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Thread: 1) The PATH: Mapping out a New Sustainable WORLD while keeping the majority of America in the dark.

How they've planned it (in part) and still are today.
(Money & sources will be noted throughout.) .@POTUS @Debradelai
Obama 2013: The few care for the many yet Democrats always want more poor and more programs for them. Who is thinking about the future of this model? @POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr…
3) DEMS: We’re gonna need A LOT OF MONEY: ‘The PATH’ Mapping out a New America and a New Sustainable WORLD while keeping the majority of the country in the dark. @POTUS @SidneyPowell1 @vabelle2010 @BernardKerik…
4) Obama DOJ subverted Congress by diverting $1billion to left wing activist organizations and wrote a provision that funds could not go to conservative causes. Internal docs show outside groups lobbied the DOJ directly.…
5) We’re gonna need MAJORITY POWER: Out of concern that Google would rig his re-election, Mississippi Atty. Gen. Jim Hood asked Robert Epstein for help. A secret investigation discovered Google could manipulate voter preferences by 80% w/o anyone knowing.…
6) We’re gonna need A LOT OF VOTES: Google executives tried to influence the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Emails show Google exec efforts to pay for free rides for a certain sect of the population.…
7) Stay with ME: Bombshell: Emails show Google execs interfered in the 2016 presidential election targeting efforts to Latino voters to give free rides to the polls. The following yr in 2017 after Hillary’s 2016 loss, Google, Alphabet invests 1B in Lyft transportation.
8) You may know some of this but you don't know all of it so don't go away!

WE must WIN we NEED more VOTERS. Now Lyft is offering voters free and discounted rides to the polls for the 2018 elections.…
9) Former Obama senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett, Lyft’s Board of Directors. Although she touts using Lyft frequently, one has to wonder if she uses Obama’s driver more often since she’s living in the Obama’s home.…
10) Stick with it to the end.

We’re gonna need A LOT OF VOTES: Mapping out a New America and a New Sustainable WORLD while keeping the majority of the country in the dark.…
11) If you don't want to help the poor you must be a racist. Who doesn’t want to help the poor?: Michelle Obama announced creation of the SOCIAL INNOVATION FUND Mapping out a New America and a New Sustainable WORLD & keeping America in the dark.…
12) Increased immigration of low skilled, under educated people requires more resources: SOCIAL INNOVATION FUND /Mapping out a New America and a New Sustainable WORLD while keeping the majority of the country in the…
13) Give us the MONEY and DON’T ask Questions: SOCIAL INNOVATION FUND Legislators have no direct say over where the money goes or how it is spent.…
14) Give us your MONEY and take the tax write off. Nothing less than a million, please.…
15) Ideas about nonprofits adopted by the WH staff, Michelle Obama’s aides & Pres advisors have been supplied by a very small group of people that stress innovative practices largely based on business models & appear to get preferential treatment.…
16) Hang in there these people are busy.
Mapping out a New America and a New Sustainable World: Kirsch started New Profit 1998. In 1991, she started Public Allies, a youth-service in Washington, D.C. that once employed a young MICHELLE OBAMA in Chicago.…
17) Everything I needed to know about $, I learned from a Rockefeller.

New Profit’s typical donor is between the ages of 35 and 50 with the average donation about $1 million spread over four years. They come predominantly from the financial sector.…
18) It's gonna be a New World get on board or you'll be left behind.

Mapping out a New America and a New Sustainable World: Vanessa Kirsch New Profit’s ‘Gathering of Leaders 2018.’…
19) Our construct was one where a lot of things were given about how our democracy would work, about the basic desire for institutions to support equity, about the structures that we had put in place……
20) The time and urgency and the way things are changing means that we need to think radically differently……
21) Walmart, Carnegie, Dow, oh MY!

Pres. Trump is an outsider to some. No wonder they’ve lost their minds, these people aren’t accustomed to losing. Working together they had to believe the election was in the bag as usual.
22) Walton, Hilton, Zuckerberg oh dear!

New Profit is plugged into the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Walmart Giving, Carnegie Corp, Rockefeller Foundation, Conrad Hilton Foundation & more.…
23) We’re a renegade community foundation....

Webster's: Renegade: a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles. synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, rebel, mutineer…
24) Diversity, equity, inclusivity-- the 3 most important words of the future.

New Profit working to bring more diversity and equity.…
25) Accelerate:

New Profit aims to make an inclusive impact through social engineering.…
26) It's about to heat up, stay with me.

