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Thread: 1) Senior Google exes interfered in the 2016 election. Emails describe Google used tech to locate voters & paid for rides in key states like Florida & Nevada. IN 2017: GOOGLE INVESTS 1BILLION in LYFT allowing the company to double # of rides to 375 million up from 2016.
2) Bombshell: Google invests 1B in Lyft transportation in 2017 a year after interfering in the 2016 election by giving free rides to voters. The 2017 increase marked a 130 percent rise in the number of rides from the previous year.…
3) More proof of election interference but not by President Trump or his campaign. @POTUS #WitchHunt .@TheJusticeDept

Campaign laws? @FEC
4) Breitbart also reports “In the emails, a Google executive describes efforts to pay for free rides for a certain sect of the population to the polls–a get-out-the-vote for Hispanic voters operation.”
5) Google spokeswoman, Kate Margolis said “Ensuring everyone’s voice is heard in the election, no matter which side they’re on, is very important to us.”
6) Still doing it? Young Democrats at Florida high schools and colleges join with Lyft to get out the vote. Lyft offers free rides to the polls. .@realDonaldTrump @GOPLeader @Debradelai @SidneyPowell1 @DonnaWR8 @BraveLad
7) Clarksville Now estimates that more than 15 million people registered didn’t vote in 2016 because of transportation issues according to The Tennessee Star.
8) Lyft, a progressive left company offering alternative transportation in underserved areas who support pay equity, pro-immigration, pro-refugee, and anti-Trump causes.…
9) Lyft officials also announced earlier this year they would offer free rides to students attending the March for Our Lives rally against gun violence, held in different cities nationwide.…
10) Florida High School, & College Young Democrats start Wall-of-US activist organization and team up with Lyft to fight for gun control and to get out the vote.
11) Wall-of-US weekly action plan publishes new goals every week to stop President Trump. fight immigration reform, get other corporations to join in their cause.
12) Interesting coincidence:

"Google Maps Briefly Renames Senate Office Building After John McCain"…
13) Florida Young Democrats have the impression that John McCain was the only republican to stand up to tyranny.
14) Wall-of-Us org. honors John McCain posting link to his fair well letter. McCain spoke of unity in his letter to America. Sadly, he chose not leave that parting message without taking one last jab at our current commander in chief.…
15) Do not despair in our present difficulties...

Division. Real shame.
16) Lyft had a lot of extra cash on hand for expensive advertising to announce a very expensive and generous offer.…
17) Wall-of-US instructs organizers on how to work with Lyft via volunteers and Young Democrats at Florida high schools and colleges. They get people registered to vote and make sure they have a free ride to the polls.…
18) Organizers encourage mayors, who are mostly Democrats, to join 'Mayors for our lives' and ask them to assign staff to implement high school and college voter registration.
19) 'Ride to Vote. Use Lyft to Exercise Your Rights' campaign.…
20) Lyft has a lot of corporate sponsorship who donate to their causes beyond getting votes for the Democratic Party.

Let's get familiar with Liftopolis. Looks like a great program for America's poor. It's not clear whether citizenship is required.
21) Recipients are teamed up with Lift coaches who show them how to navigate the complex social services system so they can sign up for the maximum benefits.…
22) Parents attend a four day course which teaches them how to get benefits, manage money, get housing etc.. After parents graduate from the courses then their children go through the course so they can understand what their parents have to go through to get social services.
23) Bank of America Student Leaders Summit teams up with Lyft and offers a one-of-a-kind-role playing camp for kids to learn how to get social services.…
25) After an orientation then kids are given background information on their new identity and then proceed through the simulation which takes them step by step through process of navigating social services for all of their needs.
26) The idea is to teach people how to rise above poverty but their seems to be more focus on getting social services. Someone should really look into this further to determine how many people go through their program actually get off benefits and rise above poverty.
27) Lift & Google collaborated on targeting the poor, under served population to take them to the polls to acquire votes for Democrats. Those actions & teaming up w/the 2nd largest bank raises many questions about their motives. I hope everyone will help me to make others aware.
29) Lift has undoubtedly helped people in need when they had no where to turn. It's well funded, organized, and attempts to solve a very complex problem. It is a shame that large corporations are also using it to obtain votes calling the validity of the program into question.
Here is another organization called Indivisible. They have chapters in every state focusing on elections and pressuring congress about how they want them to vote on bills etc.…
Many organizations like this have popped up across the country.
Just like Wall-of-Us, the people behind them have familiar faces or are people who have associations with people you know to be in or around politics.…
Here is the original thread that I did on the Individual back in April 2018. It details the history of the organization, as well as, their operations.
"Obama’s Organizing for Action Partners with Soros-Linked ‘Indivisible’ to Disrupt Trump’s Agenda" .@realDonaldTrump…
Former Obama senior advisor: "Valerie Jarrett Joins Lyft Board of Directors"

