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1) This is my #Qanon thread for Aust 31, 2018.

Q posts (with research tools) can be found here:

Android apps:

My theme: We Are Q
2) #Qanon asked questions about Nazism and whether it was truly destroyed or whether it was subsumed into a current popular movement.
There are 4 Youtube links below.
3) The first link is from the film "The Sum of All Fears" a movie that #Qanon often references.
4) The second #Qanon link is also from "The Sum of All Fears."
5) The 3rd video from #Qanon
6) The 4th #Qanon video.
7) #Qanon has been telling us for months that the President is working to remove the corrupt forces that control Iran. As with North Korea, we will likely see dramatic changes there soon (and not through the use of the military.)

(Iran's leader Hassan Rouhani is in the kill box)
8) #Qanon suggests that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal funded Obama's education. Valerie Jarret, born in Iran, became his handler, hiring Michelle and introducing them to corrupt Chicago mayors Daley and Rahn Emanuel.
Are the payoffs to corrupt politicians involved in the Iran deal about to be exposed?

#Qanon wrote:
HUSSEIN should be VERY nervous.
BRENNAN should be VERY nervous.
KERRY should be VERY nervous.
MERKEL should be VERY nervous.
9) #Qanon's link to a story about Rouhani's impending loss of control in Iran.…
10) #Qanon link to an article about the Obamas.…
11) More history on Valerie Jarrett.…
12) Alwaleed bin Talal is heavily invested in American universities, probably as a way to shape our narrative and views of Islam.
13) In part 2 of this message, #Qanon asked a series of questions about the money exchanged during the Iran deal.
14) In a multiple part answer, an anon noted that $400 million was sent in cash (non-traceable). While $1.3 billion was wired in 13 payments of $99.999 million each.
16) The anon observed that the $99.999 million figure for the 13 payments was chosen because it would preclude Congressional approval/oversight.


17) The anon said the money was taken from an obscure Treasury account and he posted links to transaction logs.

Link 1:…

link 2:…

Link 3:…
(This link does not seem to be available.)
18) #Qanon asked:
How were the cash withdrawals in EU categorized/labeled?
Where did the cash originate from?
What time of day did the withdrawals occur?
Who provided SECURITY?
Why wasn't Congress notified?
Why was the U.S. Gov't kept in the DARK?
US law broken?
19) I don't have specific answers to the questions above but it seems #Qanon is suggesting that precautions were taken by Obama to conceal certain aspects of the payments because laws were broken. (If everything was above board, there would be no need for secrecy.)
20) #Qanon asked:
Did ALL planes land in the same location (airport)?

Why did [1] particular plane land outside of Iran?
To take money to European leaders.

Why was a helicopter involved?
Location of transfer did not have an airport.
21) #Qanon asked: [WHO] did the money go to?

When the President withdrew from the Iran deal, Q suggested there were payments made to European leaders then and that the payments were ongoing. They include fines for violating environmental laws.

*Slush funds
22) #Qanon asked:
Did Rouhani keep ‘unknown’ comms as insurance?

Rouhani didn't trust Obama and the clowns so he preserved his own records of the transactions in the event the deal went sideways.

23) #Qanon asked.
What agency collects ALL FORMS OF DATA?
24) #Qanon asked:
What agency did Snowden work for orig?
Did he train on THE FARM?
When did Snowden join No Such Agency?
Define 'Contractor'.
Define the 'PRISM' program.
What year did @Snowden release spec-details of PRISM?
Mid 2013?
IMPACT-LIMIT NSA's ability to utilize/collect?
25) #Qanon asked:
FAKE NEWS push for Congressional restrictions?
When was the Joint Plan of Action (IRAN DEAL) executed?
Late 2013?
Do you believe in coincidences?
Nothing to See Here.
26) Inside of Camp Peary, there's a C_IA training facility called "The Farm."
#Qanon suggested that Snowden worked there.
(In a later post, he suggested Nellie Ohr also worked there.)
27) #Qanon posted a graphic showing the X-Box service outage that occurred after he revealed that Obama cabinet and staff used X-Box chats to avoid NSA detection.

