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Well it's 6ish so let's get this #firedeptVRA started! Welcome to Whitewater Twp Station 105, if you were expecting a Taj Mahal of a firehouse, this definitely isn't it. Shift starts at 6am and I'm here for 36hrs (gross) #VRA
We run a 2 man station because of reasons I won't get into and I'm the senior guy which is completely unfair because I have to be the responsible one...and I get yelled at if anything happens. Again not fair. #firedeptVRA #VRA
Hmmm it's 0620 and we've checked the trucks and have done all the house chores. This is entirely too productive and I don't like it. #firedeptVRA #VRA
Police may give us a hard time but in all reality they need us....mainly for our bathrooms #firedeptVRA #VRA
And now for my favorite morning tradition, sit on the bench in front of the firehouse and wave at everyone heading into work...I don't get many waves back #sadface #peoplearemean #firedeptVRA
Looks like I have competition. Game on my friend #letsgetsomewaves #iwillwin #firedeptVRA #vra
Update: I waved to the guy across the street, he didn't wave back. We're now enemies #dontberude #alliwantisawave #firedeptVRA #vra
Despite the school zone sign being lit, people still feel like going 40+ through here. Hey @OSHP I have the perfect location for you #leadfoot #speeders #firedeptVRA
Updated Wave State

After approximately 300 wave attempts

27 people waved back
33 head nods
14 beeps
7 middle fingers 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👎👎👎
30 people made eye contact and ignored my wave
The rest didn't look over

Not HOF numbers

#firedeptVRA #vra
Just got a call that destroys the spirit of all firefighters...Hose Testing 😢😠.

1800 feet of 2.5"
1400 feet of 1 3/4"
700 feet of 5"

Well poop

#firedeptVRA #VRA
And it had begun. The good thing, we get to wear shorts! It's the little things in life #hotasballs #shorts #littlevictories #firedeptVRA #vra
7 hrs in and I still haven't eaten 1st or regular lunch or had a nap! I'm thinking @wyomingpd and @LawrenceKS_PD would be both shocked and proud! #firedeptVRA #VRA #hangry
Just competed out first EMS detail and now it's back to test more hose...yay. Crew decides to forgo lunch and finish up testing. After an expletive laced tirade, I was out-voted. To hose testing we go! #firedeptVRA #VRA
Units currently on scene on an Auto Accident with Entrapment. Sedan vs dump truck.
Finally getting cleaned up from the Entrapment and hose testing complete, it's time to head back to the station for dinner! Still bitter about no nap today #firedeptVRA #VRA #sweaty #probablysmelly
Aaaaaand now it's time for CPR training if I have to suffer through it, so do you m remember you can do it to the rhythm of the baby shark song. Hopefully it's stuck in your head now. You're welcome!

#firedeptVRA #VRA
Going on your 2 of CPR renewal class video
What I've learned:
1)Giving 2 breath looked pretty sexual. Not mad about it
2) the baby mannequin they used has some really weird nipples
3) I could probably withstand an AED shock. Let's find out

#firedeptVRA #VRA
Well its 2130 and finally back to the station for the evening. Time to sit out front and do the wave game take 2!

#maybepeoplearefriendlieratnight #probablynot #ijustwantfriends

#firedeptVRA #VRA
And the nightly tradition is to do some front bumper sitting to wind down and relax before bed. Bumpers aren't very comfortable so my ass usually hates me for it. #needborejunkinthetruck #firedeptVRA #VRA
Successfully able to shower without getting interrupted. Although wouldn't be the first time I've run through the bays in my boxers and fully shampooed hair. #madddash #sofreshandsocleanclean #firedeptVRA #VRA
Weelll I thought maybe I'd get to sleep but the run gods say "no freaking way" by gracing us with a run 5 minutes after I laid down. We're getting dangerously close to getting slap happy! This could get interesting.😂 #firedeptVRA #VRA
Well I'm going to give sleep another shot! I have my bed made and cuddle pillow prepped! It's like a security blanket for little kids...except it's a pillow....and I'm 30

#firedeptVRA #VRA
Since I know you guys were on the edge of your seats wondering if Matt has gotten any sleep (probably refreshing Twitter ever 5 min) i did! Hooray! But the promptly woken up for a vehicle fire. Now it's 0930 and I'm already sweating. Lame #firedeptVRA #VRA
Hour 29-36- we're back to hose testing. Even for me this is excessive hose handling #firedeptVRA #VRA
Hour 32 of 36:

Small hose complete, now it's time to handle 5" hose!!! (insert inappropriate joke/comment/innuendo)

#firedeptVRA #VRA
AAAAAAND I'M OFF! Thanks for joining in. I pretty much blew your mind I can tell. It's been fun, . Hope you've enjoyed it! And remember... firefighters>cops! (Just kidding...ish) #firedeptVRA #VRA

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