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This is important not just because it illustrates how cheap the political hit against Trump for Puerto Rico was. It illustrates how the media's partisan bias provides cover for incompetent officials and makes reform more difficult.
The media fell hook, line, and sinker for every load of crap thrown to them by Puerto Rican officials during their auditions to become #Resistance superstars. They're ALWAYS prone to letting inept Democrat officials manipulate coverage.
They did the same thing after Parkland. CNN allowed lethally incompetent public officials to stage a town hall where they shifted blame to innocent Americans concerned about their constitutional rights.
Why would anyone expect a bureaucracy with that kind of air cover to enact meaningful reforms? And why is anyone surprised it tilts heavily Democrat? A (D) after your name guarantees your excuses will be taken seriously, with minimal scrutiny, if you blame (R)s or their voters.
Chicago gun violence? It's all the fault of people from surrounding areas that vote Republican. Just ask any Chicago Democrat! Democrat programs like Obamacare become disasters? Must be Republican sabotage! The people who actually RAN THE PROGRAM sure couldn't be responsible!
Media bias isn't just about winning elections. It's about insulating trillionaire Big Government from accountability and reform, especially when the only logical reforms would make government smaller or break up Democrat political fiefdoms. /end

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Oct 8, 2018
We keep referring to what the Democrats did to Kavanaugh as "mob rule," but it was actually much worse than that. It was Trial By Party. The Democrat Party judged him guilty without trial and attempted to enforce its verdict.
Real mob actions are messy and imprecise. The Democrat hit job on Kavanaugh was tightly scripted, carefully orchestrated, and very expensive. Total up the value of the in-kind contributions the media made to this political campaign and you're into hundreds of millions of dollars.
And it was never anything but an explicit Party trial and judgment, little different from how the Communist Party in Marxist countries has powers above and beyond the nominal government. The Dems never really tried to convict Kav with anything resembling a fair legal process.
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Oct 5, 2018
The two big fault lines in the GOP until now have been how people view Donald Trump and how they see the Democrat Party. The second fault line has been sealed by the Dem attack on Kavanaugh, and that's causing the first one to heal.
Genuine conservatives who were (and remain) skeptical of Trump finally get why others voted for him. Scales are lifted from the eyes of people who stayed home, threw their votes away on protest candidates, or even thought President Hillary would have been better for conservatism.
You can't do anything about the diehard NeverTrumpers, the grifters, and the closet liberals who call themselves Republicans, of course. But the Kavanaugh battle is an enormous clarifying moment for people who forgot how actively malevolent and hungry for power Democrats are.
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Oct 5, 2018
Stop for a moment and reflect on how amazing it is that Democrats couldn't manufacture ONE corroborating statement with all pressure they brought to bear and all the inducements they could offer.
For all the wailing and shrieking about "corroboration" - which suddenly became one of the most abused words in the English language - the only actual corroborating testimony under oath in all of this, from the very beginning, has favored Kavanaugh.
But if Democrats could have manufactured one single actual corroborating statement, no matter how vague - one person willing to swear they kinda sorta remember what Ford was talking about - it would have outweighed all of testimony favoring Kav in media eyes.
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Oct 4, 2018
Here's a little something for anyone who buys the fairy tale that Kavanaugh willing will hurt GOP in the midterms because Dems are super furious and Republican voters will go back to sleep.
One problem with the "GOP loses by winning" thesis is that losers in a huge all-consuming battle like this have a tough time getting donations or sustaining the kind of enthusiasm that actually gets people to vote.
Media constantly mistakes the easy, paper-thin "fury" of online commenters and poll respondents for actual voting energy. Voting is harder than retweeting some idiot who typed "KAVANAUGH IS A RAPIST" 20 times.
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Oct 4, 2018
I know all you lefties are telling yourselves the Kavanaugh victory for Republicans will hurt them in the midterms because now their voters will be satisfied and stay home, while your team is all juiced up with fury. You couldn't be more wrong.
For one thing, that's not how politics works. You're telling yourselves a version of the same bedtime story Republican politicians have been telling voters after every political debacle.
But here's the really big thing you're missing, lefties: the GOP base is ON FIRE right now, and it will stay on fire through November, BECAUSE OF YOU. Because of all the stupid and disgusting things Democrats are saying right now. Because of YOUR hysterics.
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Oct 4, 2018
The delay DID lead to more smears. All three of these things would have happened without the delay.

The 7th FBI check of BK appears to have found pretty much what the previous 6 did. It's not going to change a single Democrat mind. Only Flake, Collins, and Murkowski matter.
If the latest delay was the only way to keep Flake and co. on board, it might have been sadly necessary, but it also gave Dems and DNC Media a week to line up more smears, muddy the waters further, and move their "direct action" squads into position.
We don't yet know what effect all of that will have on the wobbly trio. I doubt McConnell really knows either. He's setting up the vote because he has to. Dems will shoot for another delay. They already laid the groundwork for howling that FBI needs to talk to 40 more people.
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