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Tragically what the #CorruptGOP doesn't seem to get is that because they are not dealing in facts, & they are propagating falsehoods to their base, an entire generation of Republican voters, workers, apparachik's at every level; the U.S.A. loses ultimately. There are
People basing real decisions, at real jobs- both public & private sector-on false information. We have the most powerful military, biggest Economy, in the most industrialized nation in the world making Domestic & Foreign Policy based on fasle information.
This can & will end only one of two ways. Either we reverse course before catastrophic consequence or we experience what could be the most catastrophic multi-national event that has occurred since WW2 & the most grave consequences since our Nation's inception nearly 300 yrs ago.
You cannot attempt to navigate reality to a successful outcome by basing your decisions not on empirical evidence, scientific research, or real datasets, but on what you 'Want to be true' & expect the outcome to be successful. Reality is both Subjective & Objective. We have
A choice to make our subjective reality what we wish. We have the ability to influence - Manipulate Objective reality but we do not define it. It defines itself. For us to define it as anything other than what it truly is, is unreal. We cannot continue to base decisions on the
Unreal but expect them to have a net positive effect in and on the Real. Trump cannot continue to mistreat Ally's, Default on our debts, Threaten Nuclear Nation's w/ mass Extinction, but have America maintain the strongest Geopolitical Alliances, Open lines of credit for our
Economy, and Peace & Prosperity for our society. Trump's actions & his words are two very different animals both with too very different outcomes bc Trump does not deal with Objective Reality-rather, he systematically denies it & does what he wants to do nevermind the consequence
Bc He- @realDonaldTrump will never have to pay the Piper (Or so he thinks)..This is a man who has never truly been held to account for his actions, his lies, crimes, & immense fuck-ups (pardon me) his entire life. In Donald's world there are no consequences for Lying, Bankrupting
A company, Ending up in a Nuclear War, etc...For starters, despite every piece of empirical evidence to the contrary he believes he is infallible. The guy who bankrupted every business venture he undertook as a young man-who is in debt unknown millions to unknown creditors, the
Same man who's made a debacle of each of his 3 marriages, who is accused of numerous Sexual Assaults, Financial crimes, etc...He thinks he is infallible because @realDonaldTrump denies Obj Reality & has done so his entire life. There is a reason why we want a President who has a
Clean & successful business/professional career, financial history, marriage, who ones the norms & Morals of our society and the chief Reason amongst many others is that all of those things amount to empirical evidence that a Pres recognizes the value of a moral code subjectively
As well as posesses the discipline & will to make his subj Reality come to fruition in the external world-which means he recognizes, respects, & successfully operates in reality. We wouldn't want a President who doesn't would we? A man with no moral compass? Or if he has a moral
Compass then a lack of the Intellect & Will to obey that compass in the real world? Or worse yet, a man who is completely detached from Reality because his subjective reality is morally bankrupt, his will is impotent, and yet he believes in reality that he's the most successful,
Most upstanding Citizen the world has ever seen.... Would not such a man be considered a lunatic? A tragic figure suffering from an odd mixture of sociopathy & cognitive dissonance? Ladies & Gentlmen I present to you: @realDonaldTrump...And still there are those who will proffer
His knack for survival, & limited success (Given his advantages, Connections etc..) as proof that this is not the case, I would suggest to them that he has survived bc of the kindness of his friends & family, the hard work of those who blindly serve him, & the ineffectiveness or
Dismissal by his enemies...His one skill in life has been to convince those around him that their fate is somehow intertwined with his thus they have carried him along, or that through helping him they can help themselves to a lot of 💰 - so they have fought for his survival like
The jackals that most of his close circle are...For a man who holds money in esteem above all else, his success is rather pathetic compared to say....Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos, or even the dreaded Clinton's. There are far more contemporaries of @realDonaldTrump who value 💰 above
All else who put #FatLittleDonald to shame than those who he has out earned or out performed. No his success is lackluster at best. He lives the Golden Dream-or the appearance of it anyways, but it isn't solid, rather it is that cheap, ersatz, gold plated Lead type. He's the
Poorest rich person I've ever seen. I mean that in the most tragic sense, I have no Hatred of Donald anymore, I hate the ugly things he does but no, @POTUS the man-I pity him. He is the most pathetic creature I think I have ever seen...The most lost. I have seen crack fiends with
A better prognosis than @realDonaldTrump bc not only is #LittleDonald utterly bankrupt & ultimately alone in life-but he's too incurious, & too mentally deficient to ever know just how lost and alone he truly is..

Finally there are those too, who like our #UglyLittleTrumpling,
Will cont. To deny Objective Reality-in favor of blindly believing in & making another, mentally deficient, morally bankrupt human's own cognitive dissonance their own Subjective reality. To them I say perhaps you are the saddest of all. After all, you send him your hard earned $
& your sacred vote, your confidence & your dreams...& In return he gives you

A LIE, asks you to swallow it whole, to feed it to your children, & to live it...To real the rewards until such a time that you wake up & begin to

Think For Yourself.

#Resist #TrumpRussia #TrumpLies

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