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#MeToo, except it was 11 years ago and he succeeded. I didn’t tell anyone either. Why are we letting old men dicate the conversation about how abused women should handle their assaults? How about we just listen to the women?
*dictate, you all know what I mean
Powerful men have controlled the narratives of abused women for too long. The past year has shown us ample evidence that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing with these stories. It’s time for us to take back ownership of our trauma and decide what should be done with it.
#ChristineFord took control of her story. She should at least be heard, not dismissed by the same assholes who let this environment flourish, who have silenced and ignored so many women. Men like that lost their right to decide what we should do with our trauma a long time ago.

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Oct 8, 2018
No one knows for sure if Khashoggi is dead and Friedman revealed him as an anonymous source who provided quotes critical of the Saudi government with no concern for Khashoggi’s friends and family who could be targeted in retaliation. Unbelievably careless.…
Nowhere in this Tom Friedman piece will you find an apology for or retraction of that saccharine “Saudi Arab Spring” column. In fact, this reads more like a long justification of that column than a plea on behalf of his dead or kidnapped friend. What NYT editor let this through?
If Khashoggi is still alive, do you think he really wouldn’t mind being revealed as Thomas Friedman’s anonymous source for quotes critical of the Saudi regime? Perhaps not, but his torturers probably will.
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Sep 20, 2018
@SusanSarandon @ejbeals @jimmy_dore Ms. Sarandon, I don’t doubt you mean well. But you need to listen to people who’ve been reporting on this war since it started and have seen these things with their own eyes, not propagandists with an agenda. Our friends died there, not yours. Please have some respect for them.
@SusanSarandon @ejbeals @jimmy_dore The people you’re promoting constantly attack and harass journalists risking their lives to report on Syria, just like James Foley did. Most of us are freelancers like him. Some physically endanger me by calling me a liar and a spy and reporting me to Hezbollah for my work.
@SusanSarandon @ejbeals @jimmy_dore Most of us who report on this war from the ground are no fans of U.S. policy in Syria. But if you believe the corporate American media has an agenda in Syria, you must see that media directed by Russia and the regime has its own agenda, and that includes obscuring war crimes.
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Aug 26, 2018
Went to an NFL game for the 1st time in years. Heightened security was unsettling. Only clear plastic bags allowed, hands in the air at metal detectors, armed police everywhere. Such militarization of a recreation venue is more suited to a war zone. We live in unacknowleged fear.
An unspoken acceptance that we’re always at risk of being targeted by a mass shooter when we gather in groups is now ingrained in our culture—just an everyday reality of our lives. We station snipers at entertainment centers. We arm teachers at school. And we change nothing.
We regulate explosives. We constantly anticipate terror attacks by Islamists and make harsh policies to monitor and prevent such activity. But a guy named John can buy a semiautomatic weapon in America as easily as a guy named Jihad. People keep dying and still we change nothing.
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Aug 19, 2018
This is insane. Money from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries has been funneled to radical Islamist groups in Syria for years, including those fighting the U.S.…
A little story about Gulf funding in the Syrian conflict: in 2013, I reported a story for @foreignpolicy on Roumieh, a notorious Lebanese prison that was being overrun by Islamists. Many had been caught in transit to or from Syria to fight in the war.…
@ForeignPolicy When I went there, these Islamist prisoners, many belonging to groups that were starting to coalesce into ISIS, were running a kind of powerful mafia in the prison, with the help of wealthy donors in the Gulf, who used their influence to make sure the Islamists were comfortable.
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Aug 12, 2018
I’d love to see Brian explore a very important, usually overlooked aspect of our current media environment—the gradual death of foreign news and the gaping hole in coverage left by the complete unsustainability of freelance journalism
Seriously @brianstelter has one of the smartest media analysis platforms out there but I just Googled “Reliable Sources CNN foreign news” and came up with zip. The decline of foreign coverage, especially in the Trump era, is a hugely important piece of the modern media landscape.
I know I endlessly harp on this but that’s because I was raised by and around foreign correspondents of a different generation and as a result have an acute awareness of exactly what we’re losing with the destruction of a sustainable business model for that kind of coverage.
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Aug 9, 2018
How do you think her policy knowledge compares with the President of the United States? If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that there is an enormous gap between the level of competence and expertise expected of men and that of women.
I didn’t intend to go on a rant with this but now that I’m all fired up, here goes. As a young woman, I can tell you from experience how many of my professional interactions begin with the assumption that I have no idea what I’m talking about, and I don’t think I’m alone here.
This usually happens with men but not always, because women are often conditioned to adopt the attitude of their male colleagues. No matter what I accomplish professionally, the unspoken belief that I am less knowledgeable than men in my industry has persisted.
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