There are few things showing the stupidness of #netneutrality more than this story of "Verizon throttling firefighters": the firefighters opted for a cheaper "throttled" plan instead of the more expensive pay-as-you-go plan. Such throttled plans are allowed under netneutrality.
This demonstrates how the basis of #netneutrality is based on twisting everything that happens as being the fault of the Big Bad Corporations, which finds ready acceptance because of the prejudicial belief that corporations are inherently evil.
When you reach your bandwidth cap that you pay for in your cellphone plan, what should happen?
(1) they charge you overage fees
(2) they block any further
(3) they throttle your traffic, prioritizing it below paying customers
(4) allow the customer to choose which option
The concept of #netneutrality is that customers shouldn't be allowed to choose what's best for themselves, but that regulators should instead choose which is best for customers.
California firefighters chose poorly, choosing the throttled plan because most of the time, Verizon didn't actually throttle them. When they were throttled exactly as Verizon promised, suddenly it became Verizon's fault, not theirs.
Such throttling is allowed under any version of "#netneutrality" that you care to name, such as Tim Wu's original definition, the "Open Internet" order that Trump's FCC rescinded, or California's proposed law:…
The best argument you have is that Verizon wasn't clear about it's terms of service and when throttling would happen. That's an FTC issue, not anything like broadband/mobile regulation issue.
This thread started with EFF's tweet, because they are Orwellian on this issue. They increasing advocate for the Internet to be regulated like a utility while at the same time celebrating JPBarlow's declaration it shouldn't be regulated like a utility:…

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Oct 9, 2018
So Schneier has a book on how IoT will doom us based on the same reasoning why Windows was going to doom us all ten years ago. Yet, Windows didn't doom us, and neither will IoT.
It's like Paul Ehrlich's book "Population Bomb": all his predictions have spectacularly failed to come to pass, yet this doesn't stop True Believers, because it's Moral Truth.
IoT is secure. You don't believe it because of your religious faith, but mathematically, it's true. There's 10 billion IoT devices in the world but only tiny problems due to this.
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Oct 9, 2018
It's amazing watching Bloomberg doubling down on its bad hardware hacking story. Instead of addressing the bad reporting pointed out in the original story, it continues with the bad reporting in new stories.
This is technical gibberish, telling techies nothing. Is it one MAC address or two? Or two IP addresses on one MAC address? Networking isn't so complex that you have to avoid sufficient details.
Vagueness and confusion in such simple technical details is an indication the journalist or the source is fudging them.
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Oct 8, 2018
So this New Yorker story quotes me as the lone dissenter on the Trump-Alpha scandal. At least it gets some details correct, like how the server in question is located in rural Pennsylvania and not Trump Tower.…
To clarify my position: the DNS lookups may be evidence of some sort of relationship, some extraneous artifact of some other communications, but are not themselves part of a covert communications channel.
The Trump Organization had no control over the server. The server is just a bulk spam/marketing email sender and had no ability to communicate otherwise. The DNS lookups lead to nowhere.
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Oct 8, 2018
1/ So in today's sermon, I thought I'd point that you are wrong obsessing about the three-way-handshake in establishing TCP connections. How connections are closed is far more important than how they are opened.
2/ You can see this in the TCP state diagram. There's 4 states for opening a connection, and 7 (almost double) for closing a connection. The reason you like the three-way-handshake is because you understand it, but don't really understand how they are closed.
3/ One thing missing from this diagram is the 'shutdown(fd,SHUT_WR)' system call that closes only one side of the connection. It sends a FIN to the remote side, which ACKs it, but that only closes that direction. Data can flow in the other direction, until a FIN happens there.
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Oct 4, 2018
In case you were wondering, the "baseband managment controller" is a wholly separate computer inside your computer, either layered on top of your existing Ethernet controller, or even with it's own separate Ethernet port.…
It runs it's own operating system, often Linux. Putting your own flash chip, or even updating the correct flash chip with your own image, allows you to subvert the code and install your own malware/virus into the computer, regardless of the "real" operating system installed.
Thus, your BMC "virus" can then contact a C&C server on the Internet and download more interesting things to the server. This more complex code can first check the "real" operating system installed.
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Oct 4, 2018
1/ We can see flaws in the Bloomberg story even if can't verify the truth.
2/ Not only is Bloomberg overly relying upon anonymous sources, they aren't even first hand sources, or secondhand, but people vaguely "brief" on the subject. At this point, it's rumor in the intelligence community they are passing along.
3/ What's important about this is that whenever you pass technical details through multiple layers of non-techies, they get garbled. There may be something true about this story that's still unrelated to translated version in the story.
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