Going to do a (short?) THREAD on the #Manafort Superceding Criminal Information. Need to tease out some info that will come up re media involvement and Congressional Rs πŸ˜‰

First, just tagging a Manafort shell co that I hadn't heard mentioned before, yet the date/loc interests me: Pompolo Limited created 4/13, UK (pg 6):

E.g., this is the first shell co that Manafort reg'd in the UK. WHY❓ 🧐
Mueller tells us Manafort used the shell cos to hide payments he received from Ukraine authorities:
Setting down that European Center for a Modern Ukraine (created in Belgium in 2012), was just a fig leaf for Viktor Yanukovych's Opposition Bloc. (Yanukovych's chief of staff, Andriy Klyuyev, headed it up πŸ˜‰):

(pg 3)
Serhiy Klyuyev, is Andriy Kluyev's brother. Google the Klyuyev group πŸ˜‰

Hi Klyuyev (aka Kluyev) Group! πŸ‘‹πŸ½

Money stolen by Russian mob linked to man sanctioned for supporting Syria's chemical weapons program @CNNPolitics

I'm interested in how Manafort: "...in written comms on or about 5/16/13, directed lobbyists (including Persons D1 and D2, who worked for Co D) to write and disseminate w/in the US news stories that alleged that Tymoshenko had paid for the MURDER of a Ukrainian official." πŸ™„
Further, Manafort tells them, "...NO FINGERPRINTS," "very important we have no connection," and that it was his "goal to PLANT SOME STINK ON TYMO."

He meant, Tymoshenko - the Ukrainian PM that had been LOCKED UP.

(pg 17)
Manafort should have reg'd under #FARA beginning 2007 - here Mueller points out Manafort knew this - yet he failed to do so:
That 2007 date is an interesting coincidence to me. Could be nothing, and totally unrelated: 🧐

Beginning around 2011, Manafort retained former heads of state to spread deza (will come back to them. pg 18):

They called themselves the "Hapsburg Group," and they were supposed to provide "independent analysis" of Ukraine. But they didn't. 😁 Fully controlled by Manafort and his underlings.
2012-2013 Manfort directs 700,000 Euros to the Hapsburg Group. They in turn:

"...advocated positions favorable to Ukraine in meetings w/ US LAWMAKERS, interviews w/journalists, and GHOST-WRITTEN OP-EDS in American publications."

In 2012 through 2014, Manafort directed 2M more Euros to Hapbsurg Group:

Hapsburg Group Participants: (pg 41)

-Alfred Gusenbauer, former Chancellor of Austria
-Romano Prodi, former PM of Italy
-Judge Jean-Paul Moerman, of the Constitutional Court of Belgium
-Bodo Hambach, Former European troubleshooter"
-Javier Solana, of Spain, former NATO head
So who did these people get in touch with? Well, let's see: 🧐

In late 2012, Manafort had Hapsburg group members LOBBY US SENATORS against "a resolution critical of Yanukovych's treatment of former PM Tymoshenko." πŸ‘€Β πŸ”₯
Here, @LincolnsBible dug DEEP into the op-eds:


@LincolnsBible And here's Prodi, one of the people named above (serving as Manafort and Gates's instrument):

@LincolnsBible notes re op-eds planted at The Hill, and NYT (devastating THREAD):

I deviated a bit, because LB's stuff makes me do that. 😁 Back to directly lobbying YOUR, US government: πŸ‘€

5/16/13: Manafort sent his Hapsburg Group lackeys to the Oval! In addition to, "...senior United States officials in the executive and legislative branches."
The next bit is about Skadden...and the MOB boss' son-in-law that did a month in The Pen (Van der Zwaan) πŸ˜† I won't revisit all of it, but you can read (p 20):

Manafort had Van der Zwaan's firm disseminate their sham report about Tymoshenko to, "numerous government officials, including senior United States executive and legislative branch officials" and "leak" it to the press.

The firm was paid $1M for it.
This is just so RIDICULOUS! 🀣

(7/27/12): Manafort writes a memo to Yanukovych's chief of Staff (Klyuyev), about the roll out of the hit job they did on Tymoshenko, which was was supposed to illustrate, "that Pres Yanukovych had not selectively prosecuted Tymoshenko" πŸ˜…
Mind you, in 11/12: the firm told Manafort, that the "criminal intent of Tymoshenko was VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT." 🀨 WOW. Just, WOW!!! πŸ’₯
(10/12): Manafort, on behalf of the Ukrainian gov't, took further steps to tarnish Tymoshenko's reputation, by spreading fake stories. In a note about the scheme, he writes β€œ[O]bama jews” put pressure on the Administration to disavow Tymoshenko and support Yanukovych."
"Manafort sought to undermine the US support for Tymoshenko by spreading stories...that...a senior Cabinet official was supporting anti-Semitism, because the official supported Tymoshenko...."
IMPORTANT (10/12): "MANAFORT coordinated privately w/a senior Israeli government official to issue a written stmt politicizing the story." He then worked to disseminate the story in the US. He says he has someone pushing it at NY Post 🧐πŸ’₯ (pg 22):
"MANAFORT then told his US lobbyist to inform [OBAMA!🧐] that Ukraine had worked to prevent the Admin’s presidential opponent from including damaging language in the Israeli statement, so as not to harm the Admin, and thus further ingratiate Yanukovych with the Admin." O M G
(2/12): Manafort retains the two lobbying firms, Podesta Group and Mercury. Paid them thru offshore accounts.

