rahul Gandhi on #Godhra, ask him to speak on it. (38)
When Banerjee Committee gave report in Jan 2005 calling #Godhra an 'accident', Lalu campaigned in Bihar saying "BJP-RSS men killed 59 in #Godhra said Muslims did it." @INCIndia fully defended the report & attacked BJP for opposing it. Anand Sharma, Singhvi were in forefront (39)
#Godhra shows no act from any Muslim, including roasting children to coal will make 'secularists' blame Muslims for any communal act. Whether Muslims attack VHP or RSS office in Chennai or whether Hindus kill Muslims, media will always blame Sangh Parivar like in #Godhra (40)
Today 2 more were convicted, & 3 acquitted. Outrage should be on acquittal of 63 accused earlier & 3 today (like after Best Bakery case) & no death for 31 #Godhra convicts earlier and 2 today. Deserved death! Media of course, silent, no demand for death for THIS crime! (41)
Read our full book "Gujarat Riots: The True Story" to know the full truth not only of #Godhra also post-Godhra… Also available in Marathi… and here… (42)
After Godhra, initially many accepted that Muslims did it. Even then Congress leader S S Vaghela (who later often alleged Godhra was done by BJP-VHP) said so on 12 April 2002. He said: “It was a horrible action by the minority (community) of Godhra."… (43)
Initially, even Outlook said #Godhra was planned [though it changed later].It said: "That there was an element of planning involved [in #Godhra] is clearly evident...mob arming itself with acid bulbs & petrol cans at such short notice was impossible."… (44)
Even UNI reported on 8 March 2002: "That the survivors of the February 27 Sabarmati Express blaze at #Godhra are a bitter lot will be an understatement. Few politicians, human rights activists or media persons have had a kind word for them."… (45)
Times of India reported one year later that "Ghost of Godhra still haunts them" i.e. Godhra victims. 85-year-old Girishchandra Raval's wife died in Godhra & 45-yr son in riots later. 16-yr Gayatri Panchal & sisters would cry even 1 year later… (46)
Even the anti-Hindu BBC wrote initially that Muslims burnt the train in #Godhra. It said:"Shocked survivors of the train attack are trying to come to terms with what happened...A stone-throwing mob attacked the train, leaving over 50 people dead..."… (47)
On 12 March 2002, Indian Express quoted a Godhra survivor, 30-year Patel as saying that a mob of 2000 was ready & waiting in Godhra. He said: "A man must have pulled the chain & the train stopped in a place which had a 2,000-odd mob waiting for us."… (48)
Fox News said: "A Muslim mob set fire to a train carrying Hindu nationalists home from a disputed religious site, killing at least 57 people, officials said. PM A B Vajpayee appealed to Hindu nationalists not to retaliate for the train attack."… (49)
Hindustan Times reported on 11 March 2002 that Railway Police Force said that 'Provocative appeals made over loud speaker from a local mosque surcharged the atmosphere to a great extent when the Sabarmati Express was attacked at Godhra Railway station on February 27.' (50)
India Today (18-03-2002) gave a report on #Godhra which said: "There are several pointers to suggest that Haji Bilal and others had planned the incident." Haji Bilal was a known Congress leader, & given DEATH in 2011, later converted to lifer in 2017… (51)
Mid Day reported on 6 May 02 that Secretary of banned SIMI Noman Badra admitted involvement of SIMI in the #Godhra carnage. He also admitted that many activists of SIMI are involved in distributing inflammable pro-Pakistani & anti-national literature… (52)
Zabir Behra CONFESSED TO COURT that he was involved in #Godhra, besides burning the coach, Behra confessed to removing ornaments & valuables of passengers, when the mob attacked the train, confirming 16-year survivor Gayatri's statement saying same… (53)
See @virsanghvi's statement: “We are programmed to see Hindu-Muslim relations in the simplistic terms: Hindus provoke, Muslims suffer.” This is the biggest admission of pseudo-secularism from Sanghvi, not just for himself, but also for his entire fellow 'secularists' (54)
When anyone views any happenings in ONE way, i.e. one suffers & other provokes it shows his prejudice. Irrespective of whether a VHP member thrashes a Muslim or whether Muslims burn alive trainload of Hindus, 'seculars' will bash VHP & hold it responsible for all troubles! (55)
