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Kavanaugh's mother (judge) ruled against accuser's parents
BREAKING: The new leftist group Demand Justice that's launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to derail Kavanaugh nomination is run by former top Feinstein aide Paige Herwig
BREAKING: SenGrassley confirms he has invited Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh to testify at a public hearing Monday 10am. "Unfortunately, committee Democrats have refused to join us in this effort."
@virginiahume : "Briefly stepping back into Twitter to reiterate: The Brett Kavanaugh I know is a good and decent person, and I have never seen him treat women with anything but respect. "
Christine Ford’s PARENTS Were Defendants in a 1996 Foreclosure Case where Kavanaugh's Mom, Judge Martha G Kavanaugh, ruled against them.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is asking questions I think we all would like an answer too....Why did the democrats keep the accusation secret for 6 weeks, wait for 11th hour to reveal it & not bring it up in committee hearings or private meetings?
@Thomas1774Paine : Kavanaugh Accuser’s Brother's STRANGE LINK to Fusion GPS & Russian Lawyer Who Set Up Trump Tower Meeting
They tried 2smear the great Clarence Thomas w/the same Hail Mary character assassination tactics. it failed becuz Clarence Thomas fought back, hard-Why didn’t this woman mention this ever b4 in 35yrs? Y the week of the confirmation vote?
Political hit job
Kavanaugh Accuser Signed Letter Fighting Trump Border Enforcement - Signing off on statements that accused Trump of using southern border enforcement to “traumatize children” and claimed the Zero Tolerance policy was “violating fundamental human rights.”
@CNN says: Debra Katz, lawyer for a woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, said her client would be willing to testify in public to the Senate Judiciary Committee. cnn.com/2018/09/17/pol…
@paulsperry_: GOP majority caved2 Feinstein & Dems by not only reopening Kavanaugh hearing & postponing vote but foregoing phone interviews 2hold public He Said-She Said hearings a la Thomas-Hill fiasco, while also leaving open option of alleged "eyewitness" Mark Judge testifying
Kavanaugh Accuser’s Brother Worked for Law Firm that Paid Fusion GPS For Work with Russian Lawyer Who Set Up Trump Tower Meeting
@NiceDeb : Sen. Lindsey Graham on Hannity just now: If Christine Blasey Ford had no intention of coming forward, why did she hire a lawyer and have a polygraph test in August? And who paid for it?
@paulsperry_: Sen Feinstein + her Judiciary Committee staff refused 2join Grassley's staff last night in a phone conference w/Kavanaugh 2ask him questions abt the accusations Feinstein received against him 2 mos ago (& leaked on the eve of committee vote)
Feinsnake's DeepState PSYOP on Kavanaugh_Begins w/a LEAK 2media_sound familiar? THEN: persistent tweets, public support of the victim, More tweets 2stop confirmation-Knowing she SAT on the allegation,never Q'd him when she could hv+refused conf call w/him
🚨According to sources Feinstein's reluctance 2mention the Kavanaugh accuser's letter during confirmation session is because the accuser sent a similiar letter directed at Judge Gorsuch last year....developing
Did you all hear what Rush Limbaugh just said??
DEBRA KATZ Her leftist lawyer being funded by George Soros who said she DOESN'T HAVE TO CORROBORATE HER STORY is the one who gave her the lie detector test (in August)
Ford was Director of Biostatistics at Corcept Therapeutics, who does work with CORTISOL which is produced by the ADRENAL GLAND (Adrenochrome?)--What kind of biological experiments she was directing?
@AlwaysIntegrity thread claims accuser's father, Dr Blasey has ties to CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stranford Univ & discrepancies in accuser's therapist’s notes date from 2012
Two Women Who Dated Kavanaugh Go On Record About Allegations Made Against Him, Report Says
ON THE RUN: Kavanaugh’s Accuser Goes UNDERGROUND, Blows Off Senate Invite to Testify
Grassley slams Dems for 'abuse' of confirmation process, will view new complaints 'very skeptically'
TruePundit @Thomas1774Paine removed the image of the woman in a pink pussy hat, probably because they learned it's NOT Ford-refer to tweet: /1
..the woman pictured is Liz Darner at March for Science in April 2017, however Blasey Ford is cited in a San Jose Mercury News article as wearing a pussy hat at the march /2
Angered by the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to research: “It’s a science party!” said biostatistician Christine Blasey, of Palo Alto, who will wear an elaborately knitted cap of the human brain — yarn turned into a supersized cerebral cortex... /3
— inspired by the “pussy hats” donned during the Women’s Marches. “Getting introverted people to the march — that’s huge,” she laughed. /4
Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Donned ‘Brain’ Pussy Hat for Anti-Trump March /5
💣WOW! - WHY BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED: Faculty Approved Racism, Binge Drinking & Promiscuity--Someone had the foresight2 take sshots of yearbooks from Holton-Arms b4 they were scrubbed & are now archived: archive.fo/dbXFi
Gateway Pundit: Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbook Was Scrubbed to Hide Culture of Racism, Binge Drinking by Minors and Elitism… Update: Cached Copy of Yearbook
SENATE JUDICIARY CONTACTED the 3 Male Witnesses at Party Named by Accuser Ford -- ALL DENIED ALLEGATIONS Under Penalty of Felony! thegatewaypundit.com/2018/09/senate…
HERE WE GO=> Christine Blasey Ford Being Advised by Obama-Clinton Democrat Operative Ricki Seidman who worked 4 Clinton WH, Joe Biden campaign & helped Obama get Sotomayor confirmed to SC
🔴 Excellent research by @EdWhelanEPPC concerning Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Kavanaugh
UNROLL: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1042893…
Feinstein UGLY Tactics: Cryptic stmt last week, Then leak of anon accusation 2the press was contrary2 Ford's wishes; She could hv urged Ford 2go public early giving both sides time; Backed a cmte hearing--Instead she settled on the ugliest means possible!