Link to graphic:…

Q also posted a link to a Reddit thread.
28) The Reddit thread explains that X box didn't just suffer a massive service outage after #Qanon's post, the platform now considers discussions of Q to be "hate speech."…
29) #Qanon
30) #Qanon posted a link to a Twitter status.

31) The tweet #Qanon posted is a video of President Trump discussing censorship of conservatives by Google, Twitter and Facebook.
32) #Qanon posted links to articles where the MSM predictably hammered the President for suggesting social media platforms are censoring conservatives.
42) #Qanon wrote:
43) In March, an anon asked if we would have freedom of speech on social media.
#Qanon responded.
44) A Google search for #Qanon returns 3.8 million results.
Nothing to see here?

Q also posted a link to a tweet by the President.
45) Google isn't biased?
46) #Qanon reposted a prior drop about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

The new post includes a link to the State Department website describing the official relationship between the U.S. and the Vatican.
47) The Vatican is recognized as an independent state. The Holy See is its governing body—a sovereign juridical entity under international law.

Sanctuary against criminal prosecution?
Recipe for …….
48) It occurred to an anon that the #Qanon signature "Godfather III" is a reference to the movie's plot.
49) #Qanon responded.
50) An anon asked #Qanon about the signature "Iron Eagle."
(Previously we connected it to the military training exercise "Eager Lion.)
51) Some of #Qanon's signatures have double meanings.
52) Modern-day fascists are masquerading under the banner of Antifa.
#Qanon has suggested that their movement has been infiltrated by military intelligence.

"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."
~ Sun Tzu
53) An anon posted this.
54) #Qanon responded.
55) An anon posted a link to an article about the Santa Fe shooter who wore a hammer and sickle pin.
57) #Qanon said the truth has always been there if you'll willing to look for it.

(Their symbolism will be their downfall)
58) #Qanon posted this.
59) People have been revising the history of World Wars I and II for decades. Regarding the second world war, revisionists shift the narrative away from the evils of Hitler and place more blame on the allies.
60) #Qanon posted this.

Bill @mitchellvii has been talking about an October surprise.
(I don't know if he has inside information.)

Will a Rally Red October [Surprise] lead to a Red Wave?
61) #Qanon's link.
62) Outside the MSM, news that China hacked Hillary's email server has been trending.

#Qanon previously said Hillary's emails were not hacked.
She sold access to her server to China and they used the information to kill C_IA assets.
63) The FBI did not take possession of or investigate her email server because Hillary knew they would find evidence of treason.

Crowdstrike was hired instead to cover up her activity.
64) Here's the story on China and the C-IA.
65) #Qanon tried to get the attention of Richard Pollock who was interviewed on Hannity about the China-Hillary email scandal.

Q said access to Hillary's server was managed by Crowdstrike.
Access was granted by making donations to the Clinton Foundation.
66) [Crowdstrike]
68) The news article #Qanon linked to (can be viewed free on Tor browser.)

Wang Wenliang, a Chinese billionaire and donor to the Clinton Foundation was expelled from China’s top legislature after being caught up in a widespread cash-for-votes scheme.…
69) Since it's illegal for the Chinese government to make donations to U.S. politicians, I suspect they used Wenliang to make the donations. It would be illegal for him as well, but his attorney says he has a green card, which could qualify him as a legal donor.
70) An anon posted a link to the article above.
#Qanon confirmed by reposting the anon's comment.
71) #Qanon isn't buying Senator Feinstein's claim to be mortified that the FBI suspects one of her workers of being a Chinese spy.

Was she paid to be a bridge between the U.S government and China?
73) The Clintons have a long history with China and illegal donations.
In 1996, there was this little thing called #ChinaGate which could have been grounds for impeachment had the media cared to report on it.
74) The #ChinaGate scandal of 1996 may have been the genesis of the Clinton Foundation.
75) For months, we've been trying to understand who (or what) the single letter [P] meant.

@intheMatrixxx was convinced that P stood for the Payseur family.
Theories are just theories until Q confirms them.
An anon asked the question.
76) #Qanon reposted the anon, confirming that P = Payseur.
77) Why is this relevant?
On December 7, 2017, #QAnon and the anons were discussing the world's most powerful people.
78) To help explain the power structure of the global elites, #Qanon posted this.