Similar was said by Congress leader, K M Munshi (1887-1971): “If every time there is an inter-communal conflict, the majority is blamed regardless of the merits of the question… the springs of traditional tolerance will dry up.”[Pilgrimage to Freedom by K.M. Munshi, p 312] (56)
K M Munshiji also wrote in "Pilgrimage to Freedom" on same page 312: “While the majority exercises patience and tolerance, the minorities should learn to adjust themselves to the majority. Otherwise the future is uncertain and an explosion cannot be avoided”. (57)
Almost all the Indian media rationalized Godhra. After rationalizing Godhra, they added that they are by not ‘justifying’ it (for token). All of them did not justify Godhra. But there is absolutely no doubt that they rationalized Godhra & some of them partially justified it (58)
After #Godhra some said it that karsevaks shouted anti-Muslim slogans, others that they taunted & harassed Muslim passengers. This too is completely wrong, there is not an iota of evidence to support this. Despite this, TV channels & most of print media concocted such myths (59)
This was only the detailed part of 'provocations'. Most of them treated #Godhra as a response to VHP’s Ram temple agitation. Ayodhya movement itself was held as a provocation. HT carried a front-page headline on #Godhra on 28 Feb 2002 titled “Gujarat Hit by Ayodhya Backlash”(60)
Hindustan Times thus held Ayodhya movement to be biggest cause of #Godhra massacre. So much so that the headline ignored the massacre. HT did not even bother to have the headline like: “58 karsevaks burnt to death in a ghastly attack in #Godhra” or something of the sort. (61)
Periodicals like India Today, The Week, Outlook & Frontline also published stark lies on #Godhra by concocting imaginary provocations such as altercations between karsevaks & Muslim tea-vendors on the station, or kidnapping of a Muslim girl, or any number of imaginary tales.(62)
The Hindu said on 1 Mar 02: "(#Godhra is) direct consequence of VHP’s provocative campaign for construction of a Ram cannot but pinpoint harsh reality that events such as horror of Godhra were tragically predictable as a result of communal campaign of VHP..."(63)
The rest of the editorial of The Hindu dated 1 March 2002 is full of Sangh Parivar-bashing, [AFTER Godhra] and alleges that that Advani’s 1990 Rath Yatra saw communal disturbance all along its route.… [In reality, Advani's 1990 Rath Yatra was peaceful] (64)
Headline in Times of India dated 28 Feb 2002 was on #Godhra. Writer of this report, Sajjad Shaikh wrote “Karsevaks in the train misbehaved with some washerwomen of Signal Falia”. SLANDER of innocent #Godhra victims, including 25 women & 15 children!… (65)
He also wrote: “Rumour of an attack on a religious place in Dahod” as one of the reasons for #Godhra. This primary lead news report focused BLAME ON KARSEWAKS from initial stages & did not reveal how train was stopped at Signal Falia where an armed mob of 1000+ was waiting (66)
In Times of India of 1 Mar 2002, Siddhartha Varadarajan wrote, “While official enquiry will establish the extent to which #Godhra was pre-meditated, there can be no doubt about the planned nature of the violence directed against Gujarat’s Muslims on Thursday (28 Feb 02)”. (67)
What had been a heinous & well-planned crime in #Godhra was not called pre-meditated, he said 'official enquiry will decide', while what had clearly been a spontaneous reaction to #Godhra was called by Varadarajan writing in Times of India as a ‘pre-planned’ one! (68)
Varadarajan's report was carried in ToI just two days after #Godhra The gruesome murders of karsevaks was mentioned only once in the report & rest of the report was full of gory descriptions of how Muslims were being brutally killed in the aftermath.… (69)
Even if karsevaks had indeed misbehaved with anyone, or refused to pay for tea and snacks,(all charges are inconsistent & varying, which shows that the aim was to forcibly concoct ‘provocations’), still blame should not have been put on them, because no one insults the dead. (70)
But, in #Godhra even though the dead karsevaks did nothing, baseless and absolutely wrong allegations were made to blame the dead for their own death. Even if they had indulged in any sort of misbehavior, such a massacre and brutal roasting could not have been rationalized.(71)
Instead of blaming Muslims who roasted the train, media-politicians made slanderous charges on people who were not even alive to refute the charges. Those who died in a horrific, planned massacre were unfairly accused & blamed for something which they did not do in #Godhra (72)