Let’s meet a few of their leaders…
27) Meet Yscaira Jimenez.

Her startup LaborX matches high-tech employers with skilled but non-traditional job candidates with technical training but no degree. No need for money, workers can get paid in cryptocurrency.…
28) What does it mean to get paid in cryptocurrency?

Chronobank Launches world’s first complete blockchain-based job platform, LABORX.

Payments are received in wallets instead of bank accounts.…
29) I thought Russians were bad?

CEO of Chronobank Sergei Sergienko is on a mission to create a better human labour trading system reliant on globalism by using a cryptocurrency that is backed by time, through blockchain technology.…
30) Meet Carmen Rojas.
31) Carmen is the CEO of The Workers Lab that invests in entrepreneurs, community organizers, justice organizers, and technologists to develop new ways to build power for working people in the U.S.

Hmm, Workers Lab? Rockefeller?…
32) Inclusivity...diversity... Marxist?

Carmen and Workers Lab were featured in Buzzfeed. When visiting the office they noted a single hanging bookshelf which displays, a copy of Thomas Piketty’s Capital, the neuvo-Marxist best-seller.…
33) Say hello to, Sayu Bhojwani President of New American Leaders. She’s bringing new voices to American govt.

Her Action statement:

“Help us retire pale, male, stale leaders by training new leaders for America.”
34) Bhojwani assumed oversight of NY city’s immigrant policies in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. She trains minority political candidates to overcome fear of their previous undocumented status & to be confident leaders who will fix Congress.…
35) 'Inclusive' is the word but 'whites' need not apply.
36) Get ready for the new America.

Bhojwani partnered with Wellstone to transform the American political landscape into a more diverse progressive one.…
37) ‘IMPACT’ if you're not making one, you're doing it wrong.
38) "The organizer's guide to the galaxy."

Yes, we're here to tell you, the sky is the limit!

“Building your power.” ? Through organizing?
39) Fear not...

they're never very far away.

Obama’s Former Deputy Secretary of Education Jim Shelton and CEO Alex Bernadotte race and social innovation are changing the landscape of education.
40) EDUCATION is the doorway to a new future.

He’s working with New Profit to bring diverse organizations to transform learning.
44) We protect our investors. If the authorities find one of your offshore accounts, we can call on Goodwin Proctor. One of over 900 attorney’s stand ready to serve you whenever the need should arise. LOL
45) Deloitte: Handling your financial needs so you can do more good. We offer the best tax shelter solutions in the biz. LOL
46) Little known fact,

John Legend, is actually known to his friends as ‘MR. EDUCATION.’ LOL
47) Obama’s Massachusetts Juvenile Justice 'Pay for Success Initiative' helps at risk young men escape the cycle of incarceration.

Rest assured, it changes lives.

Just ask the people of Broward County, FL. about Obama's 'Promise Program.'
48) Progressive fix for racism:

Buy a bike lock and fill your back pack with bricks so you’ll be ready for the next protest.
49) New Profit can do it all.

We’re changing policy through America Forward, one of thousands of other 501(c)3 organizations.

We've opened an unprecedented number since, 2016. We can hook you up.
50) Don't quite yet, you need to see the UN's plan for your future.

It's coming.

Hang in there.

Let America Forward introduce you to Bank of America’s Lift communities program. We help them like we help New Profit.
51) Valerie Jarrett can do more than give you a Lyft,

she can also give you a LIFT.

Lift communities program helps people navigate the difficult task of getting social services.
52) More policing at the border is making it difficult to proceed with our normal practices. We'll be with you shortly, if the Republican's don't show up to Vote, it will be sooner.
54) As soon as we win back majority power, we will impeach President Trump.

If you saw the video of Obama doing the same things, don't fret, Trump rigged it.

It's a fake.
55) At LIFT we’ve helped 100,000.

Unfortunately, we let in 11 Million and expect more to come, so we'll be with you as soon we can.

In the mean time, we have a nice tent.
56) LIFT: While you wait for services, please read this uplifting personal story from one of our staff members. She really cares.

57) UNITED NATIONS GLOBALIST PLANNING WEEKEND in lovely Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains.…
58) UNITED NATIONS GLOBALIST PLANNING WEEKEND | We’re planning your future for you so you don’t have to.

| Engineering a better world.

