I am the very model of a modern-age millennial,
I’ve got no cash, no house, no kids, and student debt perennial,
I know the rules of Tinder, and I’m not sold on monogamy
(For what it’s worth I think that stems from troubles ‘tween my mom and me)
I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters on the gender front
Myself, I am nonbinary; your labels I so do not want
Been disillusioned by my expectations with a lot o’ stuff,
The skills with which I am equipped for life are frankly not enough

My job prospects are hobbled by insistence on a living wage
Compete at entry level with some washed-up folks at twice my age
In matters of identity, employment and such petty ills
I am the very model of a modern-age millennial

On Monday I killed Applebee’s, on Tuesday I axed country clubs
I’ve never bought a diamond and I have no use for cashmere gloves
I quote dank internet memes in lieu of sharing actual thoughts
For earnestness has been passé since sometime in the early aughts
Still advertisers flail and fail to capture all my buying power
(The sum of which amounts to renting GIG cars by the paltry hour)
I’m subject to the bleak nostalgia of Generation Xers
And YouTube sensibilities adored by web-savvy youngsters
So I get to the take the blame for our country’s tanked economy
While fighting for my basic rights and bodily autonomy
In short I’m fucked in matters from the vital to the trivial
I am the very model of a modern-age millennial

In fact, when I know what is meant by "social justice warrior”
When I can tell at sight a fascist MRAconspirator
When such affairs are treated as unsolvable new mysteries,
I shake my head and wonder if the Boomers studied history
When I have learnt what progress has been made and then just flushed away
My generation’s best bet looks like playing Fortnite drunk all day
In short, if you’re angry right now and spewing aged white vitriol
Remember you created me: the modern age millennial

For I’m the generation raised upon the game Monopoly
You’re hoarding all the wealth and jobs and mock me for my poverty
So now I’m skewing socialist with discourse quite ungenial
Please check your local ballots for the modern-age millennial

• • •

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Aug 3, 2018

I am speechless. I dove into conservative twitter this morning. I noticed five things.
Multiple "polls" about Donald trump, or Republicans. With 10,000+ votes showing 99% positive for trump/ Republicans. Each poll tagged a few hundred bot accounts.

There are an endless supply of manipulated images that were anti trump being turned pro trump propaganda.

In nearly every "original" piece if art I could find their were either
Nazi symbolism
Blatant racism
A depection of intelligence as idiotic
Or obvious lies.

The sheer amount of rage , for rage sake is terrifying. It is no wonder people are lashing out after an endless stream of fear, paranoia, and being told who to blame for everything wrong In their lives and in the world.

Everyone there appears mad about something.
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Jul 25, 2018
Okay. Huff, I'll bite.

Why aren't we in the streets?

Well. First off we are.

The numbers may seem small compared to some other counties mass demonstrations. But there is a reason for this.

We are geographically distributed over a huge area. No one, to my knowledge ...>
Has ever tallied up same day protest numbers across the US. Outside a few specific events. No one ever provided a total number for the protests over child concentration camps for example.
Now, that's one large part of it.

The next part is where it gets complicated.

Most people in the US, cannot afford to protest. Let that sink in for a moment.

We cannot take time off work or we risk our healthcare or our ability to pay rent.

So we are left protesting ... >
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Dec 12, 2017
It's a strawman. A made up "enemy" to justify another genocide. Pay attention to this. It is vital to understand. Natives will be targeted before jews, before muslisms, before blacks. What rights, what sovereignty you have ,what supposed protection from hate - is already gone
You have something immediate that is desired. You have land and oil and special rights to casinos and hunting. Pay attention. This is an opening salvo. This is the planned revenge for nodapl. And it is nothing less than a campaign of extermination. First with propaganda
Next with massive law enforcement and jailing. Law enforcement has gotten bold and is willing to kill now knowing the are safe. Jail isn't safe either. Next comes "random" attacks. On things sacred. And sure enough someone , some native will strike back.
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Dec 6, 2017
Effective how? What effect do you want a march to make? What objective would a march have?
Say you had 10,000 people who marched.
And it was absolutely peaceful, and no arrests. That it was textbook perfect non violence people in the streets. What does it cause? What changes?
What was the effectiveness of the March for science?
The woman's march?
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Nov 15, 2017

Lady liberty, fought. She held out her torch, its flames of reason its light of hope slowly suffocated. By fear, by hate, by intolerance, and by white nationalism.
1st Pic Liberty mourning - art credit MeAndFolly
2nd Pic Uncle Same holding Liberty - art credit Amanda Morley
3rd Pic Libery bound by greed - art credit Davide Mik
4th Pic Liberty "I can't Breath" - art credit Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News
5th Pic Croped Hunting liberty - art credit ZINA saunders
looking for remaining
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