"Lyft is having a tremendous year." .@POTUS…
Drawing more connections between Lift and Lyft. They are part of a complex web of organizations that collaborate and receive funds privately and through Obama's federal funding programs.
More to come.

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Oct 9, 2018
Get ready for another Twitter purge. I just lost 300 followers.
Down 500 total followers now, not surprised that they would do this again. Frankly, I wouldn't even be surprised if they wiped us all out considering the level of insanity we've been witnessing.
Follow each other on this thread to fight the purge. We have to stick together and help each other out. Encourage others to do the same.
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Oct 6, 2018

Nanci Pelosi offers instruction about a political smear which closely resembles the #KavanaughHearings

"You smear somebody w/falsehoods, then you merchandise it, the press reports it, and then you merchandise the coverage.

It's called a "wrap up smear"
1/5 Background on Nancy Pelosi's Political 'Wrap Up' Smear…
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Oct 5, 2018
Our govt won't stop it now they say it can't be fixed.

STOP buying products from companies who do business w/China. Many of you have thought this too.

Our NAT Sec is at risk every time American companies do business w/nations who want to harm America.…
What are we thinking?

How much of America is now owned by our adversaries b/c of someone you or I voted into office? We wring our hands while our govt allows American land to be sold to some of the same people who kill our son's an daughters in war or plot terrorism here.
Now we're dependent on Google, the same company who's willing to build communist China their own internet. How can we trust a company who is willing to do that who also possesses so much of America's information? Think about how much of our infrastructure is now tied to Google?
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Oct 4, 2018
In 2015 Christiana Figueres, exe Sec U.N. FCCC., let slip the U.N.’s real purpose in pushing climate hysteria is to end capitalism throughout the world, citing China’s communist system as the kind of government America must have...…
"One must free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. What we’re doing has almost nothing to do with the climate. We must state clearly that we use climate policy to redistribute de facto the world’s wealth" UN Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer
"The progressive elites who feel that way – nearly all of whom are found in the Democratic Party, and 100% of whom live opulent, carbon-based lifestyles – also believe that far more of America’s wealth must, therefore, be forcibly “shared” (read: redistributed) w/poor nations."
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Sep 30, 2018
1) Thread: Our unelected ruling class is implementing the integration of a universal income strategy, to establish economic & racial equality in American society. Secretly.
2)The world that your children & grandchildren are about to inherit is predetermined & no one ever intended to give you, or them a vote. (As w/my other threads, keep in mind, the organizations discussed are but a few of thousands around the world so this is not a fringe movement)
3) Most of you know that there has been a longstanding western movement to transform global education by instituting a universal set of beliefs and values with the implied motive of creating equality and inclusion for everyone on the planet. Sounds noble, right?
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Sep 26, 2018
As a woman I am sick of women not owning their part & responsibility. If you get insanely drunk & black out at parties, you bear some responsibility for what happens to you. If you are drunk or high & behave overtly sexual, to men you just met you put yourself in danger.
Let's face it young women in college act incredibly stupid and put themselves in a lot of danger. Does that mean that they asked to be assaulted no? But would they have been assaulted had they not put themselves in situations that made it much more likely that they would be, YES!
Don't go to a club, introduce yourself to a guy, shake hands, start dancing, rub your booty in his crotch, & then accuse the guy of toxic masculinity. Don't send out mixed messages! It is your responsibility to take care of yourself.
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