It's become a foundational post and it's worth taking time to understand, so I'm going to break it down in simple terms.
79) #Qanon said that the Rothschilds, cult leaders, the church of Rome and (P) control global financial institutions and through that control, they also control governments around the world and indirectly, their citizens.
80) Moving down the post, #Qanon said Saudi Arabia (SA) exerts control over the energy sector, the tech sector, the global trade in children as sex slaves, and they control certain US and UK politicians.
81) How does Saudi Arabia control the tech sector?
Here's one example:
Alwaleed bin Tal is a major shareholder of Twitter stock.
82) Alwaleed is also the major shareholder of Citigroup, who emailed John Podesta a month before the 2008 presidential election with a list of names that Barack Obama would be expected to appoint after the election. Alwaleed got his appointments.
83) US and UK politicians are controlled the way its been done for centuries. Money sex, power and secrets. Saudi money funds political campaigns. The Saudis also provide protection for politicians (think organized crime).
84) Control of politicians is also done by enticing them to engage in sex with minors. The encounters are secretly videotaped and used as blackmail. This type of setup is called "Operation Brownstone."
(Think Jeffrey Epstein)
85) George Soros funds organizations that push agendas into the mainstream to brainwash people:
▶️Media Matters, Correct the Record, Share Blue, Organizing For Action, etc.
His money never decreases because the DOJ has a settlement slush fund that replenishes his assets.
86) #Qanon used a three-sided diagram /_\ to illustrate the relationship between the Saudis, the Rothschilds, and George Soros. (Each is one side of the diagram.)

The three-sided diagram described the situation before the round-up of corrupt Saudi Princes last November.
87) This diagram _\ represents the situation since the corrupt Saudi princes were removed from power. Only the Rothschilds and George Soros are left.
88) #Qanon said the diagram would contain no sides after Soros and the Rothschilds have been removed from power

The order of removing these powerbrokers is critical if they're going to be successful

Draining the swamp requires the removal of those who are backing swamp dwellers
89) The strings of control were cut to US & UK politicians when the Saudi princes were arrested. Politicians lost both funding and protection which is why many opted not to run for re-election this year and why some had their sex-crimes exposed.
90) Knowing what you now know, you might reflect on this post by #Qanon from last October.
91) In February, the global elites and the clowns attempted to force President Trump into the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (they failed). The retaliatory strike forced the bad guys into their own bunker.
92) #Qanon reminded the bad guys that they were being hunted by Navy SEALs.

A C_IA Corona satellite was taken offline to prevent them from listening.
[Silence is golden.]
93) #Qanon
94) #Qanon updated the anons on the situation noting that 2 clown (C_IA) ops had been exposed.

Then Q wrote:
Save the best for last.
94) In April, an anon asked if P was the Pope.

#Qanon did not confirm but did indicate that the Pope would have a terrible month of May.

(Things went so badly in May, the Pope expressed thoughts of retiring.)
95) An anon responded to #Qanon
96) #Qanon responded.
97) We now know that P = Payseur.

Daniel Payseur was also known as Crown Prince Louis who was Queen Marie Antoinette’s son. He was smuggled out of France to North Carolina after his mother was executed.
98) The Payseurs have owned railroads, banks, car companies, electric companies and many other assets. This page gives a comprehensive list of their holdings and provides some history on this wealthy and powerful family.
99) Neon Revolt provides a more in-depth study of the Payseurs here.
100) It's not my cup of tea, but if you follow the rabbit hole far enough, you'll eventually come to this document on the C_IA website:
Bloodlines of the Illuminati
101) Knowing that Hillary sold military secrets to China, an anon posted this.
102) #Qanon responded.
104) #Qanon asked why the mainstream media is disintesred in finding out the truth about Bruce Orh's involvement in the FISA warrant against Carter Page.
106) The New York Times thinks our interest in Bruce Orh is a conspiracy.
108) #Qanon drew our attention to statements made by John Ratcliffe about John Huber and Bruce Ohr.

