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1. #QAnon drops: The Bruce Ohr involvement unlocks the UK / Foreign Intelligence [FiVE EYes (US, UK, CA, Australia, New Zealand)] role in the attempted theft of our election. Did the REQuest not come from Hussein? #Q
2. #QAnon It was necessary that Bruce Ohr's testimony be closed door. The Cabal in D.C., UK, and AUStralia are in a panic, because they were caught "Red-Handed" with archived communications revealed to Ohr today to 'encourage truthful testimony'.
"[19] phone calls today
3. #QAnon tells of comms going from Bruce Ohr to UK to AUStralia to UK to Bruce Ohr to Australia's Alexander Downer as one example of the Five Eyes involved in the attempt to steal our election. Get ready for next "FAKE NEWS BLAST NARRATIVE SHIFT" NECessary says #Q.
4. Last January Michael Wolfe's book revealed that Tony Blair'd tipped off Jared Kushner to UK/FvEY intel assets spying on Trump to subvert election result. #QAnon recites a sample torrent of 12 press reports following of Blair "furiously" denying he said what we now know's so #Q
8. #QAnon So, "What will the FAKE NEWS push" on us next as a necessary change in narrative?
9. #QAnon Hmmmmm......Seems #Q's at least noticed the Army cheer that now graces General Flynn's twitter page.

At least.
10. #QAnon We defeated National Socialism (NAZ I) party when world was too big for it to win. Now fascism threatens again cuz global comms make world smaller. The fascist "ANTIFA"s didn't form organically; flag design's no coincidence w Socialists again pushing US & WorldWide. #Q
11. #QAnon shares 2 links about the threat from Sum of all Fears:

and the solution to resurgence of Socialist fascism (collectivism/communism):

"There's a price we will not pay" #Q
12. #QAnon "There is a point beyond which they must not advance."
13. #QAnon FBI/DOJ leaked Steele's info to press, and then used the same press stories as if they were a separate source, so as to deceive the FISA court judge into giving permission to do campaign spying, for attempted election theft using Russian lies #Q
14. #QAnon
Something incredible is about to happen in Iran!
Under [Hassan Rouhani] the rial has lost more than half of its value since April.
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.
15. #QAnon Hussein directed spy ops & over-rode agencies' oversight by controlling the info frm Exec Branch via Prs Daily Briefs in PresEmergOpCtr. Trump has justification for FISA warrants by Army Intel/NSA vs #DeepState mbrs colluding w foreign govs. #Q
16. #QAnon
Fact: Treason is an overt act to overthrow one's gov or kill or injure the leader or his family. Punishable by death or imprisonment w minimum 5 yrs/$10K fine.
Fiction:…📁…📁…📁 #Q
19. After #Q's Aug 15 drop on #DeepState using Xbox for comms, Xbox Live immediately went down & purged chat records. Now Microsoft are banning use of Xbox text & voice comms for any #QAnon discussions, calling it "hate".…
20. #QAnon Google's going to be regulated. Twitter, FB, YouTube…..?
"These people are stupid.
censorship with no consequences?
How do you set a trap?
Open the door and we shall always walk through and take control.

22. #QAnon Prince ABT paid for Harvard for Hussein to be their puppet. Iranian-born VJ was (MB) handler in WH. Iran has comms on all as leverage but losing now. Pallets of cash were pay-offs to Iran & other co-conspirators. #Q…
24. #QAnon Google, Twitter, Youtube, & Facebook censorship is just plain wrong! #Q
25. #QAnon The Holy See, as governing body of Catholic Church, is viewed as analogous to a sovereign state...a sanctuary against criminal prosecution.
Recipe for disaster, evidently. #Q…
26. #QAnon affirms an anon's recognition that Q's 20 mentions of "Godfather III" relates to the movie plot about Vatican shady business deals & reminds that the whole op is a fight for the truth. "We the People" #Q
27. #QAnon exhorts us to Stay LOCAL (U.S.), because GLOBAL is a reflection of LOCAL; the fascist tactics of defeated National Socialism are now being mirrored in the paramilitary arm of the fascist left.
"Know your enemy.
"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."
28. #QAnon "Symbolism will be their downfall."
29. #QAnon's Good advice: "Do not force those not yet ready...
Do not isolate yourself within your own family.
Dark to Light.
Stay Strong.
You are NOT ALONE.
Patriots ALL.
30. #QAnon Trending Non-MSM…
China hacked #HRC server?
Access was granted.
You have more than you know.
31. WOW!! #QAnon gives Richard Pollock of Daily Caller a direct tip: CrowdStrike managed the Chinese infiltration program into #HRC server based on payments to Clinton Foundation!!…

