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1) How did we all miss the clues revealing the illegal spying on the #WhiteHouse & @realDonaldTrump? It was right there in the #mirror staring us in the face! I am combining some posts from other threads for a look at the greatest scandal in American history! #SpyGate
2) On 5/7/18 President Trump went on record revealing that the White House had been bugged. He revealed this to three reporters for @Time Magazine, who missed all the hints & clues. He put this on record after he had ordered DAG Rosenstein to fire @Comey but before it was public.
3) Trump knew this would place him on the record revealing the illegal spying before the firing, but that Time would print it a week later. @michaelscherer @ZekeJMiller & @nancygibbs missed the clues the WH had been bugged forcing remodeling of 2 rooms. time.com/donald-trump-a…
4) What seemed to the reporters like an impromptu tour & conversation was a carefully honed series of leaks & drops to put things on the record before the firing of James Comey. He would discuss active surveillance in the White House, 'gold' found behind the walls & much more.
5) So what did President Trump want to talk about? Spying! Where does the tour start? The President's Private Dining Room, why is it so interesting? The President has just remodeled it &the reporters are right about one thing, he has a story to tell them! time.com/donald-trump-a…
6) The President tells them about remodeling the walls & the molding, added a large TV to the room so he can watch the news! But that's only the hook, he has so much more to tell them. The gold behind the walls? Microphones planted to spy on one of the President's favorite spots.
7) Then came this discussion about shutting down the White House Situation Room for 2 weeks to refurbish the conference table in the room. Anyone believing you close the nerve center of the WH to work on the table? Far more likely they were clearing it of listening devices.
8) He starts using the TV to show them recorded highlights from Congressional hearings. Not just any hearings of course, but #TrumpRussiaCollusionHearings First playing a clip of ODNI James Clapper stating there is no evidence of collusion. But this is just getting started.
9) Trump was like a coach using game film to plot out his next weeks moves & doesn't mention the FBI's investigation of him. Well not yet anyway! I wonder if the reporters @Time have figured out how important their interview really was? Will they revisit now? Let's hope!
10) Something dawned on me while I was watching video about Trump After Hours. They missed that Trump was putting a story bigger than #Watergate in their laps. Illegal surveillance against the @POTUS At 0:55 we may see the mirror that reveals everything!
11) What is reflected in the mirror? The TV & TiVo being used by the President to highlight abuses by intelligence & law enforcement officials. But more importantly, a TiVo system connected to cable TV would be a great device for recording & sharing information collected by bugs.
12) President Trump may have telegraphed this earlier, when he boasted about having the world's greatest TiVo system, covered in the Washington Post a few weeks earlier. I bet it was a very special TiVo set up to record confidential conversations of @POTUS gizmodo.com/a-brief-histor…
13) I am not a follower of believer of #qanon but those posts repeatedly refer to a mirror that reveals all. Is the mirror showing the TiVo the mirror that is reflecting the truth & revealing that Trump knew how he was bugged. Which he made very clear soon after the picture!
14) He tries to make sure the @Time reporters recognize that the surveillance is a fact, not an allegation. Something they call unproven while he offers them the proof, right in front of their eyes.
15) The reporters then discuss how President Trump is frustrated that reporters won't cover the stories he wants covered. Never realizing that he was baiting them into covering this story, even though they never connected the dots he gave them. Their own bias prevents recognition
16) In fact, he was getting them to cover the wiretapping story as Comey's termination approached. Even if they covered it just to claim Trump was wrong based on the testimony of Comey. Never realizing he was talking to them because he already had the vindication & proof.
17) Trump told them all this after he had decided to fire Comey & was getting all on the record to be published later. To explain why he fired James Comey. Regardless of what Sally Yates would say the next day. He'd win by using Twitter!
What does his TiVO mean? Proof
18) He turns the discussion back to the surveillance, not in the past tense but in the present. Making the staff joke when he says the White House Comms people can't get the surveillance out. Then says he knows where the leaks are coming from, the bugs the WH comms can't find!
19) The President then starts a tour of the private residence portion of the WH. The key feature he shows off? A supposedly encrypted secure telephone! Wonder why that is on a tour where he keeps talking about wiretapping? He even says it using a silly phrase, so they'll print it
20) It seems part of an intentional strategy, to tweet or say something inviting his opponents to mock him. All the while they are sharing a story he really wants to get into the public consciousness. Wiretapping, TiVo, remote controls, & many more examples exist.