A fake report was made by Kamal Mitra Chenoy, S.P.Shukla, K.S. Subramanian, Achin Vanaik in 2002, again lying on #Godhra, and also on post-Godhra… This report claimed that Ehsan Jafri's daughters were raped, while they were safe in USA during riots! (73)
After calling Godhra as 'planned' initially, Outlook changed. On 1 April 02, it said: "Godhra case meanwhile will remain a mystery....Clearly the incident is not an open & shut case of Muslims targeting karsevaks."… NEGATIONISM, not blaming Muslims! (74)
After #Godhra, editorials & reports generally blamed Hindus for provoking Muslims by wanting to build a temple in Ayodhya. The tone was: 'We told you that Hindu provocation in wanting to build a temple will lead to a Muslim backlash. So here it is. #Godhra is Hindus' fault.'(75)
HT editorial said:"Many innocent people have already died & more may suffer if Centre doesn't step in to stop insanity unleashed by VHP. Ever since this outfit of Hindu fanatics announced its plan to begin construction of the temple, it was known that trouble was brewing..." (76)
Washington Post said: "Teesta Setalvad said 'While I condemn today's gruesome attack, you cant pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not forget d provocation. These people were indulging in blatant & unlawful mobilisation to build a temple & deliberately provoke Muslims.'"(77)
Teesta was wrong. The killed 59 were returning from Ayodhya, not going there to forcibly build a temple. Rajeev Sriniwasan wrote a good article on 'Blaming the Hindu victim', on how media-politicians were blaming dead Hindus for #Godhra.… (78)
The late Amarsinh Chaudhary, the then Gujarat Cong chief, came on TV on 27 Feb 2002 & blamed Ramsevaks for ‘provoking’ #Godhra carnage. India Today (18-03-02) said:“…Gujarat PCC President, Amarsinh Chaudhary, accused Ramsevaks of provocation immediately after Godhra episode"(79)
Vir Sanghvi in his article in HT said, “Nearly every non-BJP leader, who appeared on TV on Wednesday (27 Feb 2002), treated #Godhra as a response to the Ayodhya movement.” Had media condemned #Godhra & blamed attackers instead of victims, riots could have been avoided. (80)
Article by Varsha Bhosle on 11 March 2002 nailed slander of dead #Godhra victims. Washington Post: "[Karsevaks] exposed themselves to other passengers. They pulled headscarves off Muslim women... They failed to pay for the tea and snacks..." PATHETIC… (81)
In Kathua case, some rallied in Jammu demanding CBI inquiry which would give justice to the girl. This demand was called by seculars as 'rallying in support of rapists & murderers'! In #Godhra, mainstream parties, Govt (UPA) & seculars defended killers, slandered victims. (82)
In Jan 2005, Lalu-appointed Banerjee committee called Godhra an 'accident' whitewashing heinous crime of Muslims.…
CPM,Congress staunchly defended findings of Banerjee Committee. This departmental committee was not a full-fledged Commission of Inquiry(83)
This diabolical fraud of Banerjee Committee (which was declared illegal by HC in 2006) was FULLY SUPPORTED by Left-liberal media. Tribune editorially fully supported calling #Godhra an 'accident' on 19 Jan 05. Lalu was never condemned once by media for this. Cong too defended(84)
Cong leaders @DrAMSinghvi & A Sharma staunchly supported Banerjee report & condemned BJP for opposing its findings! They are as much involved in supporting killers as Lalu. Lalu lied in Bihar rallies in Jan-Feb 2005: "BJP-RSS men killed 59 in Godhra, blamed Muslims for it." (85)
Banerjee report said #Godhra was an 'accident' not that 'BJP-RSS did it'. Saying 'BJP-RSS men killed 59 in #Godhra' was huge slander of victims,defense of heinous killers & inhumanity.Lalu was & is staunchly supported by 'seculars', with no outrage for THIS act! @mitalisaran (86)
#Godhra was justified by many of the foreign newspapers. The Independent(UK) insulted the dead kar sewaks and leveled baseless allegations, accused them of being drunk, kidnapping a girl etc. This report by Peter Popham published on 20 Mar 2002:… (87)
Negationist Ram Puniyani, who has tried to whitewash crimes of Mahmud Ghazni refused to say #Godhra was planned by Muslims even after CONVICTION of Muslims in 2011 & court saying it was planned… Godhra case was prosecuted by SC-appointed SIT too. (88)
