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We're starting a #HurricaneFlorence pet safety thread to help update everyone in the path of possible danger. For information on pet-friendly shelters and pet safety tips, please follow along.
Brunswick County has issued a mandatory evacuation for residents in unincorporated areas who live in low-lying and flood-prone areas or substandard or mobile homes, beginning at daylight (7 a.m.) Tuesday, Sept. 11.
Dogs and cats are accepted at the West Brunswick High School shelter. Owners must stay at the shelter as well, and should bring documentation of rabies vaccines, food, any medicines, and any other items necessary for your pets.
Hadnot Creek Kennel, 310 Hadnot Farm Rd., Swansboro, NC 28584 is a evacuation location for pets. If you need to evacuate and can’t take you dogs with you they may be an option, per their Facebook page update:…
Persons with small domesticated pets can shelter with their pet at the Newport Middle School, 500 E. Chatham Street, Newport, NC 28577. You can pre-register you and your pets online.
Currituck County has declared a State of Emergency. In the interest of public safety, an evacuation of vacationers and guests in the Corolla and Carova is ordered to begin at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018.
Currituck County does not have any pre-storm shelters. If you feel your residence is not safe, contact Emergency Management at 252-232-2115.
The designated pet friendly shelter for Hertford County is located at Hertford County High School, 1500 1st Street W, Ahoskie, NC. Pets will be housed at this shelter but in a location separate from the owner. Caretaker is responsible for feeding and cleaning of their pet.
New Hanover County Animal Control Services will shelter your pet at no cost. Noble Middle School, 6520 Market Street, Wilmington, NC is a Co-location Shelter where you can seek shelter with your pet. You and your pet will be housed in separate locations of the school.
There is a pet friendly shelter at Jacksonville Commons Middle School, 315 Commons Drive South, Jacksonville, NC 28546. If a citizen elects to use the pet friendly shelter they will not be able to drop off their pet and leave. Citizens are required to remain with their pet.
There is a pet-friendly shelter at Burgaw Middle School, 500 Wright Street, Burgaw, NC 28425. Pets will be housed at this shelter but in a location separate from the owners.
Wake County: Public shelters for people will not accept pets. If you plan to shelter your pets at a kennel or clinic, call before evacuating to determine if space is available. Some kennels will accept reservations early with prepaid fees.
There are currently two locations in Colleton County SC that serve as Hurricane Evacuation Shelters but they do not accept pets.
For livestock and horse evacuation procedures in SC, contact Clemson University's Livestock & Poultry Health at 803-788-2260, or go to You can also contact the South Carolina Department of Agriculture at 803-734-2349
For more information on hurricane shelters for pets in North Carolina, visit (where most of this helpful information has come from - they do a wonderful job). SC info here:
Now for some tips to help you prep your pets for #HurricaneFlorence:
Keep calm when predictions begin. Pets can sense barometric pressure changes, so ease worry by speaking in a reassuring voice and making extra time for play and cuddling.
If an evacuation order is issued, evacuate with your pets as soon as possible. Biding your time will only cause congestion on already busy evacuation routes, and if you are seeking room at a local shelter, you may lose your spot. #HurricaneFlorence
If you’re waiting out the storm, keep curtains closed, and distract pets with games, toys and natural calming remedies. Keep pets inside; a spot on your rug is a small price to pay for keeping pets safe. #HurricaneFlorence
When you evacuate, do not assume that you are leaving for a short time. Even if you think the threat of disaster is low, anything could happen. It is common in disaster areas for owners to not be able to return to their homes for days or weeks. Do not evacuate without your pets!
If you're a pet parent in a #HurricaneFlorence zone, it always helps to have an evacuation kit on hand should you need to get out fast. Here's what a basic pet evacuation kit should include...
1) Pet carrier: Especially important when transporting small dogs, cats and other small pets. Often required at emergency shelters, serve as a safe space. Clearly label with your pet’s name, breed, sex, date of birth, your current address and contact numbers, and medical info
2) Medication for two weeks: Put prescriptions, heartworm and flea/tick preventatives in a Ziploc bag and write down your current administration schedule in case you must leave your pet at a kennel or other facility. #HurricaneFlorence
3) Food/water for one week: Many shelters will not have adequate food and water for pets, so bring your own, and bowls. Divide into bags, 1 meal per bag, in case others have to feed your pet. Estimate 24 oz. per day of water for a 20-lb. dog and 8 oz. per day for a 10-lb. cat.
4) Two slip leashes: Simple slip-type webbing or nylon leashes can hold pets more securely. A slip leash can also be used to restrain a cat in a pinch. Carry an extra leash in your pocket in case someone else needs it or you lose yours. #HurricaneFlorence
5) Printed and electronic copies of medical history: Latest physical exam reports, blood tests and proof of vaccines or licenses. Use a smartphone to take photos of these documents as a backup. #HurricaneFlorence
6) Identification and contact information: Each pet should have a secure collar with your current contact information, including cell phone number. If you don’t have an ID tag, write your information in indelible ink on the collar and carrier. #HurricaneFlorence
7) Take a photo of your pet before you leave your home: A current photograph on a cell phone can be the difference between lost and found in the event you become separated from your pet. #HurricaneFlorence
8) Litter, piddle pads and trash bags: I can’t tell you how often even the most prepared pet owner forgets this one vital necessity. Bring a small baking pan and litter for cats, piddle pads, towels and trash bags for dogs – plenty of them. #HurricaneFlorence
9) Shampoo, brush, towels: If you’re evacuated, things can get messy. Stash a small bottle of shampoo and a brush in your pet’s emergency kit. #HurricaneFlorence
10) Plenty of patience: Remember, everyone is stressed, nervous and worried. Be courteous, understanding and helpful. #HurricaneFlorence
A CSRA animal rescue group is creating an online network to find temporary homes for evacuated pets ahead of #HurricaneFlorence. Anyone with extra space who can take in an animal in need for a few days is asked to do so by visiting…
The @atlantahumane society has taken in more than 30 dogs and cats from South Carolina in preparation for the landfall of Hurricane Florence, and they'll soon be ready for adoption. Please give them your support by adopting an animal in need. #HurricaneFlorence
Tip: Another way to find shelters once they have opened is to text the word “SHELTER” and a zip code to 4FEMA (43362). For example, for the Wilmington, N.C. area you would text to 43362: SHELTER 28401 (Wilmington’s zip code). #HurricaneFlorence
The Pender County Animal Shelter is having a full evacuation before the arrival of #HurricaneFlorence. All animals off state hold are free to adopt. The shelter is looking to make as much room as possible to accommodate as many rescued pets from the storm as possible.
Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society have deployed down to the Outer Banks to help empty shelters in the path of #HurricaneFlorence to make room for displaced animals. Please help support them by adopting a pet to save another
.@fema US&R NY-TF1, a joint team of personnel from #NYPD & #FDNY including K9 Specialists have been deployed to #NorthCarolina in advance of #HurricaneFlorence. Paws crossed everyone will be safe and they won't be needed.

