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I'll say this clearly for you people in the back who just don't get it: I'll take a government full of establishment hacks over a fascist bigot threatening the existence of American democracy any day of the week. Hell, I'll fight for that "establishment" if it saves this country.
You want to make new law, pass progressive legislation, build a fairer country? Me too! First, save the system of laws by casting out this criminal regime. It's the whole ballgame. We will advance NOTHING till he's gone.
I have zero patience for all of your "well, Hitler was just a symptom of something larger" bullshit. Ride or walk, it's your choice. Do you even care? Is it all an intellectual exercise? Does this fucking BORE you?
This election is about defeating Trumpism - the attack on our democracy. That's it. In Congress, it will be hearings and impeachment. Commissions. Prosecution. In the states, we need Democrats whose first order of business is opposing Trump - protecting people from the worst.
Get your head out of your ass. TRUMP is the issue. Sure, McCain was terrible from a progressive POV. That he was - by far - the most effective Republican opponent to the criminal regime shows just how badly this battle is going. The #GOP is broken. It lies prone to fascism.
If McCain's carefully scripted attack on Trump from beyond the grave - he worked on it for a year - gets anyone off the sidelines, GREAT. That it dominated a news media that is itself in thrall of the pretender is a clear win. I don't need to hear about how imperfect that all is.
You media "commentators" - you analyst types, you hot-take architects - what part of ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE do you not fucking get? It's like a God-damned hostage tape every day around here. Ride or die. This is it. There's no irony involved. Only brutality. OPEN YOUR EYES.
Sorry to cuss you all out on a quiet Sunday morning of a holiday weekend. I apologize. BUT I JUST CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE OF THE FUCKING BULLSHIT. Ride or die in 65 days. 🇺🇸

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Jul 29, 2018
1. Won the working class vote.
2. Won the working class vote.
3. Won the working class vote.
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Jul 13, 2018
This is a generalization, but how come Democrats of color have always seen the threat from Russia so damned clearly - while others (shall we say) have not? And despite our national history of racism? This fact (and it is one) always amazes me.
The CBC has been "Russia stole the election" from the start. Liberal commentators (non-white) - 'Russia stole the damned election." In 2016. White progressive counterparts: 'don't make us laugh." Why is that?
Obvious exceptions apply, but it's a pattern. In my own circle if acquaintances I find this generalization holds. "Our country is under attack" was FAR more likely to be the line I heard from non-white lefties in 2016.
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Apr 24, 2018
The one clear conclusion in the fallout from the Chozick book? There has been no reckoning at the #NewYorkTimes. No newsroom autopsy. No blue ribbon commission. No inquiry from the publisher, as in Blair and WMD. Until that happens, it's all bizarre anti-journalistic reaction.
And as I've argued before, when you have reporters on Twitter essentially filling in as the voices of the institution? That's a recipe for pure disaster. First off, they're Godawful at it. Just terrible. Secondly, it's unfair. Why don't the publishers stand up and defend the NYT?
Today, you have the opinion page editors trying to "steer" the direction of the Chozick fallout with three anti-Clinton letters. So clumsy and obvious! When the defense of a *damned newspaper* is "the candidate was really to blame" then journalism has failed completely. #NYT
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Dec 10, 2017
1. Just for the record: here is the section of New York State election law that governs registration for primaries - more accurately, changing or designating parties to take part in our closed primary system - again, New York State Law.
2. Here's the link. It's one helluva read, folks! All 722 pages. Get some hot cocoa, settle in.…
3. Obviously, we need changes in New York. The law requires about 200 days before a presidential primary (depending on dates). Reformers in New York know this. #Indivisible - by far the strongest grassroots movement in NY - supports this. As do I.
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Sep 13, 2017
1. Westchester politics thread. Pay attention regional and national political reporters, because it's about White House too.
2. Meet @GeorgeLatimer37 - who won the Democratic primary for county executive yesterday. George is a State Senator and nice guy.
3. George is serious about policy and making people's lives better. And - this is for you, media folks - he's running vs. Trump protege.
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