In Oct 2007 Tehelka insulted the dead with LIES. It lied: "First Provocation: Karsevaks Clash with Muslim Vendors Second Provocation: Karsevaks Try to Abduct a Muslim Girl from Platform"… Lies by Tehelka. No abduction was attempted, SLANDER of victims (89)
Outlook refused to blame Muslims for #Godhra even after CONVICTION in 2011. Saba Naqvi tried to imply BJP-VHP did Godhra, saying they benefited. Refused to blame Muslims once. Cribbed over 63 acquitted spending years in jail, than at their acquittal… (90)
The fake self-appointed 'Report to the Nation' by S P Shukla, K Subramaniam, Kamal Chenoy & Achin Vanaik said in April 2002 #Godhra was not planned but spontaneous & blamed karsewaks for irritating Muslims & misbehaving throughout the journey… (91)
The Tribune editorially fully supported the barbaric findings of the departmental Lalu-sponsored Banerjee report on #Godhra on 19 Jan 2005.… So-called moderate Muslim Asghar Ali Engineer also did the same in Feb 2005.… Heinous! (92)
Even after the trial court convicted 31 Muslims for #Godhra , and said that it was a planned attack (by common sense), Kuldip Nayar refused to blame Muslims for it, or accept that it was planned (forgetting his own words of 3 April 2002). Horrible!… (93)
Not just refusing to state the truth on #Godhra, they have insulted, character-assassinated the killed 59 people, falsely accused them of 'kidnapping a girl', 'not paying for tea & snacks' and n number of fake, self-contradictory charges, eg. Outlook, The Week, Tehelka (94)
The world media outlets like New York Times have also been in the forefront to defend the barbaric killers of #Godhra, which occurred on 27 Feb 2002 and they even today call the Godhra incident as an 'accidental fire' citing Banerjee report, ignoring HC calling it illegal. (95)
In Jan 2005 Siddharth Varadarajan said in The Hindu: "Evidence does not support the pre-planned conspiracy theory of police in #Godhra...A Muslim girl was molested by karsewaks at #Godhra"… Whitewashing, ignored JUDICIAL CONFESSION, slandered victims! (96)
Varadarajan further tried to call a clear case like Godhra a 'mystery.' In The Hindu in August 2004 he tried all sorts of mental gymnastics to deny the truth. Said its a 'mystery' as to how the train caught fire! It was set afire. NEGATIONIST!… (97)
On 23 Aug 2004 he said that riots would have occurred even without Godhra! & "Godhra incident itself is so shrouded in mystery that it is almost as if d official narrative which emerged is an invented one"… Again-SLANDERING VICTIMS, defending killers(98)
Mukul Sinha claimed in Aug 04 at a seminar that #Godhra was an "an accident". Sharmila Tagore, Nandita Das, Indira Jaisingh, Nitya Ramakrishnan, Praful Bidwai & Rajdeep Sardesai were present when he made the claim, & none opposed him! NEGATIONISTS!… (99)
Khushwant Singh supported the claim of U C Banerjee and said it was an accident. Foreign newspapers like @nytimes even today say the same, though the HC convicted 31 Muslims for this in Oct 2017, & Banerjee Committee was held illegal by HC in 2006.… (100)
Even after conviction of 31 for Godhra, Congress gave a mute response ("No comments") even after the trial court & High Court judgments. Lawyer Prashant Bhushan defended the killers after their conviction in Feb 2011, said it was a "Wrong judgment!… (101)
Khushwant Singh wrote on 10 Dec 2005: “What was new was Justice Banerjee’s finding that the fire in the train at Godhra railway station was not caused by a Muslim mob from the outside but by mischievous elements from within the compartment."… Horror! (102)
Ram Punyani the eternal negationist again refused to blame Muslims for #Godhra in Feb 2005. Wrote a rejoinder to Ashok Malik in The Indian Express. Intellectual dishonesty at its full-no justice to the dead 59, open support of heinous killers! (103)
Since July 2002 Congress went to extent of accusing Sangh Parivar of having masterminded #Godhra, defending killers."The FSL report shows that someone inside the train set it on fire. No Muslim could have entered the compartment." said Cong's Vaghela… (104)
Frontline SLANDERED Godhra victims. It said: "...Before Godhra incident kar sevaks had been creating trouble on the trains to & from Ayodhya. They harassed, bullied and abused Muslim passengers, and forced them to say "Jai Shree Ram". Negationists!… (105)
Frontline said in 2003: "Yet, a year after #Godhra incident, how the S6 compartment of the train actually caught fire, killing 59 people, remains a mystery....accused karsewaks of trying to kidnap a girl"… Nanavati Commission found this charge fake! (106)
