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In my thread discussing the bugging of the White House, I discussed the timing of the remodeling efforts with the Department of Justice efforts to identify leakers in the FBI. I also found something very curious about the remodeling that was aimed at 'bugs'
Like everyone else, CNN covered the surprise emptying & remodeling of the White House. Then they covered the renovations after the White House was reopened. cnn.com/2017/08/24/pol…
3) CNN noted that this remodeling is usually done around the Inauguration but that President Trump delayed the project until August. CNN even included the cost figures for the renovations. How helpful! #Spygate #MuellerInvestigation
CNN was also kind enough to let us know who the GSA White House Service Director identified as the contractors that performed the work on the @WhiteHouse. The carpet company jumped out at me, because it seemed like the name of a computer company not a carpet company.
5) Now why would you hire a computer & software company to install your carpets? Could this be another clue left by the WH to identify what work was really being done? I mean if they were so concerned about flies & other bugs they might need an exterminator. But a computer vendor
6) Why would you get your carpets installed by a company that is a federal contractor focused on a variety of computer & software products. I tried going to their website but it doesn't exist, but it is registered. So were they providing other services? usaopps.com/government_con…
7) Fortunately I found an address, a different non-functioning website, the company President's name & a phone number I redacted. Great, now to see what more I can find on this mysterious computer company that does WH carpets.
8) So I went to Map the site and found this wonderful street view with a different name on the building. Software Center, but when I followed the streetview pics around the building, there was no entrance for Software Center, which is listed occupying the same Suite. That's odd!
9) I got a bigger surprise when I moved for a wider view, the building disappeared! Yep the street views were from 2014, but the building is a construction site in the overhead views dated Sept 2017. So the contractor that was working in August, from a building that didn't exist.
10) But they were active in government contracting work just weeks ago. This site again lists them as a computer company & federal contractor. govtribe.com/vendor/microba…
11) This site lists their contract awards & suprisingly, this company got massive federal dollars starting in 3rd Quarter of 2016, which would have been April-June 2016. Then their contracting disappeared after June 2017. Why all of the contracting & then it disappears?
12) Curiously, there is not contracting in Q4 2017 when the White House remodeling project was completed. How could they have done the White House carpets if they received no contracts or payments? Very odd indeed.
13) But then when you click on their individual contract awards, there are lots of contracts for carpet & painting. Usually within sensitive portions of the government, judges chambers & even one for the US offices at the UN. govtribe.com/award/federal-…
14) I think this is most unusual, a computer company, that doesn;t really exist at it's location, installing carpets. Is this a cover for covert operations? Are they installing 'computer equipment & peripherals' behind those walls & under the carpets? I don't know, but searching
Another odd thing, they did this carpet work early in the Trump Admin. But I thought it was all delayed until August?
Then we find this little gem of a contract with GSA. Installation & repair of carpets for the EW & WW (East Wing & West Wing of the WH?) Contract awarded 8/6/16 completed 8/22/16. With an earlier contract to purchase materials. No where close to the million dollar contract in 17
17) The one thing I can't find, is the contract to replace the carpets in the White House during the period when it looks like the bugs were being cleaned. Were the even involved in the project? Or was there name given to CNN for another reason? Telling us where to look for bugs!
18) I've been able to find both URL addresses affiliated with Microbase Corp on the Internet Archive. Curiously the most recent website was active 1/10/16 but the site was dead on 3/12/16, right in the middle of the NSA detecting contractors with illegal FISA access from FBI.
19) Now there is just a holding page up for their website, but they didn't remove the subpages. They are still live, listing 3 employees. None of which seems to exist on search engines other then links to Microbase Corp & SoftwareCenter the name that used to be on the building.
20) This shows a lot of indicators of a front company, a building that isn't there, executives that are ghosts on the web, disappearing websites, & tons of Federal contracts that are outside their expertise. I think this is another case of the Trump Admin giving reporters clues.
21) Clues that if looked at critically, would have allowed the reporters to find something very curious. Something unexplainable. So who is Microbase Corp & what do they do for those federal contracting dollars? I suspect time will tell.
22) But who are these executives? Do they really exist? Are those really their names? And how do ghosts get so many contracts from the Federal government?
23) This is pre-January 2016 but it is a list of their customers they posted on tehir website. The one I found interesting is CACI also known as CACI International. They are a defense contractor & intelligence contractor. caci.com
24) This is of interest because of a newsworthy event regarding one of their employees. He plead guilty to lying to federal agents regarding stealing classified information. Since it was announced in May, not a single news report identified what company he worked for CACI Intl.
