1)I am seeing an increasing number of people under the impression that #lightning as an overlay bridge network for #blockchains (via atomic swaps) is a great thing for alts.

And they can not be more wrong.

In reality, Lightning is where #altcoins will come in droves only to die
2) At the moment, all blockchains are entirely segregated from one another. The only real bridge that exists today are exchanges which are largely inefficient with enormous amounts of friction, ie. registration, KYC/AML, confirmation wait times for deposits/withdrawals, etc.
3) Friction & segregation of networks protects smaller networks from larger ones consuming & engulfing them. Network theory teaches us that we continually gravitate towards the singularity, after all this is the entire premise of a network. This is evident all throughout history.
4) One of the best examples of human networks is language. If we were to confine 100 humans of different backgrounds to a small, localized, isolated area and we returned some time later, it is safe to assume that we will return to a population with a single converged language.
5) This is largely the history of all modern human languages we have today, they are each byproducts of language convergence of surrounding, nearby local tribes and villages some thousands of years ago; whether through conquest, trade, or diplomacy..
6) Until a sustainable *singularity* was reached within each localized, geographic area. The reason so many languages continue to exist today is due to friction & geographic segregation. Languages are able to continue to exist and flourish in isolation in their respective areas.
7) With the advent of the Internet, we are witnessing the very same language convergence 1000s of years ago scaled to a global level. I'm specifically referring to English. The Internet has increased the fluidity/liquidity/availability of communication by eliminating friction..
8) from geographic isolation and segregation. Communication is so available and so fluid today, that language is converging to a singularity on a global scale. Through the Internet, English has begun penetrating all societies & languages, and will begin slowly engulfing them.
9) Fast forward to #Lightning. Lightning will do for Bitcoin what the Internet is doing for English.

Lightning as a bridge network will exponentially increase the liquidity, fluidity and availability of #Bitcoin & drastically narrow the friction & bridge gaps between blockchains
10) This will eventually result in the #Bitcoin singularity as Bitcoin is the single most liquid & largest network by orders of magnitudes. Lightning will enable Bitcoin to flow & penetrate into everything and engulf them. Segregation currently protects all altcoins from Bitcoin.
11) Keep in mind that these are all just simple digital numbers and information at the end of the day. There is nothing inherently special in them other than their network effects. Study network theory, only then will you will realize a multicoin universe is a fool's dream. /END

• • •

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Oct 1, 2018
The total size of the Internet, give or take a few MB. This includes IPv4 and IPv6.

sh ip bgp ipv4 uni sum | i total bytes
BGP using 205560814 total bytes of memory

sh ip bgp ipv6 uni sum | i total bytes
BGP using 69169288 total bytes of memory

Big blocks are nonsensical. Scaling on-chain is nonsensical. Blockchain (as a communication medium) is nonsensical.
IPv4 prefixes and paths:
712223 network entries using 84042314 bytes of memory
1235329 path entries using 64237108 bytes of memory

IPv6 prefixes and paths:
54780 network entries using 7723980 bytes of memory
54796 path entries using 4164496 bytes of memory
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Aug 26, 2018
1) The narrative, promise, and objective of #blockchain has been skewed and altered into some Frankenstein clusterfuck. I see so many clueless people talking about competition, applications, tx throughput, speed, governance. When did this space derail and spiral out of control?
2) The purpose of a blockchain is to recreate objective truth or reality and the *only* way we can achieve this is when its security exceeds any one person's ability to alter its records or censor future ones. Therefore, the *only* application of a blockchain is security.
3) Blockchains are *NOT* application platforms nor are they communication mediums. They are not built for this functionality as they are highly inefficient. They are first and foremost consensus apparatuses to trustlessly discover truth and create objective reality.
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Mar 6, 2018
Over time, I’m open to it. But right now, it’s a farfetched grandiose idea.

Bitcoin is largely the only real and/or practical application right now. Everything else is snakeoil to me. And I’ll explain.
The thing about asset ownership such as real estate for example is that it exists exclusively in the physical world and adheres to the physical world’s laws and security principles.

Let’s say you have a tokenized deed on some decentralized ledger, then what?
Who is going to honor this deed? Surely someone needs to provide the *physical security* framework to honor and reflect the tokenized deed, ie. the state.

If you are dependent on a centralized body for security, then it’s a pointless venture to “decentralize” record keeping.
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