1. My wife may be finally ready to take the #RedPill
2. She is decidedly apolitical. So was I until Trump came along. Like @ThomasWictor, my "moment of truth" came during the Presidential debates, although for a different reason. I saw how utterly biased the moderators were, actually arguing with one of the candidates (Trump).
3. About the same time, I noticed how unhinged my industry, the media, was becoming. I've always known the media leaned left, but I've never seen anything like this -- nor has anyone else. It was truly shocking; pundits were abandoning all pretense of objectivity.
4. So I started paying more attention to how politics were covered by my industry. Mind you, I'm no babe in the woods -- I've been a reporter since Reagan's first term, and have helped cover politicians including GWB, Hillary, Kerry and others, though politics wasn't my beat.
5. The more I paid attention, the more dishonest I found most of the national media outlets to be. Again, I always knew there was a lefty bias, having worked many years for Gannett, which imposes draconian leftist rules about how minorities are covered (can't make them look bad).
6. With this newfound wokeness, I started screaming at the TV, especially in the mornings, when my wife likes to watch "Good Morning America," featuring that Clinton operative posing as a journalist, George Suck-a-lot-of-us.
7. I'd sit there with my morning coffee and scream "THEY'RE TELLING A BLATANT LIE!" as GMA pushed yet another anti-Trump BS story.

And my wife would grimace and say, "would you shut up? I'm just trying to watch TV. I don't want to hear politics."
8. I'd tell her: "But honey, you know I've never been political. But what's happening now is literally taking bread from our mouths. The more blatantly dishonest the media is, the less people trust us -- and the less likely I am to have a job in the future."
9. She'd reply: "I don't care. I just want to see this story about (insert celebrity or cute baby or animal here)."

My wife is a very smart, but simple woman. She doesn't spend time thinking about politics or media bias.
10. But I think her eyes have been opened now, thanks to how Serena Williams is being covered. The media is showing men breaking their rackets and saying "see? They did the same thing as Serena and THEY didn't get a game penalty. RACISMS! SEXISMS!"
11. My wife is a huge tennis fan (she was a very good player in her younger days who won tournaments), and she knows the rules -- and, thus, she can see how the media is blatantly lying in order to push a narrative.
12. It doesn't matter that men broke their rackets in the past and didn't get a game violation; the salient point is, Serena got a violation BECAUSE SHE'D HAD TWO PREVIOUS WARNINGS. Had Serena just broken her racket and said nothing else, the ref wouldn't taken a game.
13. So my wife is seeing all this. She's seeing how the media is 100% in Serena's corner -- and relegating poor Naomi Osaka to being an afterthought. My wife is seeing the dishonesty.
14. We had an interesting conversation this morning. I asked, "now do you see what I've been saying? The media tells BLATANT, OBVIOUS lies. So now, anyone like you, who knows about the rules of tennis, can see these blatant lies...."
15. "...and that means we've just recruited a whole new group that doesn't trust the media -- and the more people do that, the less likely they are to buy my newspaper; and, thus, the less likely I am to have a job."
16. She nodded and agreed with me. She can see how blatantly they're lying their asses off when it comes to this Serena controversy.
17. From a purely selfish point of view, it's not good that people are waking up, because it's going to cost me a job. But as a patriot, I'm glad more people are starting to see the lying media for what it is.
18. (I'm obligated to point out here that not all media lies; it's mainly the national outlets, although there's lots of lying locally as well. But there are also lots of great journalists who do balanced reporting at low pay).
19. Still, there's no denying the MSM's disgusting behavior since Trump's election -- and I'm glad people like my wife are seeing it.
20. What I'd like to see happen (and I know this is naive): The media finally sees the error of its ways and stops being so goddamn partisan. I always say: Journalism is an honorable profession when done right.
21. Unfortunately, I wouldn't bet on the media changing. I thought there was hope in the days after the 2016 election, when some media-types did navel-gazing and asked, "how did we miss this election? Are we ignoring wide swaths of flyover country?"
22. That lasted about 12 minutes -- then the "RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!" narrative emerged, and gave the media an excuse.

"We didn't misunderstand the pulse of the country; Russia is why Trump won."
23. So what I'm afraid will happen: More people will stop trusting the media, and even more papers will fold, while TV rating will plummet. Then they'll accept government money to stay afloat, and the media will go full Pravda in function, not just spirit as they are now.
24. I hope I'm wrong. I'd like nothing more than to see my industry right itself (even though I know the bias goes back more than a century). But I don't think the media is capable of doing it. Instead of fixing themselves, the media is becoming more and more unhinged.
25. When I see completely apolitical people like my wife opening their eyes, believe me, the situation is dire. I fear there's no turning back. I fear the media will destroy itself and become a ward of the state.


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@drawandstrike @ThomasWictor "He made fun of a crippled reporter," one guy said. So I tried to show him video that proves Trump makes the same hand gestures when mocking non-crippled people. The guy puts his hand up. "I don't want to get into a big conversation about it," he says and walks away.

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3. ...we're now in a new era, where the WaPo has decided its job is to make Trump look bad. So Brennan's actions, which were deemed worthy of him being fired four years ago, are not even worth a mention in the WaPo story about Trump yanking Brennan's security clearance.
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@Pink_About_it 1. Saying these people are mentally ill and need help is not the same as hating them. Quite the opposite. It’s one thing to have a crossdressing fetish and to dress up in private. That’s how healthy folks deal w these Sex fantasies, & there’s nothing wrong with that.
@Pink_About_it 2. Couples engage in role play all the time. Again, perfectly healthy. But when you start altering your body and making yourself into a freak — yes, a freak — you should see a psychiatrist. The problem?
@Pink_About_it 3. The field of psychology is dominated by leftists who will tell you it’s ok to alter your body and turn yourself into a freak. They changed the mental health manual to no longer classify this behavior as an illness.
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