Craven County will open 4 shelters Wed at 2 p.m:
1. Havelock HS 101 Webb Blvd, Havelock
2. Brinson Elementary 319 Neuse Forest Ave, New Bern
3. Benn Quinn Elementary 4275 Martin Luther King Blvd, New Bern *Pet Friendly*
4. Farm Life Elementary 2000 Farm Life Ave, Vanceboro
Carteret County: People who evacuate can seek shelter at Knightdale High School at 100 Bryan Chalk Lane in Knightdale. The shelter is pet friendly. There are no shelters open in the county due to the mandatory evacuation. #HurricaneFlorence
CALL FOR FOSTERS: @humanecharlotte is taking in animals from areas of the state with government-mandated evacuation orders and need to make room at their shelter. Please email if you can help foster a dog or cat. #HurricaneFlorence
Dorchester County will open a pet-friendly shelter at DuBose Middle School, located at 1005 DuBose School Road, Summerville, SC 29483 at noon Tuesday, September 11, 2018. #HurricaneFlorence
Suffolk County Pet-Friendly Shelter: Nansemond River High School, 3301 Nansemond Parkway (ADA compliant, pet-friendly, generator power for emergency lighting and to support the kitchen freezers only). #HurricaneFlorence
This is great advice. Microchipping and registering your pet can help should you become separated during the storm. #HurricaneFlorence

