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If #MaximeBernier didn’t sabotage Canada by helping Trudeau win 2019 —this w’d be hilarious!!!

“I’m leaving ⁦@CPC_HQ⁩ because they are not conservative enough (supporters yah!!) but NDP will be welcomed”

Does anyone think this out?
#MaximeBernier supporters @CPC_HQ not conservative enough.

We need to move to the right!!!

But Max says room for the NDP but not conservatives.

I don’t understand why thoughtful Conservatives aren’t calling out this hypocrisy.

I keep getting this meme

It’s a fraud.
3/ so since I posted the above 2 tweets— #MaximeBernier followers are happy that NDP joining — I don’t get it.

I’ve been bombarded by tweets saying
@CPC_HQ not conservative enough”
“Its a matter of principle”
“We can’t have liberal lite”

Now it’s ok. 😂🤷‍♂️
4/ #MaximeBernier “I don’t care who comes,?even NDP, to my new party, #Peoplespartyofcanada we are an open big tent party - because I’m the Leader but when @AndrewScheer is open to centrist then he is liberal-lite and is morally bankrupt”

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
If the fraudsters at IPCC mandated that all future conferences and meeting to 2030 will only be done by Videoconference—then maybe I’d listen.

But not having conferences in expensive exotic resort cities w’d kill the main purpose of IPCC faster than global Warming 😂
2/ this is not a joke. Canada sent over 300 people to Paris COP21

Wonderful beautiful Paris.…

That money could have saved so many real lives in peril today.
3/ also Billions of carbonated drinks are consumed daily.
We actually create CO2 to make these carbonated drinks - because we like bubbly drinks.

When we stop producing CO2 so elites can have thier Perrier — I’ll start to care.

Oil saves lives. Bubbly drinks tickle.
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Oct 2, 2018
How did the business community score the #USMCA?

Stock exchange on day of announcement.

Canada 🇨🇦 up 30 points.
USA 🇺🇸 up 200 points.
(See above)

How did the business community score the #USMCA?

Stock exchange on midday after the day of announcement.

Canada 🇨🇦 ⬇️ 90 points.
USA 🇺🇸 ⬆️ 100 points ( in addition to 200 points yesterday)

@cbc will not report what the broad business community thinks.
3/ so on the close of 2nd trading day Canada/USA stock exchanges (vote of approval by broad range of businesses on #USMCA )

Here’s 2 day results
1. Canada Stocks ⬇️ 55 points
2. USA Stocks ⬆️ 325 points.

The more they read #USMCA the more they understand
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Sep 13, 2018
1/5 “Virtue Signalling”

Has substituted
1. Accountability
2. Performance

We once judged politicians for what they do — now we ignore performance and accountability if they virtue signal.

It works.

@JustinTrudeau failed on every file but ok because he lectures on virtue.
2/5 “Virtue Signalling”

Now contrast with @realDonaldTrump successfully delivered and delivering on every campaign promise:
1. NKorea
2. Lowest unemployment
3. Tax reform
4. 4.5% GDP
5. New trade agreements

But @POTUS doesn’t lecture “virtue signalling” so successes ignored
3/5 “Virtue Signalling”

In conclusion- disturbing trend happening where problem solving, success, accountability is no longer the standard- but virtue signalling is

One example is “Global Warming” the greatest abusers (@algore @LeoDiCaprio ) are respected advocates.
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Sep 7, 2018
While America is booming, Lowest unemployment in 50 years.

Canada employment fell by 52,000 in August. Part-time employment declined by 92,000
Unemployment rate increased 0.2% to 6.0%.

Sorry for interruption - now go back to your Trump Hate…
2/I’ve been tweeting facts and reports -Canada Economy doing poorly.

Media only reports trump Hate news.

Year-over-year basis, employment grew by 172,000.

That’s pathetic

Canada added:
-births 550K
-immigration 270K
-refugees 50K
-open borders 30K

Not sustainable
3/ JOBS even worse that you think!!

Of the anemic 171 K jobs created in ONE YEAR.
101,000 were Government jobs
44,000 were Private jobs.

Canada’s business ONLY CREATED 44K jobs and Canada added 900,000 citizens.

We are in a crises- but Media only reports Trump Hate news.
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Sep 2, 2018
What makes America great?

-Rule of law
-Presumption of innocence
-state cannot abuse power
-right to speedy trial

How can one person ask for impeachment when?
-no charges
-no evidence of wrong doing
-investigation now 16 months

Democrats = anti-Constitutional Rights of person
2/ imagine ANY OTHER America subjected to:

-rush to judgement
-state using power unlimited resources to conduct witch hunt
-30% demanding guilty judgement before charges or breaches found

Everyone would be up in arms— but it’s@realDonaldTrump so Hate ok?

So unAmerican
3/ be honest do you not expect that kind of witch hunt for 16 months in 3rd world countries? NOT AMERICA.
This is how Putin gets rid of his opponents.

Ironically Media and Democrats are acting like unConstitutional Russia by falsely alleging #RussiaCollusion
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Sep 1, 2018
1/ Inept @JustinTrudeau should NOT have allowed Mexico-US to negotiate separately—but his obstructive behaviour cause it.
Mexico saw Canada obstructing at ever Trade session so in Mexico’s best interest to negotiate alone.
Trudeau sat in side lines as Mexico negotiated.
2/ Mexico agreed:
1) eliminate soft-wood subsidies
2) eliminate protectionist tariffs in AG, specifically dairy
3) accept 75% rules of origin that eliminates NAFTA loophole.
4) agree to enforcement mechanisms
5) open financial sector by allowing U.S. banks to operate in Canada

3/ This is the new Trade Deal.
Both Mexico and USA knew what the ramifications of above 5 terms would have to Canada- as they knew each other’s positions fir a year. They were negotiating trilaterally for a year.

So critically think Mexico is as much to blame as USA
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