22) The next day James Comey was fired as head of the FBI, triggering him to have a friend turned volunteer @FBI employee to leak memos of his meetings. with President Trump. At least one of the meetings was in the Private Dining Room the President had remodeled before the firing
23) And how did the President react to Comey's memos! On Twitter of course! You mean like tapes from bugs in the room where they held the conversation! He knew, just like when he tweeted about the Obama Wiretaps!

Tapes in parenthesis, because TiVo doesn't have tapes!
24) There is so much more to this story of surveillance in the White House, but I wanted to post this thread as a clean copy focused only on the revelations to @Time that the White House had been illegally bugged! It certainly isn't the end of the story of course!
My thread on this topic looks at the second effort to remove bugs from the WH. With a surprise remodeling, removal of all furniture, carpets, wallpaper, & decorations from the building to defeat an infestation of bugs, ok they said flies! But we know! threadreaderapp.com/thread/1033084…

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Oct 8, 2018
Seems the New Yorker had a panel about Trump Inc. this weekend, including Felix Sater. At one time he was the Democrats prime suspect in Russian collusion, until they realized he was an undercover asset. He worked for FBI, DIA, & CIA! One of Trump's many employee FBI assets.
Buzzfeed did a pretty good article on Sater about 6 months ago. The links in that article are even more valuable as they go to specific operations & documents that show Sater's activity. Like spying on North Korea's nuclear supply chain. buzzfeednews.com/article/anthon…
And that is just the operations the DOJ admits to! All while working for Trump to line up mobsters & Russian spies who kept getting indicted!
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Oct 4, 2018
Not what I was hoping for but it looks like some more interesting breadcrumbs. More GRU hacking incidents & targets, many related to Olympic doping test facilities & the chemical weapons labs testing samples from UK & Syria. justice.gov/opa/documents-…
Of biggest interest to me is the hacking of Westinghouse Electric, nuclear fuel supplier to Ukraine & other countries. The prosecutors were unwilling to discuss anything not spelled out in the indictment, which means not much. Two main priorities seem likely for the Russians.
Westinghouse was expanding Ukrainian nuclear power capacity. So 1 priority could have been to keep Ukraine dependent on Russian oil & natural gas to allow the Russians to exert leverage over them. So disrupting that relationship or operation may have been a Russian focus.
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Sep 26, 2018
Josoph Mifsud's lawyer has written a cease & desist letter to @ScottMStedman. In it, Stephan Roh makes a couple of interesting claims. Starting with denying his role as a 'Russian agent' & making clear intent to sue for that false & defamatory allegation. #Spygate
@ScottMStedman Even more interesting is his claim that Joseph Mifsud is a Western intelligence agent & was directed by that agency (believed to be MI6) to introduce @GeorgePapa19 to a Russian. He has also been directed to remain quiet about the incident at this time!
@ScottMStedman @GeorgePapa19 Stedman has a thread about it but believes it is another Russian plot by Stephan Roh. He has no clue, the plot was to frame Pdop for contacts w/ Western intel agents pretending to be Russian agents. Agents were outed by Dems when they found no Russians.
Read 4 tweets
Sep 21, 2018
How blind can folks be, this is all you need to know! Rosenstein said all this to McCabe, knowing that someone was already secretly recording the President in the WH. RR was setting up McCabe, & McCabe took the bait writing the memos as blackmail material. cnbc.com/2018/09/21/ros…
Remember what I've said the purpose of the slow roll out is? To get the conspirators on the record under oath telling their lies, reveal a little evidence & force them to change their stories. It then requires them to produce evidence (like McCabe's memos) to back their new lies.
Each round of sunlight, causes another alibi to be destroyed. And so far, the conspirators have been forced to reveal new incriminating evidence first to try & get their spin out first. They can't wait for the declassifications, the unredactions, they have to confess & spin.
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Sep 19, 2018
ABC claiming the FBI started a Counterintelligence Investigation of @carterwpage in January 2016, also claiming that is when he joined the Trump Campaign. Both conflict with past information. They don't mention that Page provided the bugs to catch the Russian spies.
@carterwpage Steele, on the payroll of Putin's Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, contacted Bruce Ohr, who was providing tips on US DOJ actions against reputed Mobster Oleg Deripaska to Steele. Winer was for many years a FARA registered agent for Russian corporate interests.
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Sep 19, 2018
Seems everyone in the press knew Peter Strzok was removed from the SC team by 8/16/17.
Seems the @NYT knew that Greg Craig was a focus of the Manafort investigation on 9/7/17. Interesting.
Now this is an interesting string of rumors the press heard. That an agent quit the SC team & filed an affidavit against Andrew Weissman for leaking grand jury info to AP! That meeting, if there was only one, was before the Special Counsel was appointed.
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