CRITICAL WARNING: The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 mandates that FEMA take into account the needs of pet owners when developing disaster preparedness plans. It also authorizes the director of the agency to fund emergency shelter facilities (1/2)
HOWEVER (and this is a big HOWEVER): Neither the Federal Emergency Management Agency nor federal law requires all hotels and motels to accept all pets during hurricane evacuations or other disasters. Pet owners should plan accordingly. #HurricaneFlorence
After Hurricane Katrina, only about 20% of the rescued animals were reunited with their owners. We don't know how bad this storm will be. Prepare now so that you don't lose an important member of your family. #HurricaneFlorence
The Henry Schein Disaster Relief Hotline is open for dentists, physicians, and veterinarians who may experience operational, logistical, or financial issues as a result of damage caused by #HurricaneFlorence. The toll-free number for all Henry Schein customers is 800-999-9729.
Repeating because this is very important: Neither FEMA nor federal law requires hotels and motels to accept all pets during hurricane evacuations or other disasters. Pet owners should plan accordingly. #HurricaneFlorence
Update for Virginia residents. Please make sure to take your pets with you if you are in a mandatory evacuation zone:
The City of Norfolk will open five shelters at 1 p.m. on Wednesday -- Norview High School, the Berkley Community Center, Bayview Community Center, Cross Roads Elementary School and Southside STEM Academy. Bayview and Berkley will serve as pet-friendly shelters #HurricaneFlorence
McKamey Animal (Center Chattanooga, TN) has been asked to assist with the sheltering of animals that are being evacuated as a result of #HurricaneFlorence. If interested in adopting or fostering please email or call 305-6506.
Some evacuation tips ahead of #HurricaneFlorence:
1. If you’re told to evacuate, evacuate. If you see barricades, don’t go around them.
2. Go to a shelter, or, if you’re home, go to a small, interior, windowless room on the lowest floor that won’t flood.
3. If you do get flooding, go to the highest floor you’ve got. But not a closed attic — you might need a window to escape.
4. If you’ve got a gas-powered generator, only use it outdoors and away from windows.

6. If you’re walking or driving to a shelter, do not go through floodwaters. Seriously — 6 inches of water can knock you over, and a foot of water can sweep your car away. And stay off bridges that are over fast-moving water.

Several dogs and cats will arrive at D.C.'s Humane Rescue Alliance from Norfolk, Virginia, on Tuesday in advance of #HurricaneFlorence. The Alliance will take in eight dogs and 13 cats around 3 to 4 p.m. Please support them by adopting or fostering to make room to save others.
Evacuating with your pet for #HurricaneFlorence? Check out this list of what to bring from the ASPCA
.@Delta is waiving all baggage and pet in cabin fees for travel to and from the cities below from Sep 10-17 due to #HurricaneFlorence

Charleston (CHS)
Jacksonville (OAJ)
Myrtle Beach (MYR)
New Bern (EWN)
Newport News (PHF)
Norfolk (ORF)
Savannah (SAV)
Wilmington (ILM)
In addition to the waiving of the pet in cabin fees, @Delta is temporarily lifting the per-flight caps on the number of pets allowed in the cabin in and out of the cities listed above #HurricaneFlorence
Richmond County, GA Pet Friendly Shelter: Augusta Exchange Club Fairgrounds, 301 Hale Street, Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 821-1155

Georgia State Parks are also open to all evacuees at no cost and no pet fees. They are waiving the parking fee for evacuees.

Here's how to interpret the warnings about storm surges with #HurricaneFlorence and why it is so critical that you and your pets evacuate when ordered:
Pender County shelter for residents with pets: Burgaw Middle School is pet-friendly and open Tuesday at 4 p.m per Port City Daily. #HurricaneFlorence
.@AlaskaAir update on affected cities, exemption and pet travel for #HurricaneFlorence
Two emergency shelters will open in Orange County ahead of the anticipated arrival of #HurricaneFlorence: Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill and CW Stanford Middle School in Hillsborough. 4 p.m. Wednesday. Pets will be allowed at the shelter with proper rabies vaccinations.
InterContinental Hotels Group is welcoming pets free of charge in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, and Washington D.C during #HurricanceFlorence. All IHG hotels in those areas are also waiving cancellation fees during the storm.
The Mayton Inn in Cary, North Carolina, and King's Daughters Inn in Durham, North Carolina, have availability and are taking in evacuees. Both properties are waiving cancellation policies and fees for pets. #HurricanceFlorence
Shelter for your pets during #HurricaneFlorence is available at any of these Pet Paradise locations
If anyone with pets moving in the Atlanta direction needs recommendations reach out to @nikileighbuds for info on local shelters and doggie daycare facilities that are willing to help! #hurricaneFlorence

