~ Thread ~

Recovering from surgery gave me time to reminisce…

On a past filled with enough memories to last a lifetime.

With that in mind, here’s a few off-the-beaten path cities in Latin America that I recommend.

And a few that blow.


~ Ibague, Colombia ~

I’d live here. All year.

Just loved the place.

It’s small, in the mountains, and there’s no tourism.

But the people are friendly, it’s cheap, and I felt insanely healthy here.

You could get a massive piece of baby beef for $6.

Not ideal for nightlife.
Plus, the city is close to Bogota, Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales.

All within a 1-4 hour bus ride away.

Lots of easy travel opportunities while living in Ibague.
~ Mazatlan, Mexico ~

Even though I got robbed here, I’d still go back.

Hell, I’m planning to.

Mazatlan is a beach city in Sinaloa, Mexico.

It’s a ghost town during the week, but the nightlife pops off during the weekend.
I found the people friendly, the city cheap, and the views unbeatable.

But I’d only recommend it to people who love the beach.

If you're not a beach addict, you won't find much to do in this city.

Just FYI.

@DennisDemori knows what I'm talking about.

Oh, and the food is 🔥
~ Pereira, Colombia ~

Rough around the edges, but Pereira has a lot to offer the average traveler.

Plus, there’s a few great cities nearby to check out.

Great nightlife for a smaller city, lots of nature nearby, low costs, and attractive womens.
This city is starting to see more tourist traffic.

So get there while the going is good.

Oh, and...

You could get a one-bedroom apartment with a pool and gym access for $500 a month here.
~ San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua ~

Probably the only “backpacking” city I’ve been to that I’d go back to.

San Juan del Sur is a small surf town on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

The nightlife is insane, including the famous Sunday Funday parties.
Plus, the surfing is insanely fun and the town is easy to get around.

Oh, but I did see a shark while surfing here.

Like a 6' shark that swam a few feet in front of my surfboard.

My heart about jumped out my chest.

Luckily, my local guide said they don't bite.
~ Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic ~

This city absolutely blows for a short trip.

Te lo juro.

But if you have a few months to spend, Santiago de los Caballeros can be a damn good time.

The nightlife bumps, it’s an hour from the beach, and everything is cheap.
There’s 3-4 cities within an hour or two of Santiago that I want to check out when I’m back, too.

The main issue?

It can be difficult to find a decent Airbnb and a walkable neighborhood.
The water wouldn’t run in my Airbnb the last time I was there and my neighbor left their dogs outside...

Dogs that weren’t found of stumbling drunk gringos coming home at all hours of the night.

Let's talk some off-the-beaten-path cities in Latin America that I'd never go back to.

Because they blow.
~ Bocas del Toro, Panamá ~


Legit one of the worst places I’ve been.

Shitty hostels and hotels unless you want to spend $150+ a night.

No beaches inside the town.

Everything a tourist rip off.

Hell, it’s even a pain in the arse to get here from the mainland.
~ Montanita, Ecuador ~

I was considering a month here…

I left after 3 nights.

While the nightlife is fun, the town is trash and modern amenities are not found.

Seriously, for such a backpacker hotspot, I expected decent Internet and roads.

Montanita doesn’t have them.
Avoid unless you really want to surf in high season.

Or you have a thing for frumpy English backpacker chicks.
~ Mancora, Peru ~

Same shit. Different country.

A beach backpacker hotspot known for surfing and nightlife.

Except the town is dogshit.

Hell, there’s not even a decent gym.

And the beach looks like trash.

Would not recommend.
~ Cusco, Peru ~

Cusco is cool for a weekend.

Then go to Machu Picchu.

Then leave.

Legit not worth any more time than that.

Completely overrun with tourism and the locals certainly aren’t as friendly any longer - compared to other parts of South America.
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Oct 9, 2018
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A few weeks back...

My site was hacked.

Malware installed.

Site crashed.


Luckily, I learned more than a few things from the ordeal.

Here’s a few of them regarding online security when building assets:
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It’s Friday and I’ve been working hard this month to revamp how I do things.

Aka a lot of reminiscing and rebuilding.

During this time, I noticed a number of mistakes I’ve made over the years.

Mistakes you’d do best to avoid...

Here’s just a few of them:
#1. Email List

Having an email list may be the most important part of your business.

The thing is insanely valuable.

Yet I still don’t capture many emails from my website.
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And by diligently, I mean investing money into it.
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You want more.

Your mind wants more.

You begin figuring out how to get it.

Consciously and subconsciously.
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