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Chinada 3, (aka PSYCHIC LARP #UNRIG)
Spent 5 hours bashing several channels, @steemit and #QAnon with his new mates, Jason Goodman & Fkn Freddy. I am just reporting what happened.

Att: @tracybeanz @UNIRockTV @Montaqraph
Here we see @csthetruth (Jason Goodman) engaging a known troll to myself and others including @RoystonPotter, @tracybeanz, @ImperatorTruth, @NULOOKREFINISH, @TheHoneybee_ , @GeorgWebb

Why would he do that?
On the phone was “Fkn Freddie” who sounds a whole lot like DarkZodiak From way back when... but I can’t confirm that
Here we see @csthetruth directly calling @Montaqraph a piece of sh*t
Jason doesn’t like Monty
Now Jason goes off on others like Dave Acton and @defangolives
Forgot to mention, @UNIRockTV
Jason Goodman accuses @defangolives and @steemit for engaging in some elaborate money laundering scheme. I will claim ignorance here since I don’t trade coins, so, I don’t know if this is a valid claim
Jason Goodman blames the “Maersk Memphis” debacle on @GeorgWebb entirely.
Jason Goodman has nothing nice to say about @ImperatorTruth or Robert David Steele
Jason Goodman appears to be “collecting evidence” against anyone who doesn’t like him (or who has somehow become an “enemy” to Crowdsource The Truth). Teaming up with a known troll might be counterproductive Jason (free tip there)
Jason Goodman accuses @YouTube of hiding behind DMCC regulations, and also sheds light on his end-game; to imprison people he doesn’t like.

Cats out of the bag now; stating that’s your goal, will likely negate the outcome you seek.
Let’s add @RoystonPotter to the mix now
Jason Goodman squarely puts the whole #QAnon phenomenon as the mastermind plan of @tracybeanz (a completely false statement)
Jason Goodman wasn’t going to comment on @TheHoneybee_ , but alas, he just can’t help himself
Again, Jason Goodman exposes his end game: Putting Dave Acton in prison. While we are at it, he’s not speaking too highly of Cicada 3301 either.
Talking about @GeorgWebb again calling him a drunk.
Why would I post this?


There are some out there that believe your right to free speech should be PUNISHABLE BY PRISON.

If they don’t like you, you get slandered. If they really don’t like you, they will set you up for a CRIME (even if you didn’t commit one)
We don’t need to get along... and I’ve remained fairly quiet on this topic.

But seeing and hearing what I did... I now know the end game; making you tubers go to jail for “crimes” they didn’t commit, simply for having a difference of opinion.

#SaulAlinsky tactics.
If you don’t like a channel, don’t watch it. You don’t like comments, block them. If you are legally slandered, file a strike.

But now, it’s clear this goes beyond that. We need to police ourselves, lest we want the government to do that for us.

What are your thoughts?
Link to full video:

Full Disclosure: While Chinada has trolled me hard, I’ve always viewed him as harmless, and even had fun with it. This video changed my outlook. I now know he’s not harmless. Nor is Jason Goodman.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
⚠️Hurricane Michael 11:00PM update: Forecast on track for Major Hurricane to affect Florida panhandle, coastal Alabama, with Tropical Storm winds into Mississippi and central Florida...
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Oct 8, 2018
Just spent overnight in twitter jail 🙈

Can you hear me now?

I’m still curious why twitter won’t answer me as to why subscribers are being deleted. They found time to suspend me, but not answer my question!

This will be added to my testimony to Congress.
They knew I was not making a malicious remark about mentally challenged people, yet that was the basis of the ban.

The quote was from a movie, “Tropic Thunder” (2008) which has been widely used in memes and common English vernacular since 2008.

It’s ok 👌🏻... now answer my ?
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Oct 6, 2018
Do you think University Academia has gone bonkers? You’re not imagining it. Left leaning hoaxers expose Academia bias to publish literately “junk research.”


What an Audacious Hoax Reveals About Academia - The Atlantic apple.news/AW9iwUf2gS9afR…
1 of 3: Leftist get bogus studies published in peer-reviewed Academic Journals
2 of 3: Leftist get bogus studies published in peer-reviewed Academic Journals
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Oct 3, 2018
🚨 FACT CHECK: Danielle Muscato makes the claim that men are more violent than women (thus the need for a 9PM curfew for all males).


1. Men had a 25.1% DECLINE in violent behaviors;
2. WOMEN, have had only a 14% decline;

Men are becoming less violent; women more
From 2013-2017, WOMEN have had a 58.3% INCREASE in rape arrests; men only 18.3% increase. This number is very likely to increase as more men start to come forward.
FBI Crime Statistics show that between 2013-2017, WOMEN had a 3.3% INCREASE in violent crimes against the FAMILY / CHILDREN; men had 11.4% DECREASE!

Women are becoming more violent against children.
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Oct 3, 2018
So sad that some in the #MeToo movement are using ridiculous, sexist, racist tweets to seek fame.

Danielle Muscato is employing fear tactics to further divide Americans.

I’m so glad many THOUSANDS are seeing right through this! @NYDailyNews didn’t.

Danielle Muscato tries to sweep the sexist / racist part under the rug by self-describing it as a “thought-experiment”... that’s like saying that the KKK should be allowed to post up their hate 24/7 since, you know, it’s meant to “engage dialogue” (which is complete BS).
When you look deeper, what you see are hundreds of seemingly “abuse survivors” replying on her thread.

While I feel horrible for anyone that has gone through something as bad as sexual assault, Muscato leaves 50% of our population out of the equation:

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Oct 1, 2018

This doesn’t look good for Senate Democrats...

Multiple images in order to follow:
2 of 9
3 of 9
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