As many have probably guessed, my DNA does not allow any allegiance to conservative philosophy. There is a time to save & a time to spend and our greatest responsibility is to those among us who have the least. But, I seem to recall a time when the conservatives... 1/10 #cdnpoli
Were not wholly evil. When they seemed to have some vague concern for widows and orphans and those who were struggling. When they wanted good for Canadians and were just a bit off on how to get there... 2/10
I remember when Sterling Lyon was elected and my Dad said, "Just watch now. Manitoba is going to be punished for keeping him out of government for so long." And, sure enough, first thing he did was cancel Mincome. Just like Ford. 3/10
He was the first Thatcherist/Reaganist provincial leader in Canada. That is his legacy as far as I am concerned. He took a bold, brilliant social experiment and threw it out with the trash. 4/10
Mincome was a success. The data was sealed and not examined until the 2000s. But it found that, when given a guaranteed minimum income, people did not quit their jobs to lie around at home. The only people who left the workforce were women with new babies 5/10
Because maternity leave was very limited in the 1970s and childcare was mostly grandma. And also young people who had been forced to drop out of school to help support their families. These went back to school once the pressure to bring in money was lifted. 6/10
Domestic violence rates went down. Emergency admissions went down. Mental health admissions went down. Suicide rates went down. Workplace accidents went down. People reported being happier, calmer, more satisfied with their lives. 7/10
Apparently that is a bad thing by conservative standards. Too expensive they said. But, in terms of offset costs to the health system, and policing, and having more skilled people in the workforce, doesn't it balance out? Or even improve everything? 8/10
I know. Giving anyone anything galls conservatives. Even if it improves society. They would prefer to punish than evolve. And it's sad. But here we are, in 2018. And the conservatives in Canada have actually managed to regress to pre-1970s ideology. Wow. 9/10
So, CPC/UCP/ONPC boys are off on junkets to pretend to represent Canada on the world stage. We have seen what happened in Ontario. Let that be a brief one-off, please. Canada cannot afford a conservative sweep. Our most vulnerable cannot afford a CPC government. 10/10

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Oct 4, 2018
Tori Stafford's Dad on tv. His pain is palpable. I feel so much for him and his family. And yet... The CPC have exploited this family's grief for partisan gain. Like many Canadians, he doesn't understand how our system works. #cdnpoli #ToriStafford 1/25
We do not have a system where the injured party can get "5 minutes alone" with the perpetrator. We do not have a system where politicians can hand-pick cases for special treatment or special punishment. 2/25
We have a rule of law, based on laws that have been developed and evolved over time, according to social mores and values, as these evolve over time. We used to have capital punishment. We used to hang people. And then, we were no longer comfortable with that solution. 3/25
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Aug 28, 2018
If you earn enough to complain your taxes are too high, yet you enjoy paved roads, know the EMS will respond, send your children to school, get your illnesses/injuries treated by Canadian health care, trust the food supply, give your head a shake. #cdnpoli 1/
Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civil society. I am happy to pay so someone I have never met gets health care, so our society's children are educated, so our food and water are safe and the environment is protected. 2/
It is important to provide health care, and education to ALL Canadians. It is important to protect workers on the job and make sure our infrastructure is safe. These are things that give us the high quality of life we tend to take for granted. 3/
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Aug 13, 2018
I can't bring myself to retweet the most recent Bernier tweet thread. It doesn't deserve oxygen. But he has joined the chorus of CPC voices saying there are 2 kinds of Canadians. Those the CPC like: white, Christian, "old stock"/"pure laine"... And everyone else. #cdnpoli 1/
And I feel that this is not the way any party seeking to run our country should be thinking and speaking. They are making bolder and bolder anti-immigration statements. Well, ok, specifically anti-brown people immigration. Australians and Brits and so on are cool with them. 2/
It is no good for a party, especially one who thinks they should be making laws and stuff, to be hating people who live in that country. To be dismissing some Canadians because they look or sound or love or worship or dress differently than the CPC ideal. 3/
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Jun 24, 2018
Ranting ensues. 1/17
The role of Her Majesty's Official Opposition in the Westminster Parliamentary System we have in Canada is to hold the government to account, and to contribute to policy making by offering a different viewpoint on pressing matters of the day.
A well-functioning government and opposition can be a very positive thing because, working together, policy can be informed by a variety of viewpoints and thus be both strengthened and more responsive to a larger number of citizens. 2/17
That is not what is happening now. 3/17
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