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1. #Qanon cites to a WaPo article where WaPo ran a fake poll to "prove" the point that people think #Qanon is unpopular...#fakepoll #fakenews...WaPo did the same in relation to Pres Trump’s popularity...they sponsor fake polls to attempt to shape the narrative...msm = irrelevant
2. The C_A attempted to insert another spy which #Qanon is referring to as "Snowden2"...they obviously failed to carry out their mission...Snowden tarnished the NSA's reputation and caused a negative public perception of the NSA...#wwg1wga MSM bringing another wave of attacks
3. Those who are attacked the most are the biggest threat...why all the concern by the MSM over #Qanon? perhaps because Q has unified hundreds of millions of patriots all over the world behind the fight for freedom @potus is leading #wwg1wga
4. Q challenging anons to think as to motives behind WaPo poll...why would WaPo spend the money on a poll to attempt to criticize Qanon unless they were afraid of everything Q represents...All for a conspiracy? People like @JackPosobiec should no better...
5. Anons/patriots are frustrated about all the celebration surrounding No Name...we know his treason...#Qanon assures us that some of the things No Name did will be made known, but much of his treason will be kept buried to preserve the Republic...this is hard to swallow...
6. The NY Times poll that Had HRC up by 98.1 % over Pres Trump was obviously Fakenews...even more deceptive was Snowden's tweet "there may never be a safer election in which to vote for a third option"...Snowden is a Clown asset...He caters to the libertarians, but he's deceptive
7. This is an important #Qanon post...Q has repeatedly said only some of the crimes and treason committed by the deep state throughout the world will be revealed, otherwise the world would come apart and our Republic would crumble; Anon is frustrated as to why Q won't just drop..
8...all the evidence, and #Qanon reminds the anon of the post in February; if @Potus were to announce to the public that the ex heads of State of the US tried to initiate a war between Russia and US or China and US, most of public not yet prepared to accept this...this is why...
9...Q is here..Q is waking up the patriots and spreading knowledge of the crimes and treason day by day...350 million worldwide are awake or waking up...#Qanon will need these 350 million to explain the disclosures that are coming out to the rest of the is connected
10. Initially, Q said only 20% of the crimes of the deep state would be revealed, but later #Qanon agreed to reveal 40%...60% must remain private for humanity's sake..think about all the crap that's been coming out now...imagine that times 100 being poured out to the public
11. Nellie Ohr was fluent in Russian as a CIA operative...she may have been a double agent working for Russia...she was likely the bridge between hubby Bruce Ohr ("BO" fits him nicely) and Russia for intel...I have a feeling we will learn she was sending intel to Russia #qanon
12. @Potus has never made a statement since being elected that did not end up being proven factually true...everything @Potus stated will be made public! #Qanon has told us this over and over;
13. Anon identified Snowden2...Retired US navy Officer Harold Thomas Martin III...worked for Booz Allen Hamilton...#Qanon
14. #Qanon uses emphasis to ask "why is Huber being discussed now" ..2x..was Gomet supposed to drop Huber's name? Huber works directly with Horrowitz who investigates...Horrowitz is the one who takes the statements and conducts interviews...Huber focuses on putting evidence...
15. ...together and prosecuting the case...the 470 attorneys under Huber prosecute and Huber heads it all up...Ohr transcripts will probably not be released for now as they are part of ongoing investigation and prosecution...why tip off the bad actors what Ohr said?
16..Huber works with Horrowitz plus 470 other investigators and attorneys...outside of the DC swamp in Utah beyond influence of DC swamp...Grand Jury likely pulled from Red State Utah..highest number of members of congress not seeking re-election ever...Paul Ryan as well...#Qanon
17...Why is Paul Ryan not seeking reelection? because he was caught up in the Deep state antics...he is Deep state and his wife is an influential lobbyist...@Potus basically gave him an ultimatum and he chose wisely..Many Senators not seeking reelections...Many, Many #qanon
18. I think #Qanon is basically telling Gomert to chill and that a second SC would not be a good would start process all over again and would take a couple of years for special counsel to get caught up...this is what DS wants...Gomert spoke out of emotion...
19. Use logic...I love Q for this reason...I rarely read the news bores me...I feel so far ahead of the game because #Qanon has revealed so much...I follow @Potus on twitter and a handful of other patriots for my news...I'm sure many of you feel the same
20...we are not at a place in our society where it's "business as usual" anymore...we are at a place in society where most of the world leaders and corporate elitists worship Satan, rape children, and traffick children and women as a form of currency...judgment time #Qanon
21. Dang...somethings happening! last few #Qanon posts look like operational commands...Snow White taken off line...may be referring to CIA mega computer...#wwg1wga
22. It appears US Military has completely disabled all means by which Deep State/Clowns are able to gather intel, spy, etc...possibility that rouge satellites in use by Deep State as well as computers have now been taken offline...#Qanon
23. I'm wondering if these operational commands have something to do with Deep State trying to do something to Pres Trump at the rally in Evansville tonight? #Qanon whatever it is, they took it out...#wwg1wga
24. Prior #qanon references to Snow White 1, 2, 5 being knocked offline...definitely reference to CIA 7 dwarves super comps...#Qanon #wwg1wga...looks like US Mil decided it was time to knock out the remaining super comps...that means they've collected all the evidence they need! more snow white post by #Qanon...there were 33 in total...some of the earlier references were included in posts re the take down of Saudi Arabia Prince Alwalaleed...Interestingly, Godfather 3 was always mentioned right after Snow white in some of the earlier posts...