Sophia Sheikh was a Muslim girl (16 yrs old). Claim was made by Tehelka etc that she had been abducted by karsewaks at #Godhra. Nanavati Commission examined her found many loophopes in the story & said that she was parroting what was tutored to her few days after Godhra! (107)
Dione Bunsha wrote on 28 Feb 07: “Reason for #Godhra fire is still disputed. While Railway Ministry reports say it was an accident, the Gujarat police insist that it was a terrorist conspiracy". Banerjee Committee had been declared illegal. Dishonesty-not blaming Muslims! (108)… Similar attempt to create an unnecessary 'mystery' by The Week. Though it said at one place that 1000+ Muslims burnt the train in #Godhra it refused to straightforward call it a planned attack, & tried to find faults in the official narrative. (109)
Aditya Chakraborty in The Guradian(UK) refused to say Muslims burnt the train in #Godhra. He said: "On 27 Feb 2002, a train coach carrying Hindu pilgrims caught fire in Godhra. 58 people died." He lied a lot on riots (eg Bodies were 'paraded') too… (110)
Even in Feb 2011 Congress refused to comment on court verdict on Godhra convicting Muslims.… Swami Agnivesh said conviction was based on 'dubious evidence' thus defending heinous killers of Godhra AFTER their conviction!… (111)
N Jayaram wrote: “59 Hindu fanatics returning from Ayodhya died in a fire in a train at Godhra station in circumstances that have never been conclusively established..."… SLANDERS victims (calls them 'Fanatics') & refuses to say Muslims did Godhra! (112)
Jayaram further lies that 2000 Muslims were killed in the riots after Godhra. Just like him, Varadarajan, Bidwai & many others lied. Correct numbers are 790 Muslims & 254 Hindus after Godhra with 127 missing. Exaggeration on Muslim suffering, negationism on Hindu suffering! (113)
Rajdeep Sardesai also slandered #Godhra victims in Oct 2017 when he said that he feels #Godhra was not planned. Not planned means karsewaks 'provoked' the incident & it was spontaneous, which is slandering the victims & insulting the dead. Admit it-59 dead were innocent. (114)
On 27 Aug 2018, 2 more Muslims have been convicted. Corner Rahul Gandhi, Congress, RJD, TMC, and 'secularists' etc on this conviction. They will never ever blame Muslims for anything, including #Godhra & continue to blame victims, or accuse BJP-VHP of having done #Godhra! (115)
On #Godhra, mainstream parties & whole UPA like Lalu, Cong, Left, SP etc & entire 'secular' brigade did WORSE than slandering victims of #Nirbhaya or #Kathua & defending rapists & killers. Compare the outrage after Nirbhaya, Kathua & Godhra & real face of liberals is seen(116)
Most media outlets including @PTI_News are lying after yesterday's conviction of 2 more for #Godhra that post-Godhra riots were one-sided, 'mostly minority community people were killed'. A large number of Hindus were also killed EVEN AFTER Godhra. 790 Muslims & 254 Hindus (117)
Indian Express of 5 Mar 02 reported that top Cong leaders accused in #Godhra are: 1-Mehmud Kalota, convener Cong district minority cell 2- Salim Sheikh, district Youth Congress chief 3-Abdul Majid Ghantia, leader 4- Faroukh Bhana, secy district Cong 5- Haji Bilal, leader”(118)
Nos 3, 4 & 5 out of above have been CONVICTED & given life imprisonment.… No 2 , 3 & 15 in this list are Congress people. Out of the first 80-odd arrests for #Godhra carnage, 65 had Cong backgrounds. Yesterday Faroukh Bhana was convicted too. (119)

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Sep 20, 2018
Blocked Saswati Sarkar. She is a big danger to Hindus, since she calls Sangh Parivar, BJP-RSS as anti-Hindus. Panchtantra teaches us to identify friends & enemies. Saswati is misguiding Hindus by telling them that their friends (RSS,VHP & even many in BJP) are their enemies. (1)
Saswati equates BJP with Left, which killed 100s of Bangladeshi Hindus seeking refuge in Bengal in 1979. BJP is only party which has a clear position on Bangladeshi Hindus as refugees, B'deshi Muslims as infiltrators. She has 'Holier-than-thou' attitude & self-righteousness (2)
For her 'holier-than-thou' attitude & irrational condemnation & critique of BJP-RSS, she misguides the Hindu society by calling its friends [VHP-RSS] as its enemies. Called a statement by a Bengal VHP leader supporting NRC & demanding citizenship to Hindus as 'anti-Bengali'! (3)
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