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☄️💀☄️This is not news to me or my followers. We will eventually be told that Trump & Putin used infrasonic attacks to roll back Obama’s gains w Cuba. RU was ‘gifted’ Cuba as an appeasement from Trump because Congress refuses to ease sanctions.…
Proof Russia is behind the infrasonic attacks is backed by SIGINT gained during a long and ongoing investigation involving @FBI @CIA & other U.S. agencies. Tap on Twitter Moment to see research.…
☄️💀☄️You will need to go through Twitter Moment to see all posts & threads but here’s a short cut. In Dec 2015 there was a coordinated effort by Russia to get #TeamTreason to Moscow. While Jack Kingston was there he met w RSB, a defense biz to discuss infrasonic weapons 🤔
💥💀💥Kingston met w Krinitsyn the CEO of RSB Group, a formidable private mercenary company. They have a contract to distribute infrasonic weapons from Ultra Electronics USSI in Indiana. USSI is the leader in electronic & Acoustic (infrasonic - microwave) weapons.
💥This is complicated- (if you need more info DM me) RU biz RSB has contract to buy acoustic weapons from USSI an Indiana firm. Then RSB sells those weapons to Rob Mackey w firms in Florida, KY or NY. 🤔See Mackey’s profile looks like he’s just an acct mgr.
💀Mackey has 2 companies and writes for the Intercept. Glamax buys infrasonic weapons from RSB tho on LinkedIn Glamax appears to be a restaurant/ bar 😳Mackey’s other biz is TSG, The Soufan Group which is a Terrorism Monitor (Syria). They are mercenary fighters...
💥💣💥BOOM Why are US weapons companies giving RU Mercenary companies distribution contracts to secret US mercenary companies⁉️@fbi @cia One reason for the secrecy is they don’t want people to know where infrasonic weapons are being used - on whom or by whom. 🤔@MarkSZaidEsq
🔥You know how the US State Dept, Drs and experts keep saying they have no idea what happened to our diplomats⁉️ They know. They don’t want you to know. The research on infrasonic and acoustics go back decades. One example👇
This is the patent for the hand held infrasonic devices likely used in Cuba and China - notice that a van sitting in front of an embassy is NOT necessary. @MarkSZaidEsq…
The hand held devices have cameras, video, time, date, distance stamp, data storage for lawsuits @MarkSZaidEsq ! This unit throws a laser- not on your target- but on your video screen because it’s a narrow target. They have controls for duration and frequency. Point, shoot, pulse
@MarkSZaidEsq it has a 3km range! It can be operated by an app that is on iTunes. Choose your frequency- it can be audible or infrasonic.
Note the original assignee- Cerberus Black Ltd. The CEO is Steve Feinberg- Trump’s buddy. DynCorp is part of Cerberus but it’s for sale.
💥Remember that whatever we can find in public records is minimal compared to the revisions and updates that are being made in secret. Also, these weapons have psychological effects as well as physical symptoms.
☄️💀☄️ Drs. Giordano, Balaban & Hoffer believe that the Cuba attacks are a type of neuro weapon in the form of directed energy wave forms -DEWs @StewMagnusonNDM 🎩 tip @IdeaGov…
@NeuroBioEthics @mehoffer100 & Dr Balaban, has anyone looked at Igor Smirnov’s psychotronic work? Coded acoustic subliminal messaging for mind control and behavior change🤔
☄️💀☄️Putin is behind the infrasonic attacks on diplomats and @CIA spies in Cuba, China and Uzbekistan but Trump is covering for him. Under any other President or Congress this would be an Act of War‼️ @Comey @BarackObama @FBI
US Military, Scientists & Drs are trying to determine devices capable of causing brain abnormalities using directed energy. Start by investigating RU private mercenary company RSB and it’s ties to USSI & mtg w Jack Kingston Dec 2016 @JoshNBCNews @ckubeNBC
🤔Interesting... reverse engineering of ‘weapon(s) used’ is being done on Directed energy weapons- DEW research is taking place at Kirtland Air Force Base, in NM, where High-Intensity acoustics for military ‘nonlethal AND lethal’ applications are studied. Could it be HS 40⁉️

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Oct 9, 2018
Wait a damn minute🤔 Kavanaugh acted as Pres Bush’s Assoc and then Senior Counsel. If his services were “utilized in the furtherance of an ongoing unlawful scheme” he has NO right to attorney client privilege per the ‘Crime Fraud Exception Rule’. cc @lauferlaw
I believe there were several “ongoing unlawful schemes” that Kavanaugh’s law license was put to good use in scheming to cover up. 1. FL election hacking & cover up 2. organizing a Judicial coup by the Federalist Society to choose judges who ruled exclusively in favor of @GOP ...