"The More You Know…
32. #QAnon "You are part of history.
Never, in our history, has this been attempted."
33. Yikes. In #1958, #QAnon appears to affirm relevance of Chinese access to #HRC server to deaths reported in NYT!! #Q…
34. #QAnon questions whether Feinstein was really "mortified" to learn her driver was a Chinese spy passing political intel to the Chinese government officials based at the local Chinese Consulate". #Q
36. #QAnon
Have a little perspective…
Patriots are dying to defend this great country and the FREEDOM she provides.
Children are being sacrificed to PURE EVIL.
Stay the course.
We are FIGHTING a deeply entrenched enemy.
Think LISA BARSOOMIAN (Smile). RR's wife
37. #QAnon: #FakeNews wants to marginalize you & make you think truth is a "right-wing conspiracy theory", but we are making HISTORY. This movement is bigger than any of us can fathom.
"The World is NOW UNITED.
36. An anon refers #QAnon's earlier drop on "2018 WILL BE GLORIOUS" with, "In our opinion, until those responsible are dead and/or suffering, it shall remain 'will be'."
39. #QAnon An anon asks "wheres the arrests?" Reading, comprehending,
using logic reveals sealed indictments, resignations of CEOs, resignations of Senators, Congress, Sr FBI, DOJ, Horowitz & Huber +470 investigators. Timing for Midterms important.
40. #QAnon reminds that our enemies watch the boards. Assange's safety is of paramount importance & plans cannot be revealed til time is right. #Q
41. #Q "No one person is above another. Why does the FAKE NEWS media put so much time / energy / effort into attacking a so-called 'conspiracy'?" Many new eyes brought to #QAnon boards from the massive, coordinated attacks. Logic wins every single time. More people are waking up!
42 #QAnon's #1955 shows May 2018 Santa Fe HS Shooter wore Antifa hammer & sickle pin, same as Columbine shooter. This was not reported by MSM.

"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall."…
43. #QAnon Our children are being indoctrinated w a revisionist history that erases the truth about Communism, Fascism, National Socialism (Nazism). Orwell warned us; they rush to erase history, removing statues, censoring speech, re-writing history, dumbing down to the mob. #Q
44. #QAnon There is a reason why we continue to highlight this speech.
Listen carefully.

Rally up for a RED October ==> midterm RED WAVE!!
Mouthpieces do not think or speak for themselves.
44. (#1958 fwd discussed w 30.))

#QAnon #1969 affirms "P" = Payseur.

"One of the most secret & most powerful families in North America, Payseurs. ..So powerful that they could hide their wealth & power, & use other Satanic families as proxies."… #Q
45. #QAnon appears to connect an anon's question about #HRC selling military secrets to the Chinese to the rash of "military planes.. falling out of the skies all within a short period of time"!
"Outside of the standard deviation"
46. #QAnon #Q
47. #QAnon
The FBI knew Ohr's wife worked for Fusion GPS, but kept it from FISC.
The FBI knew of dossier author's paid bias, but kept it from the secret court too.… #Q
48. #QAnon #Q
49. #QAnon points out that deceiving the FISC judges to foist the foreign ("Russian") spying domestically upon us, to steal our election or its results is "BIGGEST SCANDAL IN US HISTORY" yet "CRICKETS" from
[FAKE NEWS]", because, they're "Desperate to SHELTER" the criminals. #Q
50. #QAnon John Ratcliffe from Texas on Hannity re Ohr's involvement w/Steele dossier used to justify FISA warrants said, "There’s a guy named John Huber, who’s the US attorney for Utah, who’s been tasked by Jeff Sessions to investigate FISA abuse." #Q
51. #QAnon Huber is coming, and, his job just got easier. #Q
52. #QAnon
Evidently Mueller's op goal is to impeach @POTUS & shelter #Spygate perps.
What will the 20 pages hidden from US in the 4th FISA warrant disclose?
"Trust the Plan.
53. #QAnon I'd certainly hope the odds are good!
54. #QAnon Grassley et al memo on 2nd SC & Grassley/Graham memo on Steele dossier/FISA warrants. Ohr testimony on #21 & #25.…

