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Despite how actively I’ve called out Novara for the propaganda they have put out in the past, Ash Sarkar defending defacing one of the last remaining walls in the Warsaw ghetto is as low as it gets. Novara has become a bulwark of defending antisemitic behaviour from the left.
Novara Media, in particular Michael Walker, Ash Sarkar and Aaron Bastani have created an institutionally antisemitic media outlet purely to defend the Corbyn project. Whether they personally hate Jews is irrelevant, their actions are actively facilitating & enabling Jew hatred.
The last time I said this, Aaron Bastani publicly threatened to sue me. I have lawyers waiting for his letter of intent. I will not be silent in the face of racism and I will not be bullied or intimidated by legal threats.
Novara is institutionally antisemitic. It can’t defend itself from those accusations by inviting a handful of Jews that agree with them any more than the EDL can by finding a Muslim that agrees with their agenda. If Novara don’t like me saying that then I’ll see them in court.
My solidarity belongs exclusively to the British Jews and Syrian refugees that have suffered as a result of the racism and racist rhetoric defended & perpetuated by senior Novara Media editors. I will not stand silent, I will not let this go. #Dayenu
All these people have to do is stop, listen, reflect & sincerely apologise. That's all they have to do to step back from the brink. The hatred is spiralling out of control and all they have to do is take a step back & listen to Britain's Jewish community. Please end this madness.
This isn't about international politics, it's about communities living alongside each other in Britain. Those community relations are the very fabric of our society. The consequences of damaging those relations will weigh heavily on all of our souls.
European migrants are scared. British Jews are scared. The small group of White Helmet volunteers and their families coming to Britain are scared. At a time when the left should be fighting to reassure vulnerable groups, it is wholesale abandoning them for party politics.
It's great that people have created a powerful platform to advance progressive politics. But if it wants to have conversations about Brexit, antisemitism & Syria, then it needs to be having them with the very people those decisions impact the most. Otherwise it's not progressive.
Instead of challenging the establishment media, they have merely taken its very worst attributes and amplified them. Trying to get Novara to reflect on the sort of coverage they put out is utterly futile, but as I know they are reading, I just have to ask them to look around.
We share countless mutual friends. You are all clearly passionate and affable human beings. But look at the impact of what you are doing with your social media platforms, your own friends are begging you to stop and listen. Is this the brave new world you are fighting for?
A world in which your own friends are condemning you for defending defacing a wall in the Warsaw Ghetto is not one that is kind or gentle. It is not for the benefit of the many, I would argue, that it isn't even for the benefit of the few. Hate me all you want, but listen to them
The founder NM has been repeatedly invited to talk to representatives of the British Jewish community. I would suggest that invite is extended to all of them. I am happy to organise a meeting with Syrian refugees too. Otherwise stop talking about people that you won't listen to.
Urgh, just seen a MAGA type retweet this thread. For the avoidance of doubt, I am a proud Muslim and a proud advocate of Palestinian & refugee rights. I'm calling out the left because I want it to be a better ally against the right.
#RefugeesWelcome #BringYourFamilies

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Sep 10, 2018
RT correspondent, a fully grown man paid to deny the Assad regime's war crimes for the Russian government, is accusing me of writing a statement on behalf of a displaced Syrian teenager because I translated his Arabic op ed for the i Paper 6 months ago
How much did @dancohen3000 agree to sell his soul for? How much does the Russian government pay you to mock, denigrate, dehumanise and deny agency to children facing indiscriminate bombardment from Russian jets? How do you sleep at night?
Read Muhammad's words. He emailed me them in Arabic & I translated them into English. The Kremlin is paying Dan to attack & silence this child. They want to deny him the agency to protest the Russian jets that bombed him out of his home & killed his family
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Sep 6, 2018
So... are we just not going to say anything about all the frequent media commentators that pushed disinformation on the Salisbury poisonings for months? No? We're not going to ask them about the conspiracy theories they were disseminating & whether they will retract & apologise?
Craig Murray wrote conspiracist drivel and implied Israel might have been behind the Skripal poisoning. The issue is these people don't know what investigative journalism is, they can't tell it apart from opinion pieces or disinformation.
They spent months scoffing at & undermining real journalists who had been reporting the story accurately. Then they throw their hands up in the air when stuff like this happens, refusing to take any responsibility for the role they are actively playing in undermining public trust
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Sep 4, 2018
Labour didn't become an institutionally racist party because of the antisemites within their midst. It became an institutionally racist party because instead of rooting out antisemites and confronting them, senior members of the party defended & continued to defend antisemites.
Naz Shah's Facebook post isn't the problem with the party. The problem with the party is Willsman, Williamson, Shawcroft et al. They are the ones that reinforce a racist power structure within the institution. They aren't fringe cranks, and the pro-Labour media voices know this.
This is why the fight for IHRA means so much for the bigots & fake news merchants at Novara. They have lost control of the narrative and cannot be seen as anti-racists while they continue to aid and abet racism. Their only option is to change the definition of racism to suit them
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Aug 16, 2018
People need to understand at this point that no matter what Corbyn has done, his supporters don't care. They don't even feel compelled to be honest about his behaviour anymore, they can just call it a "smear" safe in the knowledge that eroding British democracy works for them.
Owen Jones, Ash Sarkar, Matt Zarb Cousin, Aaron Bastani, Michael Walker et al have all put out contradictory statements denying Corbyn laid a wreath on Khalaf's grave, which he admitted doing and is photographed doing.
That's it. Corbynism has gone full post-truth now. The truth doesn't matter, only the image and PR campaign matters. The media are "liars" and morally bankrupt op-ed columnists are the only "trustworthy" voices, even when they are telling transparent lies.
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Aug 10, 2018
This is probably going to get really ugly. There could be a major diplomatic confrontation if Ankara moves on Incirlik, which would in turn spell a major crisis for NATO. That's without even thinking about the implications in northern Syria.
With Russia and Iran also under new US sanctions, Turkey is being pushed further and further into alliance with them, who all in turn have competing agendas in Syria. US and EU relations are already strained. This stuff is looking... not great to say the least. It's all bad news.
As the Turkish Lira slides, the Assad regime is preparing an assault on Idlib where Turkish troops are currently stationed. Assad will continue to push & probe, so either Turkey intervenes to prevent a regime assault, or it has a major crisis on its hands
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Aug 4, 2018
In one of the more outrageous and personally offensive attacks Corbynites have launched on me, being told that I don't care about anti-semitism is up there with one of the worst. Here is just a small sample of private messages I have received from left-wing Jews in the past week.
I care about anti-semitism because I'm an anti-racist. I defended Jewish areas in London from National Action, I fought Polish neo-Nazi groups with my own hands in Tottenham after they attacked Jews in a park. I did this long before Corbynism infected Labour with anti-semitism.
I did it without ever asking for credit. I did it because I can not & will not sit by and tolerate racism. To be accused of not caring about anti-semitism by someone defending Corbyn's "hand of Israel" comment is a perfect example of how Corbynites really feel about British Jews.
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