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Sep 7, 2018 3 tweets 4 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
#Goodbye Rosenstein
#Goodbye Obama
#Goodbye McCain (already)
#Goodbye Hillary Clinton
#Goodbye Rothschilds
#Goodbye Rockefellers
#Goodbye Corrupted Intelligence Agencies
#Goodbye Deep State
#Goodbye Vatican
#Goodbye EVIL!
#Goodbye Monsanto
#Goodbye Big Pharma
#Goodbye Lying Scientific Establishment
#Goodbye Hollyweird
#Goodbye Fake News Media
#Goodbye Corporatized Sports
#Goodbye Rockets (FREE ENERGY FUTURE!)
#Goodbye NASA (Space Force!!)

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Oct 5, 2018
Rockets, jet fuel, linear travel, EXPLOSIVE technology w/ matter: this is all 2D thinking.

This is why NASA and SpaceX have been so useful for ((them)).

We must think in 3D. IMPLOSIVE technology (think vortex, torus). Counter-rotating electric fields ➡️ “gravity” control
We live in an ELECTRIC universe. Gravity is not what we are told. It is a function of electricity.

These electrogravitation mechanics and sciences are what is kept in the black projects. These projects owned/operated belt various contractors and agencies (ex: Lockheed, AF, CIA)
These unacknowleged, off the books, superhypersecret programs have been been built out since the 1950s AT LEAST with these AMAZING sciences. They are “occult” sciences, truly. Kept hidden with the threat of death in many cases. They changed your whole understanding of possibility
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Sep 25, 2018
In the years to come, technologies are going to be disclosed that will revolutionize every aspect of our societal paradigm.

I can’t wait until we are to the point where we can do away with MONEY itself.

You may not understand the breadth of what I’m gathering here.

Unlimited energy and propulsion technologies. Consciousness assisted technologies (w/ NO IMPLANTS). Materialization/dematerialization abilities, & much more.

“Weird Shit & Fucking Magic”, some scientists call it.
Truth IS truly stranger than fiction.

In fact, most fiction is based on some form of reality.
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Sep 20, 2018
Ooohhh Q opened up the can of worms, now the attacks are coming!

Projection & character assassination in action here.

We could call these “pretend patriots”
Do I mock Christians? NO.

Do I cling to “cabal given narratives”? Ha, NO.

“Be careful who you follow”
I am NOT Anti-Jesus Christ. I do believe Jesus was real, I do believe Jesus was an amazing incarnate who did wonderful things to help mankind.

I simply don’t attach myself to singular belief systems and research ALL available information, looking to show a greater perspective.
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Aug 29, 2018
Not an atheist. I find much merit in the Bible, I just see it a little differently.
What most see literally, I see metaphorically, and vice versa.
The Book of Enoch, yes?
EVIL does come from outside this world, both non-physically and physically, in many forms.
Christian teachings are a piece of the puzzle, BUT THEY ARE NOT ALL THERE IS.
I am integrating history, science, spiritually, and scripture into a cosmology, not one narrow viewpoint. Many books, not one. Many teachers, not one. There is so much out there to learn, to figure out what is actually IS and what is not!
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Jul 28, 2018
Do you think “Time Travel” is possible?
Time is not an illusion, how we have been taught to perceive time is the illusion.
Time is not linear, as we are currently measuring.

It is a three-dimensional construct. It is the reciprocal of space.

Space/time and time/space travel, both possible. What is required is the understanding of how gravity affects electromagnetism. This is where Einstein was lost
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Jul 27, 2018
MSM headlines:
- Water on Mars!
- Life (bacteria) existed on the Moon!

New Hollywood productions:
- Project Blue Book (History Channel - PBB was the Air Force’s UFO propaganda campaign in 60s)
- Extinction (Netflix - ETs destroy Earth)

Deep State seeding consciousness much?
Seeding consciousness to try and pull a false flag psy-op disclosure that we won’t let happen.

What’s “To The Stars” been doing?
Any “UFOlogist” pushing for “Disclosure” while ignoring the disclosures of the Deep State satanism, human trafficking, elite pedophilia, etc. is either reallllly ignorant or theyre choosing to ignore it and turn a blind eye.

Grow some balls, guys.

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