Sessions memo on Huber appt:…

Breitbart on Sessions to Huber:… #Q
55. Prior #QAnon thread is here:… #Q
56. @threadreaderapp please unroll this current #QAnon thread for 8/28 here:

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Oct 8, 2018
1. #QAnon North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear testing site, located inside a mountain near the border with China, has been the site of all 6 of the country's nuclear tests. The dismantling of the facility began in May, but till now observers have not been allowed in to verify. #Q
3. #QAnon: All lovey-dovey says #TrollRex. Being with {Rosenstein] on the plane "will be very nice". Reporter, "Do you have any plans to fire [RR]"? "No, I don't." #Q
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Oct 7, 2018
1. #QAnon:
"There is a price we will not pay." "There is a point beyond which they must not advance."
"We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth.."
2. #QAnon One of Hillary campaign's top lawyers, former DOJ atty, Michael Sussman, provided DNC election #SpyGate "Russian hacking" prop directly to FBI's top lawyer, J Baker. Yet, FBI told us they didn't know it was from DNC & kept FISA judges ignorant of same in court. #Q
3. #QAnon: Baker, FBI's top lawyer's directly under Comey secretly receiving frm Sussman 1 of Clinton campaign's top lawyers DNC CrowdStrike "analysis" that a thumb-drive-speed trxfer of DNC e-mails's a "Russian hack", so to spy on Trump campaign.#Q
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Oct 6, 2018
1. #QAnon Justice K now sits on the Highest Court in the Land!! What a great day!! Law & Order & the U.S. Constitution have now been safeguarded.
It was our last chance to peacefully save it. Just think if HRC'd won & we had SC appointments w a 'Corrupt' tilt, e.g., L Lynch. #Q
2. #QAnon again points to this video that makes more wonderfully optimistic sense every time I see it!! #Q
3. #QAnon Now comes the real PAIN, the real TRUTH.
They want US divided by race, religion, culture. class, and political affiliation, because, divided we are weak.
But together we are strong!
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Oct 5, 2018
1. #QAnon "Sen. Murkowski, R-Alaska, 1 of 4 undecided key senators, voted against advancing Kavanaugh in a procedural vote. That doesn't necessarily mean those senators will vote same way in a final vote, the timing of which has yet to be announced."… #Q
2. #QAnon "A picture is worth a thousand words.
See evil in the face of Feinstein?
See fear & emotion in the face of Murkowski?"
Rush called this "Alien vs Sigourney Weaver" Feinstein has leverage on Murkowski, but phones are always listening.

"A phone was present.
3. #QAnon FISA DECLASsification'll reveal US coup attempt. Loretta Lynch'd Veselnitskaya enter country to set up #SpyGate #RussiaHoax. FISAs approved for Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, Flynn'll show how UK & Aus (& NZ?) assisted. #Q…
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Oct 3, 2018
1. #QAnon Sessions with Huber. In Utah.
What a wonderful day!
3. #QAnon My oh my!
Is it a coincidence that Sessions is meeting Huber the day prior to being subpoenaed to bring Congress the #SpyGate docs, the same day as the "POTUS_ALERT"?
What sealed Grand Jury indictment info must 1st be vetted?…📁
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Oct 3, 2018
1. #QAnon deleted it (which is very unusual).

"Symbolism will be their downfall."
2. This next consecutive #QAnon drop was also, curiously, deleted from….…📁
3. #QAnon This is VERY important! Register someone(s) now. Take them with you to VOTE!!
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