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Sam Patten's name or backer may not resonate but dig into his work and his employers desire to elect the unelectable "So anyway, the irony was, because it was SCL I assumed it was the bad guys." and the need to create a false enemy like "migrants"…
SCL client Andy Wigmore of "The propaganda machine of the Nazis, for instance – you take away all the hideous horror and that kind of stuff – it was very clever, the way they managed to do what they did."…
Cambridge Analytica /SCL CEO Alexander Nix smack talking future client Trump back when they were getting paid $5.8m to pimp Ted Cruz against @realDonaldTrump . In other words, they don't care who they elect or what negative impact they cause. #PayUpSucker
Sam Patten, who had, worked in Moscow, Ukraine, Nigeria and other regions moved to Oregon in 2014 to work for Cambridge Analytica. He tested out the Canadian psychographic profiles and targeting algorithms created by Victoria BC-based AggregateIQ, for candidate Art Robinson.
Art Robinson is an alt-science, anti evolution, urine banker backed by the Mercers in 2012 and 2014 . “Suppose I’m a charlatan, but a convincing charlatan,” Art said. Despite $470,000 from Cambridge Analytica. Robinson lost. He is running again in 2018.…
Patten, Bannon, CA, Brexit,Cruz and Trump are all connected through alleged data piracy and propaganda. In 2014, #AggregateIQ built RIPON for SCL Elections Designed to target pliable voters with inflammatory ads using hot button fear items, like migrants.…
FSB asset Kilimnik is out of range so today's plea bargain was a wing shot to bag Patten's cooperation in much more than just violating the ancient and toothless FARA rules. #CyprusRussanMoneyLaunder…
Sam Patten does know how to fill out a FARA form. Here he is working for Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri of Arkan, an Abu Dhabi govt aka SENAAT-owned cement company to fight ISIS by creating a Sunni homeland in "West Iraq" #WaitForIt……
Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri is the same Emirati who arranged for Erik Prince to get his UAE Residency Visa while working for Windcrest aka "Assurance Management Consultancy" a front for the Reflex Response mercenary project located in the Golden Fish building overlooking the corniche.
It's a very small, dirty world
Sam Patten flipped on no FARA and bogus tickets. There is more. In the back. Page 7 is worth reading. All the way to the end. Mueller is tagging and bagging those who knowingly lied and withheld info/docs to the #SSCI. #Junior #SimpleJared #ErikPrince…
OK the zinger. Late 2014/early 2015: Nigerian election, The gang's all here: SCL, Sam Patten, Aggregate IQ, Israeli hackers and dirty tricks…
...and Erik Prince's $1.5 billion mercenary pitch. Starting to see a pattern?…

from AggregateIQ Christoper Wylie: This guy (Sam Patten) was responsible for CA (Cambridge Analytica/Mercer/Bannon) operations in the US that involved covertly testing US voter attitudes on Putin's leadership... I know there's more to come.."
Fake news, dirty tricks and fear act as a propellant when added to the targeting pattern created by Kosinski and Stillwel.…
"You can use fire to both warm your house and burn it down."…
Thus the trolling and "ratfucking" of America, creation of false foreign enemies, and false allies. Welcoming extreme actors as political allies because of those exaggerated threats. Ergo tribal dictators, religious zealots, racists, mercenaries and trolls…

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Oct 9, 2018
Back when the CIA kept international journalism afloat. Travel publisher Eugene Fodor also allowed CIA NOCs to use his company offices as fronts.…
May 15 1984. The CIA is upset that the media can publish anything they want.…
May 13 1984. Two days earlier. the media reveals that the United States throws foreign elections by donating millions of dollars to favored candidates.…
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Oct 9, 2018
Al-Saif Al-Ajrab. Arab bodyguards have a really bad habit of using low grade steroids to bulk up. When I left Libya one of my bodyguards asked to bring horse steroids. It also shrinks their balls to the size of raisins.…
Abu Starsky and Hutch
send hijackers and money.…
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Oct 7, 2018
1979 was a pivotal year in history. Iran, Russia, China and Britain all began events that would take us where we are today.…
A muj friend of mine in Afghanistan worked with Azzam's assistant Bin Laden and said he would only pay for transporting rockets if you were a Salafist. Saudi money created al Qaeda. Hezbi head Hek stockpiled all the weapons and money we gave him. Only fighting to get more money.
I know of at least 8 CIA missions scrubbed to get bin Laden. That does not include Khartoum's no strings offer in 96 or the Talib's 01 offer to hand him over if they could provide evidence of 9/11 collusion. In 98 Bin Laden blew up two embassies the Uganda plot was foiled)
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Oct 5, 2018
America's war in #Afghanistan began on July 3, 1979. Yes, six months before the #Soviets invaded and long before Operation Enduring Freedom. That's four decades of winning, losing and not giving a damn when the Taliban rolled in.…
the talibs or #Taliban owe their origins to Shah Waliullah Dehlawi, who translated the Koran into Persian and the Deobandi Dar al-Ulum in Deoband in the Uttar Pradesh province of India…
Frustrated at the number of checkpoints run by warlords and with much of Afghanistan and Kabul destroyed by militias, In September, 1994, Mullah Mohammad Omar left the Sang-i-Hisar Madrassa in Maiwand to form a militia to oust a local warlord in the border town of Spin Boldak.
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Oct 4, 2018
Ghani doesn't want to, and won't, meet with Prince. I was asked many times if Ghani was corrupt. No, he is not. So that is your answer.…
The CENTCOM boss that runs our army over there weighs know the ones that are accountable, swear an oath of allegiance (to our country), have to clean up the mess and don't do 90 days on, 30 off at four times the day rate. Sorry no cake for Erik.…
The Taliban has always used every aviation CIVCAS event to their advantage. Airstrikes using bad intel are probably the most corrosive violent event to U.S. support As this "al Emara" Talib news network shows.…
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Oct 1, 2018
Mercenary provocateur for hire Steve Bannon was testing inflammatory memes as early as 2014. The Breitbart, fake news, troll factory, Facebook, Jingoist divisive targeting tactics are popular in third world countries and also used by terrorist groups.
The 2013 paper that inspired the current targeting. Facebook users who took the "myPersonality" quiz were unwittingly handing over the data of 360 of their "friends". Stillwell refused to work for SCL so they copied his work and created Cambridge Analytica…
Friendly and Conventional: "predominantly White residents with comparatively low levels of education, wealth, economic innovation, and social tolerance. Residents of this region also tend to be politically conservative, religious, and civically engaged in their communities."
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