@originaljipssy @nytimes 1. The principal tenet in Republicanism is that the ultimate power resides with the people. The Founders rejected classical democracy as evil because it allowed the majority to force it's will upon the minority.
2. They designed the govt with safegards like the EC in order to distill the will of the people in such a way that the interests of all, including the minorities, were represented. What the Founders created was ingenious.
3. Nevertheless, the anti-federalists predicted that the judiciary, being unelected and answerable to no one, would destroy the principle of powers derived from the consent of the governed. Unfortunately, we have seen their warning come to pass.
4. The federal govt has only those powers specifically delegated to it in the Constitution; all others are reserved to the states or the people. Having been ratified by the states, the Constitution is said to contain those powers to which the people consent.
5. The purpose of SCOTUS is not to interpret the Constitution, but to ensure that any law or action by the govt falls within the powers delegated to that govt. The Constitution is not written in some dark mysterious legalese, but in plain English, understandable to the people.
6. It is not necessary to have the finest legal minds to read the Constitution; they simply need to be able to read English. Unfortunately, SCOTUS now interprets rather than consults the Constitution.
7. Powers that are nowhere delegated to the federal govt, like marriage and abortion, are legislated from the bench. It should not require dozens of pages to explaine why a power exists if it truly exists in the Constitution.
8. There are many vague clauses in the Constitution to be sure, but where no power is clearly delegated, none should be inferred. Rather, areas requiring clarification should first be made clear through the amendment process.
9. You may be surprised to know that the federal govt does not have the power to regulate immigration, only naturalization.
10. I think the federal govt ought to control immigration and our borders, but without an amendment delgating that power to it, the govt's current immigration laws are unconstitutional. Given the current push by the Left for open borders, I wonder how long before this bites us.
11. My hope is for an Article V convention of the states and that we can rectify some of these issues like immigration and clarifying the 14A in regards to anchor babies.

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
1. 1. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. First, there is a difference between political parties and political ideologies. That said, there is no comparison between the tactics of the Democrats and the Republicans.
2. As for ideologies, all fall into 1 of 2 camps: 1) Individualism and self-government. 2) Collectivism and statism.
The former sees the individual as having God-given rights with the role of government being to protect those rights.
3. The latter views the individual as having no individual rights and of no significance. People only have rights as part of a group granted by the state; they have significance only in their service to the collective.
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Sep 23, 2018
1. The left likes to attack the idea of nationalism as evil; they liken it to Nazism. The Left compares Trump's call to "make America great again" to Hitler's similar plea for Germany, but nationalism isn't intrinsically evil.
2. According to Merriam-Webster, nationalism is:
"loyalty and devotion to a nation
especially : a sense of national consciousness." Simply put, nationalism is loving your country and it's values, and putting it's interest before all other nations.
3. Is this not what we should expect from our president? Nationalism doesn't mean that we can't cooperate with the global community; it just means that our dealings need to be win-wins. Ghandi, Churchill, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Mussolini were all nationalists.
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Sep 20, 2018
1. The details of other incidents with other men have no bearing on this case, just as the women signing a letter that they have heard or experienced similar incidences have no bearing on the validity of Ford's accusation.
2. You can't convict on statistics, only on evidence germain to that case. Weinstein isn't guilty because Cosby lied, nor visa versa; neither of their lies have anything to do with Kavanaugh. I can't believe I actually have to explain this to you.
3. You ask why, if he is innocent, doesn't he just let the FBI investigate and prove his innocence? There are 3 major problems with that idea. If you're intelligent enough to form a coherent thought, I shouldnt have to explaine the following to you, but I will.
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