Note: Ohr is in the kill box [Ohr]
109) .John Ratcliffe (wrongly) assumed that Huber did not have the information he needed about Bruce Ohr.

(Easy mistake to make when nothing is being leaked from an investigation.)
110) #Qanon asked how the Mueller investigation could continue if its basis (information gained through surveillance based on the Steele Dossier) was fake and if DOJ knew it was fake and didn't tell the FISA Court.

Things are not as they seem.
20 pages of FISA yet to be revealed
111) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by the President.
113) #Qanon
114) #Qanon posted a number of links related to Bruce Ohr's testimony before Congress.
115) The first link points to a letter from Chuck Grassley to Jeff sessions asking 31 questions about Spygate.

#Qanon indicated that items #21 through 25 would be discussed during the meeting with Bruce Orh.…
116) The second link by #Qanon takes you to a letter from Jeff Sessions to Chuck Grassley, Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte explaining why he chose to appoint John Huber to prosecute corruption in DC instead of a second special Counsel.
117) Here's the 3rd link from #Qanon…
118) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by the President.
119) Here's the tweet.
Many take it as a complaint.
I take it as a harbinger of what's about to happen.
120) #Qanon posted this.
121) D5 - the highest number on the avalanche scale.
122) #Qanon posted a link to the June DOJ Inspector General's report into the FBI's investigation of Hillary's emails.

We know from the IG there are multiple ongoing investigations.
(Q confirmed in a follow-up post that "of" should have been "in")

123) Whenever Q says, ""What if (xxx) exists" you can safely assume it does.

The NSA has evidence of what was in Obama's Presidential Daily Brief—who was under surveillance, who was unmasked and who received that information.

NSA has it all.
124) Obama and his intelligence community knew about Hillary's server.
But they couldn't take action without implicating themselves. As soon as Hillary emailed them, they became guilty.
125) During the transition before he was inaugurated, President-elect Trump refused daily intelligence briefings.
Were Obama's intel people giving him bad information?…
126) #Qanon wrote:
Threat assessment.
Adm Rogers?

They knew what was going down.
Trump received intel briefings from the patriots who asked him to run for office.
(And he still does.)
127) #Qanon wrote:
Why did HUSSEIN + HRC + ADMIN + Staff + … use private emails to communicate?

To avoid NSA collection

Was HRC the only one to use unsecured server(s)?

I suspect that others did and I would not be surprised if we hear that Obama did.
128) #Qanon wrote:
If access was granted re: HRC private server(s) can you assume access was granted re: House server(s) re: AWAN?
AWAN>Pakistani Intelligence?
Huma>Muslim Brotherhood?
129) The Awans didn't hack the House server(s). They were employed by the Democratic Caucus and given access.

130) If you think Imran Awan is free, I'd like to sell you some prime oceanfront property just outside of Phoenix.

Awan sold US intelligence to Pakistanis.

[Matters of National Security] are not quickly dismissed, regardless of what you've read.
131) I'm still a few days behind Q but I wanted to share the latest post.

As the deep state gathers to plan their next move under the cover of no name's funeral, #Qanon has a private message for them.

He and the team are watching their every move and listening.
132) #Qanon
133) #Qanon posted links to 2 news articles.
134) Link 1 discusses the real-time access China had to Hillary's emails.
135) Link 2 is about the attempts Devin Nunes (reportedly) made to contact British intel chiefs during a visit to London.
136) #Qanon posted a link to a news article stating that China had been killing or imprisoning C_IA agents since 2010—the year after Hillary became Secretary of State.

Q has said Hillary gave them access to her server in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.
138) #Qanon reposted a list of people from the FBI & DOJ who have been removed from power. Some are cooperating witnesses.

Congress has heard testimony from Ohr, Strzok and Page. Bill Priestap testified once. Q says he and Mike Kortan will testify in the future.
139) This is a more readable version of the above graphic.

#Qanon asked:
Who are they cooperating with?

Sessions & Huber?
140) #Qanon posted this.

The #Spygate operatives are cooperating with (testifying before) Congress.

