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Differences between #AnitaHill and #CavanaghHearings.

‘91 Almost ALL white dude staffers behind a ALL STRAIGHT WHITE MALE SENATORS on judiciary committee.

‘18 Half/same old gang of straight white male rape enabler @GOPs vs @Dem’s diversity , and a stfu old @Vp.

‘99 Thurmond, 1948 “States rights” party white supremacist nominee for president, 51 years later he’s grabbing my breast.

‘18 Orrin Hatch, Still So 😡 Mormon chicks don’t blow and black Women don’t sit still for berating on CSPAN.

#AnitaHill #Kavanaugh
Youngs need to be told Biden got a big shiny rehab by Barack.

He was VILE to Anita Hill in front of her 80 year old BLACK country church proper one generation removed from SLAVERY parents. It was vile.
No, we aren’t running Biden 2020 anyone who Says that wants us to lose- a troll, right winger or chaos agent. There is no base of the party will for Biden, never has been. 1% in Iowa. Plagiarism Joe. #AnitaHill No.
Why would we run Joe when we have a woman who wears gowns with pockets?

‘18 Senate Judiciary Star @KamalaHarris

‘91 tell us more about the size of his penis judiciary Joe.
‘91 Orrin Hatch glimpses us into Brainwashed uptight twisted #Exvangelical world. Normalizing, justifying Brainwashy Christian denial of #anitaHill lived experience.

‘18 Orrin Hatch, dementia patient Propped up as a figurehead for the pro rape @GOP
We had never heard words “sexual harassment”

Ick wasn’t yet labeled

NO ONE discussed porn in Public, ever,
much less in U.S. Senate on C-SPAN.


Cast is old: 65 women and basketball team preemptively scream he’s not a rapist.

Rapey Clarence Thomas had a parade of fellow rape apologists and rapist wannabees covering their own sex crimes by calling Professor Hill an insane emotional hysterical overreacting delusional scorned crazy liar in front of the world.

‘18 ?? Rapey @gop

‘91 Rapey @gop has no women on judiciary

‘18 Rapey @gop STILL has NO WOMEN on judiciary

Who will ditch Rapey Kav and protect his own future?

Flake, Sasse?

#KavaHELLNaugh #DrFord
‘91 Dems Have NO WOMEN on judiciary.

But, NO both parties are NOT the same.

‘92 brings year of the woman!

Mikulski, Murray, Boxer, Moseley-Braun, Feinstein

‘18 Feinstein gets a grudge match
On Supreme Court Justice Clarence “House” Thomas ➡️#kavaNope
‘91 Orrin Hatch stages tantrum after tantrum in sick display of misogynist rape apology pretends Mormon’s never excluded black ppl til’76

‘18 #Exvangelical nutjob Orrin Hatch
There’s “some question” whether #DrFord is “mixed up.”
#Kavanaugh “said this did not happen”

• • •

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Sep 23, 2018
I’m on the 🚂 to philly heading to the sentencing of the most infamous rapist of all time Bill #Cosby.

We are hoping to see this criminal walk out in shackles for his 45year+ depraved crime spree of drugging and raping over 60 women.

Watch this space for pics and updates!

Graphics by @FrancescaRizzo Part of a 4 year digital campaign to raise awareness of the names of the human victims of #Cosby’s 45 year drug and rape crime spree.
No one knows all of these survivors’ names.

They aren’t famous, they didn’t “cash in”
By being raped.

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Sep 18, 2018
.@msnbc just played Senator Strom Thurmond defending Clarence Thomas in 1991.

Senator Strom Thurmond grabbed my breast during a photo op 7 yrs later in 1998.
Rape apologists love to try to intimidate survivors. #KavanaughConfirmation
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Sep 14, 2018
Dear not alive during #AnitaHill:

Those hearings terrorized us as we sat transfixed, knowing for a fact we would not be believed

or given a fair chance to tell our stories of rape and harassment

In America or in front of the United States Senate.

#KavanaughConfirmation and his fascist Theocrat cronies Grassley and Orrin Hatch simply following the crucifixion of Anita Hill model of Trotting out dude after dude who told us that Clarence Thomas “wasn’t” a porn addicted rapist. #longDongSilver
During the Anita Hill hearings a sharp line emerged between women who had been raped and harassed

and those who hadn’t yet reconciled and named their experiences.

Women in denial called Anita a bitch.

The rest of us wore buttons

because her story was our story.
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Aug 6, 2018
Door knocking matters.

I lived in Florida when walkin’ Lawton Chiles was a representative and then governor of our state.

Chiles was famous for walking first his entire district when he ran for his house seat and then won.

Chile’s Met voters door-to-door, town to town/1
Walkin’ Lawton m@et the people where they were.

Walkin’ Lawton was sneered at for his “no chance” Democrat pro civil rights campaign and for being a “redneck”

Walkin’ Lawton just kept walking and converting red voters blue with each step.
Walkin’ Lawton got it that connecting with voters in person is the way to build a coalition.

🛑 👂 to voter concerns, hear problems repeated then seize on solutions based messages.

Often voters are experts on their one issue.

If you are a wise candidate or canvasser you 🛑 👂
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Aug 3, 2018
My Adoption advice for lesbians: Hurry up. Fascist theocrats are attempting to take away our adoption rights.
“federal legislation could be on the way. In July 2018, Republican representatives introduced a bill that would protect adoption agencies with state or federal contracts who discriminate on religious or moral grounds nationwide. “
The fight over gay adoption parallels the fight over marriage. Republicans have long fought our right to adopt and have “legitimate “ families. Marriage and adoption to them made us “normal” so they fought it with a passion. #queerpol
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Aug 2, 2018
Ranked in order if MIST PROGRESSIVE SENATORS 1. @SenKamalaHarris

6. @SenTinaSmith

(Frankens powerhouse replacement)

10. @SenGillibrand

And that’s who we hurt when we keep on tolerating abuse of these three power voices.

1,6 and 10.
“My takeaway that day was that he had done this thousands of times.

He knew exactly where to put his hand.

He knew exactly when to drop and squeeze.

He was showing me he had control and power.

He was showing me I meant nothing.” -me

-And that’s why I believe 8 women.
Progressives who keep blaming @SenGillibrand for the ACTIONS of A MAN because he was SO Progressive we can’t live without him are Killing the reps of real active elected progressive women.

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