25) In May this guilty plea was announced, but the story is much more interesting. The suspect's home was actually raided on 11/3/16 prior to the election. The FBI found 60 notebooks full of classified information that he acquired from 2006-16. justice.gov/opa/pr/former-…
26) I haven't found anything connecting him to this carpeting contractor, but it is curious. That CIA contractor was conducting searches on US Persons in CIA & other databases & writing info in his notebooks. He smuggled them home, what did he do with this info? DOJ hasn't said
27) In my thread on the investigation of NSA data passed to Sid Blumenthal, it looks like that case may be connected. The timing is certainly suspicious as he was raided only a week after Admiral Rogers of NSA briefed the FIS Court on FBI allowing contractor access to NSA data.
28) You can find that thread here if you would like to learn more about those investigations.
29) I'm sorry about the delay in adding more to this thread. I ran into a problem when I found another couple of dozen rabbit holes at the bottom of this rabbit hole. So now I'm looking at dozens of other possibly fake companies none that really seem to have a public profile.

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Oct 8, 2018
Seems the New Yorker had a panel about Trump Inc. this weekend, including Felix Sater. At one time he was the Democrats prime suspect in Russian collusion, until they realized he was an undercover asset. He worked for FBI, DIA, & CIA! One of Trump's many employee FBI assets.
Buzzfeed did a pretty good article on Sater about 6 months ago. The links in that article are even more valuable as they go to specific operations & documents that show Sater's activity. Like spying on North Korea's nuclear supply chain. buzzfeednews.com/article/anthon…
And that is just the operations the DOJ admits to! All while working for Trump to line up mobsters & Russian spies who kept getting indicted!
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Oct 4, 2018
Not what I was hoping for but it looks like some more interesting breadcrumbs. More GRU hacking incidents & targets, many related to Olympic doping test facilities & the chemical weapons labs testing samples from UK & Syria. justice.gov/opa/documents-…
Of biggest interest to me is the hacking of Westinghouse Electric, nuclear fuel supplier to Ukraine & other countries. The prosecutors were unwilling to discuss anything not spelled out in the indictment, which means not much. Two main priorities seem likely for the Russians.
Westinghouse was expanding Ukrainian nuclear power capacity. So 1 priority could have been to keep Ukraine dependent on Russian oil & natural gas to allow the Russians to exert leverage over them. So disrupting that relationship or operation may have been a Russian focus.
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Sep 26, 2018
Josoph Mifsud's lawyer has written a cease & desist letter to @ScottMStedman. In it, Stephan Roh makes a couple of interesting claims. Starting with denying his role as a 'Russian agent' & making clear intent to sue for that false & defamatory allegation. #Spygate
@ScottMStedman Even more interesting is his claim that Joseph Mifsud is a Western intelligence agent & was directed by that agency (believed to be MI6) to introduce @GeorgePapa19 to a Russian. He has also been directed to remain quiet about the incident at this time!
@ScottMStedman @GeorgePapa19 Stedman has a thread about it but believes it is another Russian plot by Stephan Roh. He has no clue, the plot was to frame Pdop for contacts w/ Western intel agents pretending to be Russian agents. Agents were outed by Dems when they found no Russians.
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Sep 21, 2018
How blind can folks be, this is all you need to know! Rosenstein said all this to McCabe, knowing that someone was already secretly recording the President in the WH. RR was setting up McCabe, & McCabe took the bait writing the memos as blackmail material. cnbc.com/2018/09/21/ros…
Remember what I've said the purpose of the slow roll out is? To get the conspirators on the record under oath telling their lies, reveal a little evidence & force them to change their stories. It then requires them to produce evidence (like McCabe's memos) to back their new lies.
Each round of sunlight, causes another alibi to be destroyed. And so far, the conspirators have been forced to reveal new incriminating evidence first to try & get their spin out first. They can't wait for the declassifications, the unredactions, they have to confess & spin.
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Sep 19, 2018
ABC claiming the FBI started a Counterintelligence Investigation of @carterwpage in January 2016, also claiming that is when he joined the Trump Campaign. Both conflict with past information. They don't mention that Page provided the bugs to catch the Russian spies.
@carterwpage Steele, on the payroll of Putin's Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, contacted Bruce Ohr, who was providing tips on US DOJ actions against reputed Mobster Oleg Deripaska to Steele. Winer was for many years a FARA registered agent for Russian corporate interests.
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Sep 19, 2018
Seems everyone in the press knew Peter Strzok was removed from the SC team by 8/16/17.
Seems the @NYT knew that Greg Craig was a focus of the Manafort investigation on 9/7/17. Interesting.
Now this is an interesting string of rumors the press heard. That an agent quit the SC team & filed an affidavit against Andrew Weissman for leaking grand jury info to AP! That meeting, if there was only one, was before the Special Counsel was appointed.
Read 6 tweets

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