26. Thought just occurred to me....If remaining CIA sat coms and super computers taken out, how will MSM get their 4 am memo????? Wow...disruption everywhere involving MSM! This will be fun to watch! #qanon
27. So this is a little strange. #qanon just posted “NSA is no more” “GCHQ Bude sent distress signal. Main frequency bands terminated. #goodbye”. I’m wondering if new agency taking over for NSA now. Something big is up. #wwg1wga q confirms @potis safe and they’d die for him.
28. #qanon cutting off all CIA and Five Eye access to NSA surveillance systems apparently. Must have new agency up and running now. This is interesting #wwg1wga
29. Guess what: we are winning and the score ain’t even close. We don’t yet realize the magnitude of what our US Military just did. @potus is toying with Five Eyes and the deep state shills. Five eyes death nail got hammered in the coffin tonight. Do you realize how...
30...freakin powerful our US Military is? There is no force on earth that even comes over...God is smiling on our @potus and faithful patriots right now! #wwg1wga thank you Lord for hearing the prayers of your people!! 🙏🇺🇸
31. Yes I realize q was saying NSA no more and not NSA is no more. I added is earlier and that was a mistake. Five eyes no longer has access to NSA intel and software and sats, etc
32. Is this what #qanon is referring to regarding “horizon”? Horizon may also be an operation and involved taking out Five Eyes ability to spy as retaliation for a recent counter operation. #wwg1wga. Weissman is muellers bull dog and was getting info from ohr re dossier
33. @potus exclaimed “the whole world is watching” tonight during the rally. #qanon cites to FNC article
34. @potus at his rally that HRC is not getting away it....he’s going to keep his promise....#wwg1wga

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Oct 9, 2018
2. #Qanon links to Bloomberg article - new evidence of hacked supermicro hardware found in US telecom...shows china sabotaged tech components bound for US...China has essentially declared war on the US by doing this...Q then confirms where photo of Feinstein vehicle likely taken
3. Guangzhou is the silicon valley of hardware in China; Feinstein is Senator in California where silicon valley is located...Google and China are interconnected through US Silicon valley and Guangzhou; and now the Chinese spy driving Feinstein's car ties into the equation
4. So it appears Feinstein's Chinese driver (who was a spy) was the bridge enabling China to have access to our hardware and install defective chips into our hardware courtesy of Feinstein...SICK TREASON! Now we see why Goog was so willing to bend over backwards to accommodate...
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Oct 8, 2018
1. There is a massive unseen battle raging in this world right now. There's a reason #Qanon posted Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-18 from the Bible in May and then again in August of this year. As Q said in one of his first posts almost a year ago, many in our govt worship Satan.
2. I have to remind myself every week that all the evil we are seeing from the Deep State in this country and in this world is driven by a much more powerful, dark, and sinister force...Satan...There is a reason the @POTUS surrounds himself not only with military generals, but...
3...also Christians...devoted Christians who have a genuine faith in Jesus Christ...(think Mike Pompeo, VP Pence, @GenFlynn, Sarah Sanders, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and many more). This was intentional on his part and not just for political purposes. Q has recognized more than...
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Oct 8, 2018
1. #Qanon uses a great meme we were circulating on Friday around Twitter except Q crosses out "after" and inserts "before"...Ford was tossed out by the Dems but not without a hefty million from a few Gofundme accounts...sick and evil people...Feinstein's true colors on display
2. Google, FB, and Twitter "accidentally" allowed user data to be exposed to the tune of millions of accounts...#Qanon is saying this was intentional to allow the Dims to gather up info to target potential voters...this is so sick...I am so sick and tired of the cheating by Dims!
3. The Dims know that that #Qanon posted several months ago "mid terms are safe" meaning rigged Soros voting machines will not be in play for mid terms. So what do they do...they just steal private info to blanket millions of people with false ads and scare tactics about Repubs
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Oct 7, 2018
Like Liz said, please spread the is the 2 year anniversary of #pizzagate...Podesta/HRC emails were dropped by Wikileaks this day October 2016. I’ll never forget reading those emails and thinking what the heck is this dude’s fascination with pizza and pasta all about?
2. And of course shortly thereafter I wanted to throw up as I scrolled through Comet Pizza and James Alefantis Instagram photos. My wife was next to me and we were in tears looking at the photos of children and babies and how he referred to them as sex objects and inuendo.
3. Here we are 2 years later and God has answered so many of our prayers. We are at the precipice or seeing justice poured out on evil pedophile traffickers at the highest positions of power in the world thanks to @realDonaldTrump, our military and s a few brave men and women..
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Oct 7, 2018
1. Boom Week ahead...#qanon #wwg1wga. Let it rain....freedom is never free
2. This is big. Fox News interview of Rep Nunes. He lays out exactly what #Qanon telling us for months. Michae Susanna, the head DNC lawyer received dirt (untrue info) on @Potus from Christopher Steele former MI6 agent of UK intel who received it from Russians. Sussman then...
3...fed this dirt to James Baker Gen Counsel of Fbi who then used the false info to obtain fisa warrant on Carter Page from fisa court and never told fisa court about source of info from DNC operatives. McCabe claiming Rosenstein offered to wear wire when meeting with @Potus..
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Oct 6, 2018
1. Looks like #qanon and @potus having a Kavanaugh nomination waiting party...I’d say they’re cracking open a few beers but @POTUS doesn’t drink. Maybe am Odouls...#voterepublican #walkaway
2. And the Dims are on to their next victims to push their next narrative...Russia...we all knew they’d throw her to the curve. Just a matter of time. #qanon #wwg1wga
3. This is what the Dims do...they could care less about women or victims... they abuse victims and use them for their own evil purposes....always to advance power. #qanon #wwg1wga
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