@EdWhelanEPPC removed his tweet after backlash, however the UNroll above still works
See Senate Judiciary Thread on Kavanaugh / Ford:
Chairman Grassley has offered to send his committee staff to California to interview accuser Christine Blasey Ford so she doesn't have to travel to Washington //1
Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford has failed to meet the 10am Friday deadline 2submit prepared testimony & a biography 2the Senate Judiciary Comte as required 2be able2 testify on Monday. No written testimony or bio has been provided to panel //2
BREAKING: Christine Blasey Fords's lawyers balk at latest Grassley deadline (10 p.m. tonight) //3
Radical anti-Kavanaugh activists from several national leftwing groups planning 2bus in protestors & hold protest-training program in DC on Sunday & then stage massive protests &disruptions next week on Capitol Hill 2intimidate senators - details 2come //4
Feinstein claims "it's mean-spirited" 4 REPS on Judiciary Comte 2extend the date of hearing4 Chrissy Blasey frm Monday 2 Wednesday, because it still doesn't give her enough time "to prepare." "Show some heart," 🤮Feinstein admonished Chairman Grassley //6
@paulsperry_ Accuser's parents Ralph&Paula Blasey + bro Ralph Blasey III missing from family letter of support. Their absence is more baffling given letter doesnt hold any signatories 2her story, just speaks 2her character not the veracity of claims //7
Judge Kavanaugh’s female colleagues & friends: “We are proud to stand with Brett.”
Christine Blasely Ford GoFundMe account hits nearly $210K - $ is needed to pay for family's security
Ford's attorneys, after being listed on fundraiser for Democrat, pull out of event
<similar to "closing the barn door after the horse had already bolted" - optics>
PGA Golfers? 2/ DiGenova on Laura Ingraham’s show: “This is a joke. She is absolutely unreliable as a witness. And tonight all over the country, PGA golf tour members are talking about her" “I can only tell you this. There is more news coming out every day about Dr. Ford”
PGA Golfers? 3/ “The Washington Post is doing a biography on her right now. And in the course of doing so, they contacted, at her request, members of the PGA tour. One of whom told the Post, ‘I don’t think you really want to talk to me.'” The comment was not further explained.
PGA Golfers? 4/ “I’m for calling in outside witnesses. I want all the PGA golfers who have anything to say about her brought in to testify.” Ingraham then said, “OK, to go to her character?” He replied, “bring in the PGA golfers to testify about her. ...
PGA Golfers? 5/ She has put her character at issue. Bring in those golfers! Bring in those golfers!” Ingraham laughed and said, “we’re going to learn more about that, everyone’s wondering, googling LPGA, is it LPGA or PGA?” ....
PGA Golfers? 6/ DiGenova replied, “It’s PGA. It’s the men. Bring in the golfers!” “you’ve got to send for the golfers first!”
VIDEO: heavy.com/news/2018/09/c…
PGA Golfers? 7/ Blasey was part of an elite, suburban Washington community, where the families of members of Congress, white-shoe lawyers and lobbyists golfed, played tennis and swam together at a hierarchy of country clubs ...
PGA Golfers? 8/ Blasey’s father, Ralph, a business executive, formerly served as president of the all-male Burning Tree Country Club in Bethesda, MD, a PGA Champoinship Golf Course, home of the 2011 U.S. Open golf tournament. The course has been played by numerous presidents...
PGA Golfers? 9/ ..foreign dignitaries, high-ranking executive officials, members of Congress & military leaders. Until the appointment of Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court, the club had always extended honorary memberships to the Court's Justices; ....