(Make sure you signed your confidentiality agreement at the door.)
60) The UNITED NATIONS is making progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. Global Mind ED.

By the time your kids graduate college, they'll be happy to live in the community housing projects we're busy designing.

Envision a future without money, no more hassles waiting in long lines at the bank.
62) Un GLOBALIST PLANNING | Engineering a better world|

Vice Admiral, Jan Tighe, Director of Naval Intelligence/ INFORMATION WARFARE. (Never mind, they weren’t supposed to list her in the itinerary. Need to know only)
63) UN GLOBALIST PLANNING | Engineering a better world

Inclusion and diversity.

| Obama’s former Secretary of Homeland Security has something to say about removing barriers and other wicked problems.

"As soon as we’re in power again, there will be no wall. We’ll blow it up and then we’ll get rid of ICE."

| Just so you don't forget about the importance of inclusivity, you'll be asked you write the word a thousand times and hand in your sheet tomorrow, to the former DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano.

Failure to do so will result in severe consequences.

| Please be prepared, we'll be asking for your essay on the meaning of ‘cultural intelligence’ on Sunday.

(Failure to do so will result a mandatory 6wk class in sensitivity training)

Don't stress, everyone's reality is being augmented as we speak.

The Secretary of Naval Intelligence is very good at her job.

| If you are fortunate enough to still think for yourself then get on your knees and thank GOD that this man is not your president.

Then praise the Lord, because SHE Lost!
69) There is nothing in your life more important to your future and your children's future than VOTING in the 2018 midterm elections...and

... HELPing to get OUT the VOTE.

#VoteRed2018 #Trump2020LANDSLIDE
Just kidding, he's not gone.

You can see his handy work above.

I wish I knew what could be done to stop this runaway train. There are many efforts & organizations working toward the same goal.

One thing is certain, it doesn't appear that the plan is inclusive, after all.
I'll be posting more on the money aspects this week.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
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Nanci Pelosi offers instruction about a political smear which closely resembles the #KavanaughHearings

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Oct 5, 2018
Our govt won't stop it now they say it can't be fixed.

STOP buying products from companies who do business w/China. Many of you have thought this too.

Our NAT Sec is at risk every time American companies do business w/nations who want to harm America.…
What are we thinking?

How much of America is now owned by our adversaries b/c of someone you or I voted into office? We wring our hands while our govt allows American land to be sold to some of the same people who kill our son's an daughters in war or plot terrorism here.
Now we're dependent on Google, the same company who's willing to build communist China their own internet. How can we trust a company who is willing to do that who also possesses so much of America's information? Think about how much of our infrastructure is now tied to Google?
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Oct 4, 2018
In 2015 Christiana Figueres, exe Sec U.N. FCCC., let slip the U.N.’s real purpose in pushing climate hysteria is to end capitalism throughout the world, citing China’s communist system as the kind of government America must have...…
"One must free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. What we’re doing has almost nothing to do with the climate. We must state clearly that we use climate policy to redistribute de facto the world’s wealth" UN Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer
"The progressive elites who feel that way – nearly all of whom are found in the Democratic Party, and 100% of whom live opulent, carbon-based lifestyles – also believe that far more of America’s wealth must, therefore, be forcibly “shared” (read: redistributed) w/poor nations."
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1) Thread: Our unelected ruling class is implementing the integration of a universal income strategy, to establish economic & racial equality in American society. Secretly.
2)The world that your children & grandchildren are about to inherit is predetermined & no one ever intended to give you, or them a vote. (As w/my other threads, keep in mind, the organizations discussed are but a few of thousands around the world so this is not a fringe movement)
3) Most of you know that there has been a longstanding western movement to transform global education by instituting a universal set of beliefs and values with the implied motive of creating equality and inclusion for everyone on the planet. Sounds noble, right?
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Sep 26, 2018
As a woman I am sick of women not owning their part & responsibility. If you get insanely drunk & black out at parties, you bear some responsibility for what happens to you. If you are drunk or high & behave overtly sexual, to men you just met you put yourself in danger.
Let's face it young women in college act incredibly stupid and put themselves in a lot of danger. Does that mean that they asked to be assaulted no? But would they have been assaulted had they not put themselves in situations that made it much more likely that they would be, YES!
Don't go to a club, introduce yourself to a guy, shake hands, start dancing, rub your booty in his crotch, & then accuse the guy of toxic masculinity. Don't send out mixed messages! It is your responsibility to take care of yourself.
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