Life Is Not A Race: Move At Your Own Pace #BreakingBarriers loading...
Good evening all and trust we had a great day? Tonight promises to be great on #BreakingBarriers as I will be sharing insights on MOVE AT YOUR OWN PACE.

1. We all have expectations for our lives. Abstract timelines that we
formulate in childhood and end up comparing our accomplishments
against. Life does not work that way. Life is not perfect!

#BreakingBarriers @Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics 2. Life is not a race you know. There is no first place or last place. There is only a place

And that place is living your life to the fullest.  At your own pace.
#BreakingBarriers @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ 3. Not at your mom's or dad's

Or sister's or brother's,It's all about you, It is your life after
all,Live Your Life!

So if it takes you longer to finish college,No shame at all

At least you are going to finish,You didn't give up or quit

#BreakingBarriers @segalink
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink 4. And when that diploma is in your hands

It'll all be worth it

Don't rush to get married and have a family

Everything in life happens at the right time

You'll find your person

You'll have that family of your own

One day!

Don't rush it. #BreakingBarriers @FireOFola
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola 5. You want it to be just right. Some people might be ahead of you.

Some might be behind of you. But who cares?

That's their pace

Not yours

What you are doing and how you are doing it

Works for the one person who matters: YOU!

#BreakingBarriers @AishaYesufu @Ibilola_Amao
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 6. Everything happens at a certain time

Everything happens for a reason

And everyone goes at their own pace

So go out in the world

And live life at your pace

Live it your way and never look back! #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 7. Life is already tough enough, and it only gets tougher when we let
ourselves get consumed with the pressure from overthinking and from
our surroundings. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 8. We equate the quality of life with the amount of
money in our bank accounts, the glory of titles attached to our names,
our placement in the society and whatnot. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 9. And it just keeps getting
worse when negative thoughts get cramped up in our minds and
overwhelms us to the bone. 😕😕 #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 10. We were all taught to win, but never to concede. We were all honed to
be the best, but never to let go when all fails. We were somehow
programmed by the society to live life according to milestones that
were set unrealistically.
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 11. Instead of wishing you had their life and letting this drag you down,
channel this energy to look straight ahead to run after your goals and
dreams. Work hard and try to do work you're passionate about. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 12. Don't compare yourself to others but rather work
on yourself to find ways to let yourself grow so you'll be a better
version of you tomorrow than you were today. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 13. Never lose that
motivation and continue to challenge yourself, and success will
eventually follow when your time is right. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 14. We imagine how our life should unfold, graduate college by 22,
have our dream job by 25, and be married by 30. Or maybe we planned to
travel to a certain number of countries by a certain age, or to have
made a certain amount of money, #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao 15. Or to have published a certain number
of books. Sometimes life turns out like we imagined. Sometimes we end
up moving at a slower pace. The problem is when we let achieving these
things by the deadline we set in our minds define our success. #BreakingBarriers @Abdulh3ro
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro 16. We get
these expectations by comparing ourselves to others. I know I do it.
Despite knowing we are all different and that one person’s experiences
will never be the same as mine, #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro 17. I still see what someone has
accomplished and cannot help but hold my own accomplishments up beside
them. Stop comparing your chapter 2 to other people’s chapter
10 move at your own PACE! @SamAkinlotan
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan 18. Life is not a racing game, nor is it a game at all. No one is ever a
winner or a loser. Just think of the people who seem so fulfilled, but
lonely inside,or the people who looks like a complete trash,but
actually ultimately happy& contented with their life. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan 19. Just because your peers are more successful than you are, this doesn’t
mean you aren’t doing well for yourself.Just because they have a
higher degree than you,this doesn't mean you should go back to school
and try to get yours so you can be on par with them.#BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan 20. Just because your
peers are starting up their own company, this doesn't mean you have to
do so as well. Just because you haven't received a promotion while
your peers have, but you know you're giving your 100%, this doesn't
mean you're failing in life #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan 21. (but it might mean you should start
looking for a new job if you've  been there for way too many years).

You're going at your own pace, and if you're truly giving your 100%,
then you're headed towards the right direction, which is your
direction. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan 22. You can't live life constantly comparing yourself to
others, so instead, start thinking about the type of life you want to
live and set-up a game plan on how you're going to get there. #BreakingBarriers @Olawale2809
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 23. Oh, and don't be too hard on yourself if you move 2 steps forward and
5 steps back. When you fall down, just pick yourself back up and start
climbing that mountain once again. #BreakingBarriers @JajaPhD
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD 24. Never let go of that motivation of
yours and, please, never let laziness overtake your life. You only
have one life to live, so go make the most out of it.

#BreakingBarriers @PatriciaHeaton
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton 25. Yes, It's absolutely fine. Live your life according to your
capabilities, strength and beliefs. Don't follow the crowd just like
others are doing. Realize your own potential and move accordingly.
#BreakingBarriers @SubDeliveryZone ☝️
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone 26. Don't judge yourself, your values are yours and no values are
“superior” or “inferior” to any others. Some people may value
competitiveness while others value collaboration more highly. There is
nothing “wrong” with either of them.
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana 29. Reading a book for fun and having some new ideas about issues
irrelevant to your work won’t ruin you. Binge watching a new TV series
instead of doing extra research won’t impede your progress. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana 30. A lazy
mid-afternoon nap won’t put you behind the curve. We need to remember
to take it easy. There’s enough time to do great things without
holding yourself to unreasonable standards. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana 31. It’s easy advice to forget
because there’s so much we want to accomplish while we’re in our peak
years, but you can’t criticize or taunt yourself into working too hard
or too much. @Lolo_cy do you agree with me? 😀👌
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana @Lolo_cy 32. That’s not effective for long, or very healthy. You can’t
decide to move at a pace unfamiliar or uncomfortable in order to meet
your mind’s idea of accomplishment. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana @Lolo_cy 33. There’s no ticking clock on your
potential, which means there’s no reason to hurry into something
you’re not ready for or capable of yet. If you simply continue doing
what you love to do, with passion, and at your own pace, you’ll be
just fine. #BreakingBarriers
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana @Lolo_cy 34. Make a list of your goals
Break down into digestible, manageable and concrete parts
Organise them as per priority
Take an action
Believe that you can achieve them irrespective of time.
#BreakingBarriers @Teamgreatnoni @TerryannScott
@Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @bofiasdaily @kayjavu @mpbeads_fabrics @boluakindele @AishaYesufu @bellajohn005 @gbonjute @gbemle @Amakamedia @babaidris090 @MagdaBaciu_ @segalink @FireOFola @Ibilola_Amao @Abdulh3ro @SamAkinlotan @Olawale2809 @JajaPhD @PatriciaHeaton @SubDeliveryZone @AdedayoOgundana @Lolo_cy @TerryannScott @OmosuleIdowu 37. Face your fears daily. Look them in the eye with the courage of a
prizefighter. Believe in yourself that you will raise your fist and be
victorious. Step out on faith and totally shock yourself - you can do
it. #BreakingBarriers

• • •

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