Evacuating #HurricaneFlorence with pets? Here's the latest on airline pet fee (and baggage) waivers
Atlanta Motor Speedway welcoming all pets during #HurricaneFlorence

Dare County #HurricaneFlorence Bulletin #5: A shelter for Dare County residents is open at Knightdale High School located at 100 Bryan Chalk Lane, Knightdale, NC 27545. This is a pet friendly shelter that requires vaccination records for each pet.
Tip for people and pets during #HurricaneFlorence: Do not eat any food that may have come into contact with flood water. Discard any food that is not in a waterproof container if there is any chance that it has come into contact with flood water.
If u rely on a private well for water for you and your pets:
During and after #HurricaneFlorence be sure to boil water for at least 5 min at a full rolling boil before using it for drinking, cooking, making ice or brushing teeth. Infants under 6 mo and pregnant use bottled water
Avoid contact with flood water which may contain fecal material and other hidden hazards such as debris. Do not allow pets to walk in or play in flooded areas If you do come into contact with flood water, wash exposed skin thoroughly with soap and safe water. #HurricaneFlorence
Due to the severity of #HurricaneFlorence the Outer Banks SPCA is in the process of trying to get all of their dogs fostered out. The OBX SPCA will be providing free rabies vaccinations for evacuators, and reminds the public to not leave their animals behind
Please be advised: #HurricaneFlorence shelters are starting to fill up. Please check with them for availability for you and your pets.
Horry County E-911: Please don’t call 911 if your pet is missing or you have concerns about the storm. Separate information line set up for that. EMD phone bank 843-915-5150 #HurricaneFlorence
If you need to evacuate for #HurricaneFlorence, today is your last day to go before the storm arrives. You can text SHELTER and your zip code (i.e. SHELTER 12345) to 4FEMA (43362) to locate an open emergency shelter near you. h/t @fema
.@NC_Governor Cooper: Every county and every person in NC needs to stay alert and take #HurricaneFlorence serious. Yesterday an evacuation was ordered for the Barrier Islands & many counties on the NC coast. Stay tuned for more at the local level. Make plans for your pets.
Virginia residents heading to evacuation shelters: In response to #HurricaneFlorence, @Lyft is providing free rides, up to $15 dollars, using code ‘VAFLORENCE18’ for those who are headed directly to their shelter. Rides are valid between now and 8 p.m. Sept. 12.
If you're ordered to evacuate due to #HurricaneFlorence and need a safe place to go, you can find a list of emergency shelters in the FEMA App
Bladen County NC: West Bladen High (Medical Needs and pet-friendly); Open as of Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 12 noon 1600 NC 410 Hwy.
Bladenboro, NC #HurricaneFlorence
Chowan County NC: Chowan Middle School (Pet-Friendly); Opens Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. 2845 Virginia Road, Tyner, NC 27980 #HurricaneFlorence
Johnston County NC: West Johnston High School (Pet-Friendly); Opens Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 8 p.m. 3935 Raleigh Rd. Benson, NC 27504 #HurricaneFlorence
Nash County NC: Nash Central High School (pet-friendly); Opening Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 6 p.m. 4279 Nash Central High Rd. Rocky Mount, NC 27804 #HurricaneFlorence
Orange County NC: Smith Middle School; (pet-friendly) Opens Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 4 p.m. 9201 Seawell School Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 #HurricaneFlorence
Those sheltered at Trask Middle School without pets are being asked to move to Codington Elementary to open more spaces up for neighbors seeking shelter with pets. Transportation will be provided to those who volunteer to move. #HurricaneFlorence
.@TalladegaSuperS will offer access to hot showers, restrooms, water hookups, and tree-lined area to #HurricaneFlorence refugees beginning Sept. 13 at 9 a.m. Evacuees must have pets (domestic animals) on leashes while on the property. Livestock isn't allowed. info: (256) 362-2261
If you are evacuating with pets to a shelter in Brunswick Co, please go to South or North Brunswick High. West Brunswick is full for pets. #HurricaneFlorence

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