3. Kavanaugh used hacked emails and then lied and covered up the hacking of fellow Democrats on the Senate 4. He kept dirty secrets on Bush & Cheney’s torture of detainees and 5. the crimes of the private mercenary armies 😳
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Oct 9, 2018
@Fahrenthold 🔥🔥@Fahrenthold 🔥🔥Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC AKA Trump International Hotel & Tower is identical in scope & partners as the RICO case about General Motors Bldg w Soros, Cerberus Capital Mgt AKA Backacre, Fortress AKA Mapely Holdings. The laundered money flowed to Chicago👇
@Fahrenthold 💥💣💥The money laundering and bid rigging scheme worked so well w the General Motors Bldg that they repeated it w Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. This is pulled from the GM RICO Case: “The investors are virtually the SAME as the defendants in this action”‼️
@Fahrenthold 💥Of course, Deutsche Bank was involved in both the GM building and Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago.
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Oct 8, 2018
⁦💥BREAKING💥 Is the key to ALFA Bank’s use of Spectrum & Trump servers the DeVos AMWAY biz & it’s ALFA VISA credit card program⁉️ @FBI⁩ ⁦@FranklinFoer⁩ ⁦@Comey⁩ ⁦⁩⁦@MingGao26@TeaPainUSA⁩ ⁦@20committee⁩ ⁦⁩…
🔥Why would Alfa Bank & Trump use Spectrum Health Servers⁉️ DeVos owned Amway and millions of US citizens were involved in the “pyramid scheme” - multi level marketing company. Amway had a Visa card agreement w Alfa Bank AND Heartland Payment System....
Amway could have partnered w any bank on a Visa credit card 💳... They chose a Russian bank.
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Oct 5, 2018
🚘📡To all the @GOP who like to stay or take meetings at @realdonaldTrump properties. Have you ever considered that the hotel WiFi might be compromised⁉️ 📲 💻 HAHAHA... I know that you haven’t.. Do you want to know how I know⁉️🔥PEGASUS🔥
You think Trump doesn’t record EVERYTHING ⁉️ How can you be sure that one of your senators friends isn’t wearing a wire⁉️ Keep talking @OrrinHatch 🤣
💥Really think war hero @SenJohnMcCain would protect treasonous Senators⁉️Oh hell no. He had lots of time to consider his legacy and it had nothing to do w letting Putin pick our Executive, Legislative & Judicial branches. The clue? He chose @BarackObama 4 his eulogy not you💥
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Oct 4, 2018
🔥ATTENTION 🔥This week, Russian cyber-attacks were OFICIALLY announced by all 5 members of FVEY: US 🇺🇸 UK🇬🇧 New Zealand 🇳🇿 Australia 🇳🇿 Canada 🇨🇦 These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE 📡
💥📡💥 NATO’s 12 founding countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, & US were targeted by RU cyber attacks that could trigger the mutual defense clause⁉️ Are FVEY & NATO preparing to invoke Article 5🤔
Did Trump pledge to Putin during #Helsinki Treason mtg that he would not join NATO in invoking Article 5 for Russia’s cyber hacks against the US & NATO⁉️ Did FVEY pick up details on Putin -Trump secret deal and decide that they would do it without Trump⁉️
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Oct 4, 2018
🚘 📡 Russian GRU operatives were intercepted by Dutch counterintelligence as they attempted to hack into the OPCW wifi network from a car parked in a nearby hotel parking lot.…
🤣 The four GRU operatives, left behind a taxi receipt from the GRU headquarters to a Moscow airport, as well as several burner phones and hacking devices 🙄 yes.... a taxi receipt from spy headquarters to the airport. They wanted to get reimbursed‼️I swear... I’m dying 😂🤣😂
🔥The most important detail is this statement from @mfa_russia 🔥Look how many times Zakharova mentions the Nina Ricci perfume bottle in 1 statement. If they’re denying the poisoning of Skripal, why would she characterize the false allegations as a ‘diabolical blend of perfume’🤔
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