So, let's dive in again. Shall we?
I'm going to thread a bit on Alex Shnaider, Trump's partner in Trump Toronto.
For those of you that are new followers, first let me give a quick review of those funny-looking graphs you see me post from the offshore leaks database. /1
2/ Graphs like this one show a number of things.
A. By being in the database, we know that this account/company is offshore. The core reasons for having offshore LLCs is to negate taxation &/or hide ownership. The latter allows 4 blood money (profits from criminal endeavors)...
3/ to be laundered. Blood profits are made by these entities (or dumped into them), then placed in real estate, hedge funds, luxury goods, etc... So that it can enter our markets. Once that's done, the money is clean. It can move from there w/o the scrutiny of law enforcement.
4/ Unless, of course, someone leaks all these account files to the press - who then create a database of them and expose it to the world. That's what you're looking at here. This account was never supposed to be seen.
It belongs to Alex Shnaider.
Let's look closer...
5/ B. Up top, under the title of the account - Midland Resources Holdings - there is a bunch of data: date of incorporation, status, island of registry (that's the "offshore" part), linked countries.
And then we get to which database this account was found: #PanamaPapers.
6/ A reminder about PUTIN & Mossack Fonseca - the Panama firm that held the paperwork on all these accounts (that was the leak).…
7/ And a reminder about Russian mobligarch, Alex Shnaider, and who he really works for.…
8/ Now back to this account - where we are learning so much.
Look to the graph itself:
C. The circle at the core is the account we're looking at - Midland. Who & what Midland is connected to extends out from it. And on those lines, we're given the nature of the connection...
9/ "Shareholder" means exactly what it says. Some one/entity that holds shares (ownership %). "Intermediary" is usually the lawyer/accountant named on the account as the person who set it up - or is a primary contact.
In Midland's case, that person is Swiss investor ANDRE ZOLTY.
10/ I just threaded on him this morning - related to some money-laundering he was doing for drug traffickers. Oh, and his connection to some blood-diamond dealers.
He's a super guy.
11/ Okay, so you get it - what we're looking at with those graphs. That's good.
Now, myself and others have done a TON of research on Shnaider. Just search my timeline for him & his father-in-law, BORIS BIRSHTEIN.
Here's an interesting 1993 article on him.…
12/ Knowing the history of Birshtein's company, Seabeco, is critical.
Seabeco was used to move money, resources, & gold out of the former Soviet Union and into the West. Via old KGB contacts, of course.
We can only imagine the influence Seabeco underwrote.…
13/ Also critical? Understanding the role of son-in-law in Russian organized crime.…
14/ Remembering that Birshtein was once SEMION/SEMYON MOGILEVICH's consigliere AND the person who sent Bob Levinson (the "Mogilevich Hunter") off to Kish Iran to meet up with a "source" is everything.
15/ And for those who follow me closely, this Alex Shnaider offshore account should get your attention.
Oh, and this archived article on Birshtein's business partner, Sergei Mikhailov.…
16/ Alex Shnaider was not some random developer who built Trump Toronto.
He's part of the Solntsevskaya bratva.
And @realDonaldTrump is a money-launderer for organized crime. First for La Cosa Nostra (as inherited from Fred), then for the Russian Vor.
17/ So, let's do what the good esquire, @lauferlaw, is telling us to do.
Let's stay focused on that.
And hold our free press accountable to do the same.
Everything is at stake.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
Some Far Right extreme reversals that Sept-Oct 2018 brought to the world:
1. Liberals went from "snowflakes" to a dangerous "mob" - requiring Rand Paul's wife to keep a gun by her bed.
2. Alt-Right went from "Gorilla Mindset" alphas to men who need their mommies to defend them.
3. Nazis went from despising "Chad" (their term for whiny, silver spoon, prep school boys who succeed from privilege) to embracing King Chad of Chadlandia, Kavanaugh.
4. @LindseyGrahamSC screeched & clutched his pearls, & thinks he found his balls.
Wait... he's always done that.
5. Lastly, the total abandonment of Taylor Swift by the White Supremacists who've had her back since Kanye stormed the stage & stole her moment 9 years ago.
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Oct 9, 2018
When you have eyes directly on the RU-backed propaganda machine, you can predict that which seems unpredictable at the time.
I watched them weaponize this organic movement.
The emotional terrorism inflicted on our nation by @GOP around Dr. Ford/ Kavanaugh was inevitable. /1
2/ For new followers, and many older ones, there may still be some confusion over the seemingly disparate subjects covered by this twitter account.
They are not separate topics.
They are all related, because I'm metaphorically standing in the money pot underneath it all.
3/ If you stand there with me and look up, here is what you'll see:
- The Alt-Right media machine. Coordinating with both conservative PR firms (many of which are registered foreign agents in the FARA database), and Hill Staffers.
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Oct 8, 2018
Every single one of Fred Trump's territories was controlled by the Genovese.
Watch this, then keep reading down this thread. I'm gonna show you something.…
2/ This is Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's testimony for the @SDNYnews, detailing trade union mafia corruption.
HRH Construction was Fred's - and then Donald's builder.
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Oct 7, 2018
Here is how @SenateDems @DNC @HouseDemocrats need to fight:
1. Expose how PR firms & Senate Staff coordinate money and messaging.
2. Expose dirty tricksters who both create and capitalize on #1 above. Especially Chuck Johnson. Expose that shitbird like there's no tomorrow.
3 ...
3. EXPOSE MARK JUDGE's HISTORY W/ CHUCK JOHNSON & "dopple-gate" crew. Track that sh*t from Alt-Right players & Barbara Ledeen, spittled out of Hatch ("mixed up") before Ed Whelan got his thread out (oops), & ending w/@SenatorCollins. It's not a complex web. It's a straight-line.
4. Demand investigations of all THREE above for their role in Dr. Ford's email hack, death threats, and leaks to "journalists" about her name and address. She testified they were on her lawn before any reporting was public about her name & was genuinely confused how.
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Oct 7, 2018
Some tunes from my DM music angel.
It's not that I don't have moments of despair.
It's that I let those moments wash over me, using music, poetry, art, love, and laughter where I can find it - to get me to the other side.
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Oct 6, 2018
More recklessness in Kavanaugh's financials.
He spotted taking his Georgetown crew on AZ trip. He cannot afford this risk.
Kav's friendship circle has remained tight for 30+ yrs. And Kavanaugh routinely put currying favor w/them OVER the welfare of his household.
@ninaandtito made spreadsheets of Kavanaugh's financials from his disclosures. These numbers are coming from him.
This is what MSM press AND THE SENATE should have done. They failed.
Kavanaugh's reckless financial history makes him a prime target for outside influence. Indeed, in 2017 - just before his formal nomination, an unnamed source cleared all his debt. Exactly who did this has yet to be investigated.
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