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For context* he said this👇 right after Russia invaded Ukraine (he'd blamed Ukraine, the EU, & Nato for 'provoking' Russia) and the month after his Stop The War Coalition colleagues set up a group to defend the 'Anti-Fascist Resistance' in the Russian-run 'Republics'. /THREAD/
*I noticed someone in the replies whining about context. Around the same time as he gave those comments in Newport in this👆 clip he was telling a Lyndon LaRouche organisation in Australia this 👇… [Nato's] interests in the Ukraine are not benign interests in support for the people of Ukraine. It's about advancing military technology and a military presence further and further eastwards in order to create this ghastly scenario of some kind of hi-tech war with Russia in the future.
One year later at the Channel Four Labour leadership hustings he said if Russia invaded Lithuania we'd be "sucked into it" because we're in Nato. (He's since repeated that the UK shouldn't help defend our friends in the Baltics at least 3 times.)
At that same 2015 C4 hustings he claimed that 'the Russian military/industrial connections used the opportunity [of Ukraine's Maidan]' to push their government (Putin) into doing things like invading Crimea.
He said something similar to Andrew Marr in Sept 2015.… JEREMY CORBYN:<br />
I think quite honestly it’s a bit of both. I think the Russian military <br />
have been pushing Putin to be more aggressive. I think NATO have <br />
had a long<br />
-<br />
term<br />
agenda of expanding eastwards. I think basically the <br />
two military pressure groups play off each other and we’re all the <br />
losers for it. We’re losers for it because we’re spending more and <br />
more money on it. The losers for it are those poor people
At the 2015 Daily Mirror hustings Liz Kendall quoted him saying Nato had provoked Russia into invading Ukraine. His response was "I didn't say that, come on I've never said that, so please." I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.
In that response to Kendall somehow I doubt that he was splitting hairs over what he wrote in the Morning Star about Ukraine in 2014, which was "not unprovoked". Look at how he reacted to this question from Marr. He's bored with us mere mortals.
That Morning Star 2014 piece also contained this line, which is just gobsmackingly offensive for Ukrainians. His Sept 2015 comments so offended Lithuanians that the Ambassador wrote to the Guardian.… We should oppose any foreign military intervention in Ukraine, as that would only succeed in that country reliving its traumatic past as a battleground where Russia and Western Europe vie for supremacy.
Also forgotten about the Morning Star piece is that federalising Ukraine is a Russian propaganda line and not based on any actual movement in Ukraine for federalisation. "Ukrainian politics are divided between Ukrainian and Russian-speaking people" was also Russian propaganda BS. europe according to vladimir putin 2014 map
That same month, Aug 2015, a Ukrainian human rights activist had said that Corbyn was ignoring Russian human rights abuses. His campaign claimed that he'd "sent his support to peace campaigners across the region."… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I recently asked that human rights activist, @halyapuff, if she'd seen any subsequent "support to peace campaigners across the region", this is what she said 👇
Also in late summer 2015 we already had #suggestacorbynsmear and jokes on Radio Four about Jeremy Corbyn refusing to be was a Russian agent. That was how those of us writing on Corbyn & Russia were treated. #smear is still, of course, around, post-Skripal not so much the joking.
Last September, reacting to reports of Russian interference, here it was the EU referendum, a Labour spokesman (Seumas Milne, who Corbyn has said, over Salisbury, speaks for him) said this.… But while Mrs May has struck an assertive tone towards Russia, Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman urged conciliation with Mr Putin’s government.<br />
<br />
Pressed on whether Labour view Mr Putin as a threat to democracies, the spokesman replied:
2018 post-Salisbury, & post Milne's disastrous comments, Corbyn told the House that he supported "action to challenge Russia that is robust and hard hitting".… And said this 👇
But now, late Summer 2018, and despite Dawn Sturgess' murder, we're back to what he told Russia Today in 2014 - no to sanctions on the Kremlin. It should be crystal clear by now that the UK under Corbyn would act against Western unity and in Russia's interests.
There's a whole other thread in the cover given by Corbyn for Russia in Syria but I'll just leave a yelling @nurseboothroyd in summary of that here.
And I'll just leave this here. It's from his 2011 introduction to the book 'Imperialism: A Study' by John Atkinson Hobson. (ht @rcolvile)
One more quick point. @OzKaterji reported this… I have heard of two other unreported instances of absolutely explicit pro-Russian bias by Milne. Corbyn’s 2015 view may be more nuanced than it was presented on paper, but there are reports of a similar view put more bluntly by his spokesman Seumas Milne. At a private event in London early last year, two witnesses report hearing Milne, during the course of a conversation, remark that “the situation had improved” since Moscow entered the fray and had brought “stability” to the conflict. (A Labour source said: “Thiceberg
Just leaving this here ... Russian Platform<br />
‏ @RussiaConnects<br />
<br />
<br />
The knives are out for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. The mud is flying to see what will stick & halt his progress. The right-wing press & media want everyone to believe he is anti-Semitic. But they will use ANYTHING to bring him down.

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Aug 31, 2018
The Momentum TWT at Labour's Conference in 3 weeks has two events from an 'independent' LatAm magazine called Alborada. One on Colombia and a film event. The mag runs Cuban, Vzla, Correa propaganda & is praised by John Pilger. alborada
Alborada Co-Editor Pablo Navarrete on BBC World last week. Yes there is mismanagement by the regime but the economic crisis is also the fault of the opposition and Trump. and - as always - 'illegal sanctions'. He's a Maduro propaganda tool, IOW.
No surprise as Navarrete is a contributor/producer for @telesurenglish and @telesurtv (Venezuela's state propaganda organ) in the UK. Also a Craig Murray, Aaron Bastani & Ali Abunimah fan & he made a video for The Canary about JVL.
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The Nicaraguan regime has murdered 127 mostly young opponents - and is quietly recruiting British trade unionists and influential Labour staffers to their murderous cause.
Two weeks ago the Embassy met with the NUT's Christine Blower, Unison's Paul Glober and Diane Abbott aide Matthew Willgress to coordinate its campaign of lies.… Today Ortega regime propaganda is being spread at the GMB national congress.
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Mar 26, 2018
By the numbers the UK far left has a problem with Jews. In 2016 @ColborneMichael crunched the European Social Survey numbers + I blogged his results. This is attitudes to Jewish immigration by political identifier. (This is the furthest left, 3.2%)
This is attitudes to Jewish immigration by political identifier capturing the furthest left and the next furthest left, in total 5.2% of all respondents.
I'm reupping this as it got buried at the time and it provides context for current events. Before anyone asks, the samples are statistically significant. Here's attitudes to Muslim immigration by political identifier.
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THREAD: There are some staggering new numbers on Venezuela's crisis from the annual survey released yesterday.…
61% of Venezuelans are now living in extreme poverty, 87% are now classed as poor. “Do you consider your family’s income enough to buy food to consume inside and outside the home?” 89.4% say “No.” Almost two out of every three poor Venezuelans are recently impoverished. bar chart shows the rise in poverty in this survey
Venezuelans have stopped consuming protein and instead are mainly consuming carbs, such as tubers, pasta and rice. list of foods and percentage consuming them
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