"Washington, D.C. lobbying firms (Company A and Company B)"
Podesta Group and Mercury, "...lobbied dozens of Members of Congress, their staff, and WH and State Dept officials about Ukraine sanctions, the validity of Ukraine elections, and the propriety of Pres Yanukovych’s imprisoning Tymoshenko, his presidential rival." 🧐
"MANAFORT also PERSONALLY met in 3/13 in Washington, D.C., with a Member
of Congress who was on a subcommittee that had Ukraine within its purview."

Hi Dana! πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ˜ @RepRohrabacher You're having a bit of a bad day I'm guessing.

Sorry, not sorry! 🀣 #CA48 @IndivisibleCA48
"Manafort prepared a report for President Yanukovych that the meeting β€œwent well” and reported a series of positive developments for Ukraine from the meeting."

Yup, he was gettin' his $$$'s worth outta you, wasn't he Dana? 🀣

h/t @Agenthades1
I lied. This THREAD is not short. I'm having too much fun! πŸ˜† There's more Republican Congressional Reps and media cutouts to tease out, but I need lunch. Going to pause for now, BRB. 😊
Hi Paul, I'm back! πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ˜
Re Manafort's fake Brussels NGO, The European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (est'd 2012), an employee at Company B referred to it as, β€œthe European hot dog stand for a Modern Ukraine.” It was nothing more than an instrument of Manafort & Co, for Yanukovych/Party of Regions.
In 9/16, "DOJ Nat'l Sec Division: "...informed MANAFORT, Gates, and DMI in writing that it sought to determine whether they had acted as agents of a foreign principal under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, without registering." 😳
in 11/16 and 2/17: "MANAFORT and Gates conspired to knowingly and intentionally cause false and misleading letters to be submitted to the Department of Justice, through his unwitting legal counsel."
The LIES. "DMI β€œdoes not retain communications beyond thirty days” 🀣
The LIES were contradicted by the raid, summer of 2017. 😁

Next, some exhibits.

6/25/12: Manafort memo to Kiliminik, Gates, and Alan Friedman re "Going on Offense - Ukraine Action Plan for Europe and US":
"The members of the group [Hapsburg Group], at our quiet direction, will provide commentary in European media. [sic] write and publish occasional op-eds and appear at select conferences WE will stage in Rome, Berlin, Paris, London..."
Here, Manafort discussing how covert work by the Hapsburg group members (directed by him) in 2012, will form or associate with an existing NGO in 2013."

Also, lays out the fee structure.
"Observer Group Strategy Team"

"For the US: RG [Rick Gates]/Podesta/[Vin] Weber"
It is interesting that 9/16 - the DOJ notified Manafort, Gates and DMI, that they were looking into possible #FARA violations, and Tony Podesta/Podesta Group, had been working with/for Manafort . . .
Then, the Access Hollywood Tape drops, first week of 10/16. Same day, they drop John Podesta's emails, which really weren't that exciting.

Sending a msg? Muddying the waters for later? πŸ€”

(2/20/10): Manafort memo to Yanukovych re "Launch of Public Affairs Plan"
Manafort: "...felt it necessary to begin to disseminate on a regular..basis, information to the government, media and key elite professionals..."

Further to, "remove any possibility of Tymoshenko having credibility if she chose to challenge the results of the election."
(9/24/12) Memo from Manafort to Yanukovych, where he informs him of Obama Admin's position re Tymoshenko, and that they want free and fair election.
Detailing how Manafort may target John Boehner, and others in the House, in 2013, if Romney wins the 2012 election:
Manafort tells Yanukovych that he got in 9/12 Dick Lugar to put a hold on the resolution re Tymoshenko. (He says he has several senators lined up to do same.) Dick Durbin pushed the resolution, and it passed:

Manafort complaining that Durbin didn't follow the rules! πŸ˜πŸ˜†
Pretty sure this is the one he's whining about:

(2/4/13) Manafort Memo to Yanukovyuch. Obama 2nd term: 😁
Ed Royce, known him for years, he will be helpful βœ…

Dana Rohrabacher, will be open-minded βœ…πŸ€£
Notice, Manafort mentions that the House Oversight Plan (w/details re Ukraine) is not yet public - but he has it, and it's attached. πŸ™„
Manafort tells Yanukovych who the new members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be.

On the Republican side, the number two - Jim Risch - got money from Manafort in 2013:
So, that's Ed Royce, Dana Rohrabacher, and Jim Risch, who got Manafort's money:

Congressional Republicans Just Got Hit With Criminal Complaint For Russian-Linked Campaign Donations

Manafort telling Yanukovych that Ed Royce is basically, well, under his control:

(2/4/13): Manafort mentions the Magnistky Act (passed 12/12) to Yanukovych. He says there are calls for the legislation to spread to Ukraine, and that his, "AC team is monitoring this bill closely."
The last bit are more "status update" memos from Manafort to Yanukovych. I'm going to pause for now to read them, to suss out what I need to drop here later.

If you want to read them all, they start on pg 44. I left off at pg 57. TTFN! 😊


β€’ β€’ β€’

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