@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: I'm handling something now for my (disabled) dad. I'll write u back later, bro. I'm a v nice person -- u can fact-check w God. 😉 But I will not allow #ZinziClemmons to get away w her drive-by to kill #JunotDiaz's career. JD didn't forcibly kiss her. #apologizetoJunot
@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: Too bad we're connecting abt this #JunotGate fiasco, as u're a smart brother I'd love analyzing culture w/. Listened to ur talks. Interesting kings/queens pt @DukeU. I fact-checked #Trayvon's parents' book passage @Essence for terrific exec editor, JM. U & I 4 justice!
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence Justice: This #JunotGate fiasco started May 4 @SydWritersFest when ur 30-something #WOC writer friend #ZinziClemmons took mic & publicly accused #JunotDiaz (@mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes) of harming her 6 yrs prior. ZC then tweeted JD had cornered & forcibly kissed her!
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes "Coincidentally," just 3 minutes later, @monicabyrne13 saw your #WOC writer friend @zinziclemmons's tweet from Sydney about #JunotDiaz & tweeted #ZinziClemmons a heart? Suspect, no? Planned ambush by these women writers, no? Cc @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes #MonicaByrne
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons Kiese: U tweeted us yesterday u can't get on board w some of what "that white woman" (@monicabyrne13) has done. U asked us to "stop piling on z," on #ZinziClemmons, as if ZC is a victim. Truth: Ur #WOC writer friend Zinzi colluded w #MonicaByrne to maliciously destroy #JunotDiaz.
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons Justice: @zinziclemmons is a 30-something professional woman who should be held accountable for her slanderous words about & actions towards #JunotDiaz. We are not "piling on z." JD's supporters are speaking up to honorably seek #justice. #ZinziClemmons has not #apologizetoJunot.
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons May 4: @zinziclemmons claimed she had emails #JunotDiaz sent her after alleged forcible kiss that make her want to "barf." "This happened and I have receipts." Where are they? May 8: #ZinziClemmons claimed JD publicly "humiliated" & "berated" her via email. Show us proof/receipts
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons June: 1) #JunotDiaz told @BostonGlobe he did not forcibly kiss #ZinziClemmons. 2) JD provided BG cordial email he received from ZC day after alleged kiss w/ no mention of kiss. 3) CU professor said ZC was delighted after JD left. 4) Zinzi has refused to say if kiss was on lips.
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe June 30: @anaffissahely (#ZinziClemmons's husband) accuses #JunotDiaz of "sticking your tongue down a student's throat" - "workplace sexual harassment." Crass joke at detained kids' expense. July 1: ZC accuses @BostonGlobe reporters of being unprof/biased. 4th: Mr. C: "monsters"
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely May 4: Despicable: @anaffissahely (#ZinziClemmons's husband) tweeted 3 times: 1) @BostonReview: #JunotDiaz "preys on students" when he tours unis/litfests. 2) @BostonReview: Accused JD of harassing women & called for BR to replace JD. 3) Called for BR & MIT to fire JD. Jun 30.
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely June 30: #JunotDiaz's best friend for 33+ yrs, @shuyaohno, tweets back rude @anaffissahely (#ZinziClemmons's husband) to testify abt JD: "He has never assaulted anyone. For as long as i have known him, he has never ever condoned, sympathized with, or tolerated abuse or abusers."
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno May 10: @JoburgReview interview of #ZinziClemmons days after ZC's May 4 @SydWritersFest stunt & tweets accusing #JunotDiaz. ZC claims journalists chased story abt JD for abt 1 yr. "The reason I did that is bc we were getting to a standstill w the story." #plotted #premeditated
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview May 4 stunts: So WHY did #ZinziClemmons ambush #JunotDiaz @SydWritersFest & tweet-accuse JD of forcibly kissing her 6 yrs ago? @zinziclemmons claims--claims--she did it to PROTECT WOMEN. SO HOW DOES ZINZI TREAT #WOMEN? See attached. #curses #condescends #threatens #bullies 1/2
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview May 4 stunts: So WHY did #ZinziClemmons ambush #JunotDiaz @SydWritersFest & tweet-accuse JD of forcibly kissing her 6 yrs ago? @zinziclemmons claims--claims--she did it to PROTECT WOMEN. SO HOW DOES ZINZI TREAT #WOMEN? See attached. #curses #condescends #threatens #bullies 2/2
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview @AragiAuthors @rgay @junotdiaz So when is #ZinziClemmons nice/respectful/warm to people? Apparently: 1) After star writer @rgay's fans tweet ZC to righteously push back against ZC having accused Roxane of wrongs. 2) When a writer friend asks a Q at her book reading. 3) When a reader flatters her & her writing.
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview @AragiAuthors @rgay @junotdiaz Kiese: I respect ur loyalty to @zinziclemmons. But #ZinziClemmons is guilty of defamation, libel & more. She intentionally plotted w/ others to maliciously take down #JunotDiaz. #Ethics in literary world matters! #Justice must be prioritized over protecting ur #WOC writer friend.
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview @AragiAuthors @rgay @junotdiaz Kiese: I & the other #apologizetoJunot activists will continue to speak up to seek #justice for #JunotDiaz. Junot (#MOC & #superstar #writer) has been treated unethically by junior opportunistic female writers. Their takedown attempt is an abuse of #MeToo. #fauxfeminism 1/2
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview @AragiAuthors @rgay @junotdiaz Kiese: A woman of high character DOES NOT stay quiet as #MonicaByrne falsely unethically accuses MOC #JunotDiaz of assaulting 3 women! I am publicly asking u to speak to @zinziclemmons to have her #apologizetoJunot. #ZinziClemmons has damaged #JunotDiaz's career & reputation. 2/2
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence @SydWritersFest @mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes @monicabyrne13 @zinziclemmons @BostonGlobe @anaffissahely @shuyaohno @JoburgReview @AragiAuthors @rgay @junotdiaz P.S.: Kiese: Thank you for reading this long thread. I look forward to reading your book, #Heavy! Congrats! If we can ever partner as professionals to do #socialjustice work -- I'm particularly interested in helping #KaliefBrowder's family & the Rikers issue -- please reach out.

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Sep 21, 2018
@lirivera @BostonGlobe #JunotDiaz was targeted for a takedown by 3 female fiction writers: #ZinziClemmons #CarmenMMachado #MonicaByrne. All: Read #apologizetoJunot & my thread (threadreaderapp.com/thread/1042140…). @forjustice2018 - audio of JD's respectful interaction w/ Machado who lied. #fauxfeminism #MeToofail
@lirivera @BostonGlobe @forjustice2018 Others (like bitter writer ex-gfs) jumped in like @realalisavaldes ("kiss-n-teller" he briefly dated 22 yrs ago, who blogged in 2008 to brag abt sleeping w him while on journalist duty!). And @lirivera (sensitive writer he had lunch w 1x). No evidence #JunotDiaz harassed women.
@lirivera @BostonGlobe @forjustice2018 @RealAlisaValdes Alisa Rivera: Your points are simply ur biased assumptions as a comm prof & former aspiring fiction writer who accused #JunotDiaz of sexually harassing & bullying u 15 yrs ago on a lunch date. U met him 1 time. He didn't tell u what u wanted to hear & tried to make up. U cried.
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