2 more to go: Priestap and Kortan
141) An anon posted the text of an article asserting that neither John Huber nor Robert Mueller has interviewed Bruce Ohr.

(Asks yourself how anyone could claim to know everyone who has been interviewed by a Special Prosecutor or a US Attorney.)
142) #Qanon pointed out that the false claim from this story was based on the erroneous assumption made by John Ratcliffe in his interview with Hannity when he assumed Huber had not interviewed Bruce Ohr.

Link to interview:
143) #Qanon posted a letter from Chuck Grassley to Jeff Sessions requesting a second Special Counsel.
In a footnote about Bruce Ohr, Grassley noted multiple interviews with DOJ & FBI officials.

Grassley's notes don't have much detail but Q told us who those interviews were with
144) Link to Grassley's letter.
Item number 4 is about Bruce Ohr.
Footnote 5 is quoted and expanded upon by #Qanon in this post.

From above, note: May 12 & 16 interviews with IG.
We know that that IG is working with Huber.…
145) #Qanon asks why after Sessions has been attacked, now, suddenly John Huber is being attacked.

Huber reports directly to Sessions.
Huber is working with the Inspector General (IG) and his team of 470 people.
No information has been leaked from Huber's investigation.
146) Emotional people come to illogical conclusions.

They fear that D's will win the midterms ignoring the fact that D's have no money, no message and no clear leadership team.
147) Emotional people fear that Mueller will take out Trump so they want a second special counsel, not factoring in the massive downside to a second special counsel and the upside to using an independent US Attorney working outside of DC.
[Define panic.]
148) Emotional people demand arrests yesterday ignoring the fact that the justice system hasn't been cleaned out and that seasoned professionals with sound judgment surround Trump in every department and they know how to set up the prosecution of criminals.
149) Most of the bad ideas about how Trump should take down the swamp come from people with no experience in law enforcement or intelligence.

Do you really think these ideas are better than those of people with decades of experience?

(The rally was on the 30th)
150) The President posted this tweet about Nellie Ohr.

151) Everything said by POTUS and #Qanon has a specific meaning.
They're sending us messages to help us understand where this is all headed.
152) Diana West fills in the blanks on Nellie Ohr's history with the CIA (their training facility is called the Farm,) her expertise in Russian and her connection to the dodgy dossier.
153) After the President and Louie Gohmert said Hillary's emails were hacked by China, the FBI disputed the allegation.


Do you realize the significance of that?
Trump has evidence to back up everything he says.
154) Trump is being informed by the NSA.
They have it all.
That's why he can back up everything he says.

#Qanon's link.…
155) POTUS and #Qanon are working together to provide factual information on corruption.

To stay on top of what's happening with the takedown of corruption, all you need to do is keep up with the President and Q.

Follow the leader.
156) #Qanon posted links to 2 news stories.
157) Bruce Ohr said he kept half a dozen high-level DOJ and FBI officials informed on his work with Christopher Steele. One of the officials is Andrew Weissmann, who is now a top Robert Mueller deputy.
158) The second article is about statements made President Trump during the rally in Indiana. He can (and will) declassify the documents we all want to see but first, he needs to make the case (publicly) for doing it.
159) During the Indiana rally, the President said this about Hillary and her crimes.
160) #Qanon responded.
161) #Qanon posted a link to a profile page on Office of Director of National Intelligence website.
162) Guess who was the first to report to President Obama the news about Hillary's illegal email server?
163) May people have asked about the real disposition of no name.
164) #Qanon said his burial is this story.
165) #Qanon reposted an anon who shared a link to the story about two more prosecutors who left Robert Mueller's team.
166) Ever wonder why people on Mueller's team continue to be arrested or leave?
167) Who is really under investigation?
168) Like clockwork, another person accused John Huber of doing nothing. This complaint is based on John Ratcliffe's erroneous statement and the false news stories related to it.
(Victoria Toensing is the attorney for Uranium One informant Doug Campbell.)
169) An anon posted a link to @JudicialWatch story about the fact that no hearing was held regarding the Carter Page FISA request.

