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On 7 Sep 1974 (44 years ago today), Govt of #Pakistan amended the constitution, declaring #Ahmadis as a non-Muslim minority.
In preceding months, dozens of Ahmadis were killed, 1000’s made homeless and millions were under a full socioeconomic boycott.
Here are a few thoughts.
1.Bhutto , after losing half the country had set his sights on international leadership. He had held the OIC in Lahore in Feb 74. Leaders from the Islamic world attended. Bhutto had improved upon his Islamic credentials greatly
But his opponents weren’t happy. They wanted more
2..May 74: a fight broke out at Rabwah (HQ for Ahmadiyya movement) between the students Jamaat Islami and the local Ahmadis. Some JI boys got hurt. Newspapers portrayed it as a great massacre (LIES). It wasn’t a random brawl. Those students were sent to trigger the riots.
3. Upon Mullah's demand, ZAB asked the national assembly to decide on this issue, once and for all. The final settlement, ‘solve the 90 year old issue’, he said. On 30th of June, Mullahs in Parliament brought a resolution forward. A masterpiece in legal and political incompetence
4.The resolution asked to determine the ‘status in Islam of persons who did not believe in khatme nabuwwat’. It was agreed to be presented to the house for a vote on the condition that Ahmadis be cross-examined.
(How can one determine a supposed non-Muslim's status ‘in Islam’?)
5.Moving on.. Ahmadiyya Muslim leadership was asked to send witnesses. Khalifatul Masih III, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad & 3 scholars went. Prior to the in-camera session, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih addressed the national assembly and presented a memorandum on behalf of the community.
6. The Memorandum: He said that the kafir making sword which was raised against Ahmadis has the potential to be ‘even deadlier in its potential to cut to pieces, every other school of thought in Pakistan.’
Prophetic, isn’t it? Here is a link…
7.Yahya Bakhtiar, the attorney general, started cross-exam. He was fed the questions by a Q committee (comity more like) comprising of the grandee Mullahs like Mufti Mahmood, Noorani, et al. Bakhtiar frequently was exasperated by the stupidity of many questions by the committee
8.Bakhtiar lost the govt’s case on day 1 of the cross examination. He couldn’t justify whether a govt had the right to decide about the faith of a person. His main argument was about copyright or patent claims of brands like coca cola. To him (and Mullahs) Islam was a commodity.
9.When challenged about the ramifications of the amendment. Bakhtiar reassured the delegation ‘'even if you were declared a non-Muslim minority... will they stop you from prayers ...or in believing that you are a Muslim?' (44 years later.. Yes sir.. they do.. ALL THE TIME)
10.This was the measure of the small-mindedness of Shah A. Noorani. when the Ahmadi delegates went for a break, he demanded that Ahmadi Khalifa should stand up to answer the questions. Why is he allowed to sit on a chair? (The speaker denied Mr. Noorani his demand. )..
11. a member complained that the Ahmadi Khalifa is answering the question with such ease that he must have been informed about them beforehand. When reassured that that was not the case, another member piped up… Check their briefcases… They must have hidden recording equipment.
12.Reading the transcipts, the assembly should have discussed this resolution instead.. ‘Anyone who calls another Kafir, or doesn't pray Janaza for, does not marry or pray behind other sects should be declared Non-Muslim.’ (Seriously… everyone is a NON-MUSLIM IN PAKISTAN).
13.Y. Bakhtiar then delved into the question of Kufr and Islam. A theological question was beyond his capabilities clearly. Ahmadi answer was that Kufr (rejection) and not being a Muslim are not the same. A Muslim can commit kufr while still being a Muslim.
14. This was to clarify the Ahmadiyya stance rejecting the Imam of the age (Imam Mahdi) makes one answerable to God, but does not take away their right to identify and practice as Muslims and being part of the 'Ummah'. Bakhtiar did not even refer to this in his closing remarks.
15.Then came the question on making changes to the Quran. Zafar Ansari of JI was nominated to question the delegation. Ahmadi delegation nominated Maulana Abul Atta but this was denied. They were hoping to gain advantage thinking the Khalifatul Masih may not be ready.
16. How wrong they were. Ansari’s questions were deflated one by one by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih. There wasn’t even a tiny shred of truth in them. Just lies and fabrications. Members of the assembly however were getting quietly impressed by the personality of the Khalifatul Masih.
17.Mufti Mahmood later admitted that he faced many members admonishing him for trying to declare a pious and godly person as a non-Muslim. The Mufti had sleepless nights.. but he used coercion, blackmail and lies to make sure that those spineless fools voted with the govt.
18.When the cross examination was over, it became clear that the fundamental question of ‘Khatme Nabuwwat’ wasn’t discussed at all. One passing question was asked and Bakhtiar quickly skipped over to another issue. Khatme Nabuwwat wasn’t even discussed… DID YOU KNOW THAT?
19.Members made impassioned speeches to conclude the farce which ran for days. Some were abusive, most wanted to record their support for the resolution. Many presented wild allegations of espionage, foreign conspiracies, state within state, coups conspiracies and so much more.
20.Finally Mr. Bakhtiar concluded the session with his remarks. Clearly he didn’t cross-examine with a view to establish facts. It was a charade to declare Ahmadis non-Muslims behind closed doors. (proceedings declassified in 2012, long after most of the members had died).
21.The rest, is as they say, an ongoing tragedy. No, not the Ahmadis. The real tragedy is that of Pakistan… a country now lost to religious bigotry, terrorism and corruptions. Ahmadis although the main targets of the amendment, the nation is the real victim.. END

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