PGA Golfers? 10/ ..those who accepted include Justice Antonin Scalia & former Chief Justice Warren Burger. Remember this is an all-male club; women have been forbidden for 85 years (founded in 1933)
PGA Golfers? 11/ The Initiation fee: $75K, while membership fees are $500/mo. Membership is exclusive w/a cap around 600. The member list is private & includes honoraria & retired golfers & can be achieved by invitation only
IT WAS A DEMOCRAT PLOT: Christine Ford Adviser, Ricki Seidman Told Dems in July Conference Call About Plot/Strategy to Take Down Kavanaugh
Ford's lawyer Debra Katz caught on camera at a resistance rally against Trump in 2017 : “We are going to fight back” “We are going to resist. We will not be silenced” - Katz was identified only as a “protester” by ABC’s “Good Morning America”
VIDEO: dailycaller.com/2018/09/21/kav…
credit to @GoboMontaco
@ScottAnthonyUSA :
1 She knew the risks when contacting Congress and WaPo;
2 Feinstein or a staffer from her or Dem House leaked her info;
3 At that point, it was “political”
4 She should have immediately come forward, NOT play games;
5 Still playing games
@ChuckGrassley 5TH EXTENSION ‼️
I just granted another extension to Dr Ford 2decide if she wants 2proceed w the statement she made last week 2testify2 the senate She shld decide so we can move on/I want2 hear her/I hope u understand. It’s not my normal approach to be indecisive
Explanation from @ChuckGrassley ’s staff about his tweet above - from @georgehartmann = An additional day of consideration was granted.
Attorney for Ford, Katz, is a donor 2 liberal causes & candidates including:
🐍Obama, 👾Soros' MoveOn & was a Fundraiser for 🖤Hillary 4 America--A direct link 2 the Clinton machine & she's on TV saying she will Fight & Resist-This is a political hack job
Obviously not political: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer Caught On Camera: ‘We Are Going To Resist’
Feinstein's latest hearing demands include allowing "the individual who administered Dr. Ford's polygraph test" to testify, along with Mark Judge and several other "witnesses we would like to call" to testify
2 MINUTE WARNING!! Grassley sets TODAY (Sat) 2:30 EST deadline for Kavanaugh accuser to negotiate the terms of her testimony next week OR ELSE Confirmation will be held Mon 8/24
If Rita Katz fails by 2:30 pm today to agree to a hearing --and under Grassley's terms of 1) Kavanaugh goes after Ford, 2) no other witnesses & 3) no restrictions on who asks questions -- then Grassley is going ahead with committee vote on Monday. Period.
🧐 Ford response is NOT 'acceptance' of anything at all-She agreed 2provide 1st-hand knowledge but doesn't say HOW or WHEN & says the TERMS are still up for negotiation-The language is very carefully calculated 2give her credit 4having accepted~~It's B💩

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Sep 24, 2018
Rod Rosenstein reportedly RESIGNED in anticipation of being fired following reports he suggested to colleagues last year that he would secretly record conversations with Trump
@PressSec Statement on 09-24-18, at 9:48AM: "At Rosenstein's request" he and Trump had "an extended conversation 2 discuss the recent news stories", Trump is away at UN Gen Assembly so "they will meet on Thurs when the President returns to Wash DC"
Remember this? Rod Rosenstein pleads to Speaker Paul Ryan 2prevent release of FISA Abuse Memo?
WATCH Rosenstein's Body Language when he's on the hot seat & LYING- He bounces, hops+sniffles like a rabbit caught in headlights
SEE: streamable.com/qus1y
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"He who controls the weather, Controls the world" - LBJ
MUST SEE video - MUST see thread
Does this mean White Hats r in control-They shut down Solar Observatories 2prevent any1 fr seeing deployment of "The Hammer" which they're using2 knock out hurricane Florence. No wonder weathermen couldn't track/predict properly & Y Marines stayed at Le Jeune-They hv the Hammer!
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Sep 12, 2018
Teenage blood=$8K for 2.5 litres, STUDY: Drinking young blood allows humans 2live a life free of diseases such as cancer n heart disease right up until death; Trials backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel; Start-up called "Ambrosia"
Ambrosia, the vampiric startup is run by 32yr-old Dr Karmazin who bills $8K a pop 4participation in his “study”-He has 600 clients w/median age of 60; blood is collected fr local blood banks, separated&combined – it takes multiple donors 2make 1 package
Why Older People Are Using the Blood of Teenagers to Live Longer; Teens are selling their blood
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Sep 7, 2018
🚨Leggett, NC Mayor Gary Skelton & wife, Jackie found dead in their home-SuspectS in custody-Commissioner Summerlin: "The terror that they had to have felt, going through what they were going through, it's unimaginable what they came home to last night"
Two arrested after Leggett, NC mayor, wife found dead, cops say
2nd suspect charged. Keith Williams, 25 & Mitchell Brinson, 18 both of Tarboro hv bn charged w/Murder1. Williams hd JUST bn released from prison last week! 4 possess of firearm by a felon. Lenghthy record4 assault w/deadly weapon,larceny,assault on a child
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Aug 30, 2018
Listen to Lord David James - A small part of the total, $15 trillion was allegedly laundered through 3 smaller transactions of $5tn ~~
$15tn = $15,000,000,000,000 ~ about 20 times the U.S. defense budget
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Aug 28, 2018
Adam Lovinger, a former DOD analyst turned Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: “It was all a Set-up” & Shines a spotlight on the deep state’s secret weapon = Stefan Halper. 💐 to @SaraCarterDC saraacarter.com/whistleblower-…
Anon: If you read @SaraCarterDC article carefully you will learn that Levinger also notes a 2nd person getting similar sweetheart deals & this person IS VERY CLOSE TO HRC. But Sara & Levinger don’t give the name because it’s CLASSIFIED. That person is the direct link to HRC
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