171) #Qanon posted 2 tweets by the President on the revelation that no hearing was held regarding the FISA request against Carter Page.

172) #Qanon posted 3 links related to FISA.
173) Link 1 is about the FISA Court being a rubber stamp process.…
174) Link 2 is a response from Judge Collyer to Devin Nunes, where she dodges questions about the FISA process and defers to the Executive branch/DOJ when asked to provide documents related to the Carter Page FISA request.
175) Devin Nunes has pondered whether it would be helpful (and appropriate) to ask Chief Justice John Roberts to testify before Congress about the FISA process.
176) For perspective, Andrew McCarthy had this to say about the fact that no hearing was held regarding the Carter Page FISA request.
"His burial is the end of this story."
177) Spygate relied on a system that allowed the surveillance of a target if the case could be made that the target was a spy working for a foreign government (which would make them a threat to national security.)
178) The Obama administration created connections to people they wanted to spy on.

As an example, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya made contact with Paul Manafort (as well as Jared Kushner and Don Trump Jr) at Trump Tower.
179) Once associated with her, Manafort was drawn into Mueller's investigation.

Veselnitskaya met with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS the day before and the day after the Trump Tower meeting. (One report says they met the day of the meeting as well)
180) But first, Veselnitskaya had to get into the country and that was problematic because her visa had expired. Loretta Lynch facilitated her entry through Homeland Security and #Qanon says there's a paper trail to prove it.
181) The second part of this post is not as clear as the first part so we're going to look at it line by line.

#Qanon is describing the apparatus (know to us and unknown to us) that was used to spy on the Trump campaign.
182) #Qanon wrote:
183) Note that there are 2 mechanisms for surveillance:
2) UK Assist = The British intelligence apparatus = QCHQ/MI6/Five Eyes.
184) How do you remove / silence those who were illegally targeted and spied on?

Force them to plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit under the threat of life in prison for espionage.
185) If you apply enough pressure to a person caught up in a foreign espionage case, you can get them to remain quiet about what really happened.
186) #Qanon wrote:
187) FISA Title I surveillance (the kind used on Carter Page) is limited.
It only allows for ELECTRONIC surveillance. [Signals Intelligence]
It is only to be used domestically.

It does not allow for human surveillance [HUMINT]. More on that in a minute.…
188) Add to the target of the surveillance anyone they come in contact with incidentally (a tangent) and you have a wider net.

Anyone Carter Page came in contact with in the Trump campaign could also be spied on. (That's the first "hop".)
189) Add to that, the surveillance capability provided by the Five Eyes agreement with the UK.

UK intelligence doesn't obey US spying laws. Since Americans are foreigners, they're not protected by UK surveillance laws. They can be targeted as foreign nationals.
Combine the FISA surveillance of the target + any tangents who are in contact with the target + UK surveillance of a foreign national and you have [Umbrella Surveillance.]
191) #Qanon wrote:
192) Translation: By designating someone a foreign operative (spy) the circle of people who are connected to that target can be spied on as long as they're connected by a couple of degrees of separation (hops) in domestic [non-foreign] communications.
193) Example:
P talks to X
X talks to Y
Y talks to Z
P, X, Y, Z = Can all have their communications swept up via BULK DATA COLLECTION [UMBRELLA]
194) The link #Qanon posted is an announcement by NSA that certain upstream collection methods (702 about queries) were halted.

The FBI allowed private contractors to access the NSA database to find information on political opponents during #Spygate…
195) #Qanon wrote:

(US FISA laws can be bypassed by getting the UK to assist in the effort.)
196) #Qanon wrote:

By inserting a human spy [HUMINT] into the system, you can bypass normal FISA laws which only allow for electronic surveillance.
197) #Qanon wrote:

198) If I'm interpreting this correctly, a special kind of operation exists where FISA laws can be bypassed and human spies can be used and this operation is classified.

What does "CLASSIFIED PUBLIC" mean?

Is it classified and not known to the public?
199) Since we don't have security clearances or a need to know and #Qanon is not a leaker of classified info, I'll assume the above reference means it's classified for public knowledge.
200) I'll end this #Qanon thread with this.

• • •

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